This subcategories consists of sites relating only to fixed pre-engineered and engineered extinguishing systems, such as CO2, halon, water mist, dry chemical, wet chemical, and mixed gases.
Alison Control Inc.
Designs special hazard detection actuation systems for areas where fires would prove disastrous, including power plants, tank storage facilities, petrochemical plants and aircraft hangars.
Bay State Fire Protection
Sales and installation of fire protection and detection equipment for a variety of applications.
Cease Fire LLC
Manufacturer of patented, dual agent automatic fire extinguishing products.
Control Fire Systems Ltd.
Distributors of FM-200, Novec 1230, FE-25 and Argotec Argon inert gas fire suppression systems. Halon 1301 replacements, and recycle centre.
Elsie Manufacturing Company
A manufacturer of fusible links for automatic mechanical release at specified temperatures.
Fire Equipment Inc.
Supplies fire suppression systems, fire extinguishing systems, clean agent fire suppression, Inergen, FM200, dry chemical, CO2, COTWO, Halon and fire alarms.
Firefly AB
Manufacturer of spark detection systems.
Firefox Industries
Offers a complete line of on board fire suppression systems.
FogTec Fire Protection GmbH. and Co. KG.
Development, manufacturing and marketing of fixed and mobile water mist, fire fighting systems. Information in English, German and French.
Spark detection and fire suppression systems for dust collectors and air conveyance systems.
Iran Atash-Bas Industries.
Manufacturer of fire extinguishing foam compounds.
LIOS Technology, GmbH.
Provides systems using optical sensors for temperature monitoring, leak and fire detection alarms.
Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd.
Distributors of marine and industrial FM-200, and aerosol fire suppression systems.
Nobel Fire Systems - Home Page
Manufacturer of wet chemical system for suppressing fires in cooking appliances and extraction systems where hot oil and grease present a fire risk.
Sense-Ware Fire & Gas Detection
A supplier of Industrial Fire and Gas detection equipment.
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