Any kind of industrial valve; mainly for the control, regulation, and automation of fluid handling systems.

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AB Valves GmbH
Distribution and service of ductile cast iron industrial valves, strainers and dismantling joints.
Advance Valves
Manufactures and supplies check, butterfly, balancing valves for oil and gas, power, water and HVAC industries.
AFD-Armaturen Fertigungs-und Dienstleistungs GmbH
Manufactures strainers, valves and components. Also gives consultancy services for maintenance of industrial plants.
AKO Innovations
Manufactures pneumatic, manual pinch, knife gate valves; filters and screw presses for industrial application.
AL.PA.GA.'s S.r.l.
Is involved in sale, import and export of air and gas valves, their components, machine tools, fittings and toolings for work-shops.
Alco Valves Ltd.
Manufactures high pressure industrial and marine valves and manifolds.
American Valve, Inc.
Manufactures commercial and industrial valves, connectors, fittings and patented 4000 Series Teflon fused flanged ball valves.
Anderson Brass Company
Manufacturers of brass made ball, selector, instrumentation, check, drain, four port, refrigerant, manifolds, plug and shut off valves.
Aquasyn, LLC
Designs, manufactures stainless steel purity valves for the bioprocess and pharmaceutical industries.
Aquatrol, Inc.
Manufacturer of safety relief valves, air vents and steam traps.
Arako spol. s r.o.
Manufactures, supplies industrial valves and accessories from DN 6 to DN 500 and ranging in pressure from PN 6/10 to PN 400.
Argus Machine Co. Ltd.
Large machining, engineering and design facility. Makes ESD, pressure switches, isolation valves and accessories for the oil and gas industry.
ARI Armaturen
German based manufacturer of a wide range of valves, including butterfly, control and safety valves, for industrial processes and building automation. Extensive download area features technical documentation, planning sheets and material resistance chart.
ASC Application Sales Corp.
Designs and manufacturers butterfly, gate, multi-louver, and Powercam dampers and valves. Specialized on high temperatures and toxic gases. US based.
Aska Corporation
Manufactures variety of custom made special valves.
Assured Automation, Inc.
Manufactures ball, butterfly, plug, and angle seat valves. Also offers automated accessories for industrial application.
Astam Valve Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufactures wafer type check, gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves.
Astava BV
Manufacturer of instrumentation valves and manifolds, instrument housings, HIPPS, nuclear valves and accessories.
Australian Valve & Filter Industries
Manufacturer, importer and distributor of a range of valves and filters for all industries. Find company profile, products, services and contact details.
Automatic Switch Company
Automatic transfer switches safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial processes and critical installations, including health care facilities and financial transaction centers. ASCO is a unit of Emerson Electric Corporation.
Automatic Valve Corp.
Dealers in actuators, glass, vacuum, latching and other valves.
Balem Co., Ltd.
Manufactures liquid level control valves as floating valves, balltaps, watering valves. Special and general purpose. Combi, Pistek, Bescon valves are Balem brands.
Bestobell Steam
Manufacturer of steam traps and regulating valves. US based (OH).
Bonney Forge
Manufactures forged and cast steel valves, fittings, branch connections and other related products.
Broady Valves Limited
Manufactures pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, relief and safety relief valves for major national and international industries, including petrochemical plants, off-shore production platforms, nuclear and conventional power stations.
Buracco Robinetterie Industrielle
Over a century providing valves manufactured to customers' specifications. Butterfly valves, non-return valves, straight-through valves, actuation.
Bush & Wilton, Inc.
Solids flow control valves: rotary, slide gate, diverter, knifge gate, pinch, and butterfly valves.
Calobri s.r.l.
Manufactures forged steel gate, globe and check valves of API 602 standard, bellow and pressure seals, eco-L-valve.
Cash Acme
Provides mixers, tanks, pressure reducing components, pressure regulating devices, safety, temperature, tempering, and thermostatic mixing valves.
Catamaron Industrial Corporation
Manufactures tube fittings, couplers, strainers, ball, gate, globe and swing check valves for industrial usage.
Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.
Manufacturer of check valves offering in-line, silent, spring-loaded, and piston-type models made from stainless steel, titanium, brass, alloy, and other materials.
Checkfluid Inc.
US manufacturer of oil sampling and diagnostic valves.
