Manufacturer and distributor of centrifugal and turbo gas compressors.
American Compressor Company
Providing rentals, sales and service for industrial air and gas compressors, rotary lobe blowers, and accessories with capacities from 2 to 30,000 cfm, high and low pressures up to 25,000 PSI and vacuums down to 0.5 micron.
American Gas Compression Services
Sells, rents and services gas compression equipment and natural gas engines.
Andreas Hofer
Manufacturer of diaphragm and piston compressors, valves and fittings for high pressure applications. Germany
Ariel Corporation
Manufactures twin-screw, rotary natural gas compressors and reciprocating natural gas compressors. Provides technical training and field service for natural gas producers.
Bergner Metalurgica
Manufacturer of compressor (piston type) spare parts: Valves, piston rod packings, scraper rings, PTFE piston rings, for Ateliers Francois, ABC, Belliss and Morcom and other compressors.
Burckhardt Compression
Manufacturer of labyrinth piston and crosshead piston compressors for the oil refining, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Central Compressor Consultants
Distribution and service of air and gas compressors. UK.
Compressor & Engine Supply, Inc.
World-wide supplier of new replacement parts for natural gas engines, air and gas compressors and pumps.
Errickson Equipment
Sales and rentals of high pressure air compressors, drill rigs, cranes, trucks, diesel engines.
Gas & Air Systems, Inc.
Engineers, packages, distributes and services air and gas compressor systems.
Hydropac, Inc.
Manufacturer of high pressure compressors, pumps, intensifiers, and pressure vessels.
Mycom Canada Ltd.
Rotary screw and reciprocating compressors for use in natural gas compression and industrial refrigeration.
Natural Gas Compression Systems, Inc.
Packager of reciprocal and rotary screw compressors, available for sale or lease. Includes fabrication and services information, image galleries, and lists of used units, components, and contacts.
PDC Machines Inc.
Manufacturer of diaphragm compressors: Basic compressors to fully automated compressor systems.
SCFM Compression Systems, Inc.
Custom gas compression units for production and distribution.
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