Mechanical equipment that is an assemblage of elements for moving freight over a predetermined path. These elements commonly take the form of rollers, belt running on rollers, screws, chains, or monorails. Conveyors can be powered, gravity, or momentum based. The freight can either rest on the conveyor, or be towed by the conveyor. This category lists sites for businesses that manufacture conveyors or conveyor systems, or provide associated parts or services. This category includes automated and non-automated conveyors. Equipment directly associated with moving cargo on, off, or between conveyors is also listed within this category. This equipment includes items such as handling tables, orientators, and gating systems. Sites relating to automated vertical reciprocating lifts are listed here. Sites relating to packaging equipment which is primarily part of a conveyor system are listed here. Other packaging equipment is listed under Packaging. Sites that primarily relate to conveyors used in factories and actually involved in the manufacturing process are listed under Factory Automation.

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Adept Conveyor Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Australian manufacturer and supplier of conveyor systems, materials handling equipment and components. Chain conveyors and belt conveyors.
AIPL Engineering Division
Manufacturer of die mould exchange systems, conveyors, and material handling equipment. Contact for information form.
Alien Fabricon
Manufactures magnetic crown, cap, and bottle conveyors. Includes products, profile, clients, and contact information.
Almac Conveyor Co. Ltd.
Designing, engineering, and manufacturing of conveyors, turntables, and pallet positioners, parts and service. Features history, articles, products, services, FAQ, and glossary of terms.
Amber Industries Ltd.
Manufactures MCM overhead conveyors and Peer roller, belt, pallet, and vertical conveyors. Includes group profile, products, and applications.
American Conveyor Systems
Manufactures roller, belt, magnetic, accumulating, chain, table top, and cable conveyors, transfer tables, and flow racks. Contains product descriptions and company profile.
Ammeraal Beltech Holding BV
Group of companies involved in the manufacture, fabrication and distribution of industrial processing and conveying belts. Technical information and calendar of events.
Astec UK
UK based manufacturers of conveyor systems, offering an integrated approach to materials handling. Systems include sortation, pallet handling and vertical elevators.
Avanti Conveyors Ltd
Materials handling and logistics for the corrugated industry.
Belting Rezina Srl
Uzbekistan. Suppliers, fabricators and installers of uncoated and silicone coated horizontal, inclined and curved polyurethane, PVC, polyolefin and polyester conveyor belts for a wide range of industrial applications. Also, flat and round power and transmission belts. Technical information. English and Russian.
Conveyor design and conveyor systems. Slideshow of previous projects and product specifications.
Bilt-Rite Conveyors, Inc.
Manufacturers conveyor systems including belt, roller, chain, and table top. Product information.
Conveyor Technologies Ltd.
Produce modular low profile conveyors, guides, and supports. Includes product specifications, services, and research and development documentation.
Conveytrac (Pty) Ltd.
Manufacturers of monorail, belt and chain, gravity roller, baggage, and package conveyors, stackers, loaders, and televeyors. Describes company and products.
Manufactures twin trolley, skid, pallet, slat, overhead, and scrap conveyors. Includes factory, aims, and products.
Dhanvanthari Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier of conveyors, assembly packing table conveyors, heavy duty slat conveyors, and screw conveyors. Company profile and contact information.
Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Designs and manufactures low-profile, belt, washdown, and scrap conveyors. Features products, support, distributors, and news.
Dynamic Conveyor Corporation
Manufacturers of plastic modular conveyor systems, separators, and accessories. Contains product descriptions and specifications, applications, and parts.
Dynapace Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of conveyors, for electronics assembly and packaging. Product descriptions and images.
Equipos El Prado S.A.
Manufactures roller conveyors and overhead conveyor trolleys, and undertakes custom machining. Describes products, services, and capabilities.
Flexible Material Handling
Manufactures Nestaflex flexible conveyors and load bay dockers, and Nestainer portable stacking racks. Contains products, applications, and parts.
Manufactures conveyor systems and associated automation equipment. Company, product, investor, press, and job information.
