Hand wear that has the ability to shield the hands from puncture, cuts, abrasion, infection, heat, fire, freezing, water, harsh chemicals. Also to protect the product, that is handled, from contamination.

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Acknit Knitting Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of seamless gloves, leather gloves and apparel.
AGSA Gomma
Produces x-ray protection and cut-resistant gloves, and gynecological gloves.
All Fine Rubber Products Inc.
Specialized in producing rubber gloves. Main products includes PVC gloves and PE products.
Ansell Occupational Healthcare
Manufacturer of gloves and personal protective apparel. A global organization. U.S. offices in Ohio.
Carolina Glove Company
Work related gloves for industrial and consumer use.
Chagrin Safety Supply
Ohio latex supplier of medical and dental gloves, latex and non-latex.
E. and M. Lukschal
Manufacturer of textile gloves and knitted personal protective apparel. German or English language on web site.
EE Glove
Gloves and protective gear. Product list and shipping terms.
Espuna SAS
Manufacturer of protective leather gloves.
Excel Gloves & Supply
Manufacturers of safety reflective gloves.
Family Glove Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of PVC and NBR gloves. ISO 9002, ISO 14001 certified. Site translated into two languages.
Hatch Corporation
Gloves for law enforcement, medical and industrial safety.
Hop Fat Gloves Manufactory Ltd.
Manufacturers and tanners of leather work gloves for industry.
J. Eastermann, International
Manufacturer and exporter of protective safety gloves, leather gloves, boxing gloves and belts.
Just Gloves
Sells gloves designed for medical exam, emergency services, food service, and other industries requiring hand protection.
Kinco International, Inc.
Distributor of industrial safety gloves.
King Gloves
Manufacturer and supplier of seamless string knit gloves.
Manufacturers and exporters of leather, cotton and textile gloves. ISO 2002 certified.
MCR Safety
Manufacturer and distributor of industrial gloves.
Metasco International
Manufacturers and exporters of gloves for industry and sports.
Napa Glove and Safety Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of industrial gloves and personal protective equipment.
New Horizons Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of leather work gloves and personal protective equipment. ISO 9002 certified.
Renco Corporation
Supplier and manufacturer of industrial products. Such as clean room accessories and industrial safety gloves.
Ronco Protective Products
Manufacturer of disposable and reusable gloves, and polyethylene products. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Superior Glove Works Ltd.
Distributor of industrial gloves, wiping cloths and personal protective equipment.
TechNiGlove International, Inc.
Manufacturer of disposable nitrile gloves designed for use in critical cleanroom environments, sterile non medical applications and various industrial jobs.
Wah Fung Trading Company
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial work gloves and personal protective products. Flash enhanced site.

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