Lists sites of manufacturers of casters (castors), small swivel mounted devices which assist moving medium sized loads, and associated small industrial wheels. This category lists sites that offer casters or wheels that are suitable for a range of applications, or contain mixed product ranges.

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Ace Casters, Inc.
Industrial casters, swivel casters and custom designed wheels.
Albion Inc.
Manufactures casters, wheels, and accessories, including pneumatic, kingpinless, and air cargo casters. Features catalog, distributors, and profile.
Algood Casters Limited
Manufacturers of casters and wheels including urethane, plastic, steel, pneumatic, and rubber varieties. Product features and catalog.
Blickle Rollen, Räder, Lenkrollen
Manufacturer of wheels, swivel and fixed castors.
Carpin Manufacturing Inc.
Manufactures glides, casters, adapters, tube connectors, and door rollers, and offers custom engineering and molding. Contains profile, services, and product catalog.
Caster City
Manufacturer and distributor of furniture casters, light to heavy duty casters and wheels. Includes product specifications and selection tips.
Caster Concepts, Inc.
Manufactures heavy duty and spring loaded casters, and phenolic, pneumatic, and polyurethane wheels. Contains profile, products, and series number conversion guide.
Online catalog of casters, wheels and material handling products from over 35 manufacturers.
Castor Solutions
Canada. Supply of high quality, heavy duty castors to suit specific situations and load handling requirements in institutions, industry, and retail establishments.
Chih-Young Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of any kinds of caster and wheel in Taiwan.
Colson Caster Corporation
Manufacturer of chair casters, light, medium, heavy duty casters and wheels. Includes company information, downloadable catalog and distributor locator.
Darcor Limited
Manufacturer of ergonomic casters, wheels, and accessories. Contains company details, catalog, distributors, selection guide, and glossary of terms.
Dorvic Engineering
Manufacturer of load moving skates and rollers. Describes company and products.
Faultless Caster
Manufacturer of furniture casters, light to heavy duty casters and wheels. Contains company information, products and downloadable catalog.
Gino Nerviani
Italy. Manufacturer of casters, caster wheels and rollers. Provides company profile, product features and downloadable catalog.
Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.
Manufacturer of industrial casters, wheels, platform trucks, and trailers.
Ho Caster Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of casters including nylon, rubber, pig iron, and electrical wooden casters. Contains product specifications and company profile.
K.Y.C. Caster & Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of casters, wheels, and double-wheeled casters. Includes product specifications.
Lien Chief International Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of casters, wheels, and valves. Contains product specifications and company information.
Manufacturers of wheels and casters, polyurethane wheels up to 25,000 lbs load capacity.
Manufactures furniture wheels and feet, and includes a company profile and product specifications. Based in Italy.
Payson Casters, Inc.
Manufacturers of plate casters, brakes, wheels, stem components, and parts. Includes assembly drawings, safety tips, and products.
Perlin Companies
Manufactures casters, including pneumatic and v-grooved varieties, and wheels. Profile and product catalog.
R.T. Laird, Inc
Manufacturer of spring loaded, heavy duty, noise reducing and shock absorbing casters. Product specifications and design considerations.
Rhombus Rollen
Manufacturer of casters and wheels for furniture, hospital beds and a variety of apparatus including heavy duty equipment. Contains news, product catalogue, agents and company profile. Located in Germany.
Ross Design & Engineering, Inc.
Manufactures casters including rigid, swivel kingpin, kingpinless, shock absorbing, and hydraulic lifting varieties. Contains product specifications and divisions.
SC Rubber
Manufacturer of casters, including products for furniture and catering. Profile and products.
ScanCastor a.s
Manufacturer of basic, brake, and sanitary casters, and mounting pins. Contains product specifications, catalog, and company profile.
Tarchi Roberto
Production of industrial plastic and rubber wheels, and casters. Describes products and manufacturing process.
Tellure Rota
Italy. Manufacturer of polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, resin wheels and casters. Includes company background, product specifications and tutorial on product maintenance.
Tente International GmbH
Manufacturer of furniture, hospital beds, steel, casters, wheels, and parts. Contains news, products, technical drawings, distributors, and profile.
TREW Industrial Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial caster wheels including polyurethane tired, mold on rubber, semi-steel, special application, drive wheels and tire retreading.
Tung Tien Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufactures ball, light, medical, furniture, and industrial casters. Includes company profile and product specifications.
Vulkoprin NV. Romeca NV.
Manufactures industrial wheels, casters, and tires. Features products, profile, applications, and FAQ.
YH Caster Co., Ltd.
Manufactures range of casters in plastic and metal. Contains product specifications.
Zambus Inc.
Manufactures swivel casters with pads designed to prevent rolling when stationary. Describes products, applications, and company.

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