FMC Technologies
Manufacturer of vibrating and oscillating conveyors, feeders, and separators for bulk and parts handling, including the Syntron range. Contains applications, products, glossary of terms, data sheets, and feeder capacity calculator.
Giant Lift Equipment Mfg Co Inc.
Manufactures vertical and telescopic reciprocating conveyors, and lifts. Includes products and news.
Govoni Handling Systems S.R.L.
Manufactures metal chip and swarf, screw, and slat conveyors. Describes company and products.
Hartness International Inc.
Manufacturer of packaging equipment and conveyors for bottling and material handling. Product information and regional contact lists.
Harvard Factory Automation, Inc.
Manufactures conveyors and box fill systems. Describes company.
Henley Industries Ltd.
Design and manufacture specialised process and conveyor equipment. Company information and products.
Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.
Manufactures slider bed, roller, accumulating, chain roller, gravity, and portable conveyors, sortation systems, and accessories. Features case studies, news, manuals, catalog, company information, and distributors.
Jimway Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of conveyor belt components. Taiwan.
Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc.
Manufactures hinged steel belt, drag flight, magnetic, screw, and scrap conveyors, parts, and accessories. Contains products, application guidelines, and jobs.
KEITH Mfg. Co.
Supply walking floor systems for industries that require the storage and conveying of bulk materials. Includes a range of technical documentation.
Lancaster Rubber & Industrial Supplies, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of rubber and PVC sheeting, gaskets, hoses and ductings, mattings, and conveyor belts and accessories.
Lilleker Engineering
Firm specializes in design and manufacture of conveyors and special purpose stainless steel equipment. Capabilities statement and product information.
Master Conveyors Inc.
Designs and manufactures conveyors for the metalworking and metal cutting industries. Contains products, parts, and services.
McNichols Conveyor Company
Offers gravity, powered, and magnetic belt, roller, and overhead conveyors. Features products.
Metzgar Conveyors Inc
Design, manufacture and installation of package and unit handling systems.
Mitmol Conveyors Pvt. Ltd.
Design, engineer and manufacture all types of conveying systems. Company Profile and product information.
Northern Conveyors
Materials handling manufacturer specialising in conveyors and rollers for industry and mining applications. Details of products and services.
Supplier of the recirculating ball transfer unit. Downloadable drawings and information.
Owens Conveyor Company
Manufacturer of quality conveyors including powered belt, roller, lorry loading/unloading and many types of gravity conveyors.
Portec Rail Products (UK) Ltd
Manufacture a wide range of conveyors and handling systems suitable for distribution, manufacturing and all associated industries.
Prab Inc.
Supplier of heavy duty conveyors and scrap handling systems. Products, case histories and literature downloads.
Productivity Resources, Inc.
Offers Chuter and Transporter beltless low-profile conveyors for part and scrap handling. Contains product descriptions, setup, and FAQ.
QC Industries
Low profile belt conveyors; offering corrosion resistant, timing belt, and magnetic style conveyor systems
Quick modular conveyor systems
Affordable, easy to assemble, modular conveyor systems. The design objective was to build a simple conveyor with the least number of parts, for quick installation using only hand tools.
Rusmail Belt Conveyor Systems
Manufacturers and installers of bespoke and standard conveyors conveyor systems. Contact information and product descriptions.
San Fab Conveyor Systems
Manufacturer of conveyors and provider of factory automation services. Product and company information.
UK based industrial conveyor systems manufacturer offering design, fabrication and installation. Complete product line and information.
SmartMove Conveyors
Manufacturer of modular plastic-belt conveyors. Photo gallery, testimonials and product information.
TGW - Ermanco
Provides conveyor and material handling technologies for transportation, accumulation and sortation applications. Success stories, contact information and technologies.
Trancel Systems
Specialist in paper handling conveyor systems. Product and company information.
Designs and supplies conveyer solutions for packaging and bottling industries. Includes features about new products.
Manufactures hinged steel belt conveyors and electrical enclosures. Includes products and services.
Wardcraft Conveyors
Manufactures line conveyors and quick die change equipment for the metal stamping industry. Includes product, parts, and distributors.

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