Clow Canada
Manufactures 'McAvity' fire hydrants and valves "the choice of many municipalities."
Compact Industrial
Manufactures API and DIN standards gate, globe, check valves and strainers in cast steel and iron materials.
Conbraco Industries
Manufactures valves for a variety of plumbing and industrial uses many sold under the company's Apollo brand.
Construcciones Metalicas de Obturacion, S.L.
Manufactures guillotine valves, polymer-sealed knife-gate valves. Gates and valves for water treatment.
Conval, Inc.
Manufactures high-pressure steam and nuclear 'Clampseal' valves.
Producers of gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly valves; strainers and actuators.
Curtiss Wright
Designs and produces a wide range of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief and other valves; pumps.
Cyclonic Valve Company
Manufactures ball and check valves in steel, aluminum, bronze, stainless for flowlines, injection, gathering, manifolds. Valves made in the U.S.A.
Dee Jeng Co., Ltd.
Manufactures exports valves.
Products include ANSI standard based cast iron and cast steel butterfly, ball, knife gate, globe valves.
Manufactures valves, automatic recirculation, globe, non-return, gate, check valves, butterfly, knife, tank bottom and sampling, special valves, industrial equipment for boilers, turbines and steam distribution systems, control, process.
Dynafluid Ltd
Supplies steam-and-water mixing valves, water-guns, hose-reels and complete washdown stations for a wide range of cleaning and process applications. A wholly owned subsidiary of Wrekin Shell Mouldings.
Dynamic Controls
Designs and manufactures quality valves for high- and low-pressure applications. Systems supplied worldwide to customers in naval, petrochemical, nuclear, bulk gas industries.
Dynamic Fluid Control (PTY) Ltd.
Manufacturers of digraphm, gate, check, butterfly, ball, control valves and actuators for application in mining, waterworks and process industries.
END Armaturen
Designs, produces and distributes sophisticated industrial valves.
F.A.F. Valves
Turkish company manufactures ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, strainers.
Flo-line Corporation
Production and sales of industrial valves for the process industries. Based in India.
Flotek International
Manufactures and exports from India engineering products.
FluoroSeal Specialty Valves
Manufactures PTFE-sleeved plug valves.
Franz Joost & Co. OHG
Manufacturer and supplier for industrial valves and measuring instruments in Germany.
Fromme Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG
Deals with the production, import, export and sale of industrial valves of DIN- and ANSI- standards.
Gadren Machine Company
Manufactures and stocks float, pressure reducing and vacuum relief valves; air hose fittings, double bolt clamps and air shut off valves.
Galassi & Ortolani Valves
Manufactures pinch, diaphragm, butterfly, check valves in DIN, ANSI, ASME and other dimensions.
Gemco Valve Company
US based (NJ) manufacturer of solids-handling 'spherical disc' valves.
US manufacturer of pressure and flow control devices. Product range includes check, relief, needle and control valves as well as pressure regulators.
Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment (Pty) Ltd.
Manufactures 'Fulton' penstocks. Mild and stainless steel fabricators.
GG Valves Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of valves in India. Product range includes gate, ball and check valves.
Goodwin Korea
Wafer type API 594 dual-plate check valves. Valve type, size, rating and dimensions; comparison of dual-plate check valves vs. swing-check valves
Greiner Group
Manufactures bronze gate valves and stop valves. Other items in bronze and brass for gas and for water; ball valves, fittings for polyethylene pipes, brackets for water-meters and gas-meters, ball valves with safety lock.
Groth Corporation
Manufactures various types of pressure and vacuum relief valves and gas regulators.
Groupe Genoyer
Experts in piping equipment for gas, oil, petrochemical industries. Manufacturing and marketing of equipment for fluid control and transportation.
GWC Valve Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of valve products including cast steel and forged steel gate, globe, check, and ball valves.
H. Fontaine Ltd.
Manufacturers of gate valves used in municipal and industrial wastewater systems.
Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited
Manufactures valves pressure regulators and high-purity gas systems. Specialists in air breathing systems, oxygen systems and pneumatics. Supply complete hydraulic gas control solutions.
Haltec Corporation
Manufactures tire valves systems.
Hammond Valve
Sells valves for all requirements for plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial flow control.
Hawa Engineers Limited
This is a dynamic and fast growing group of engineering and marketing companies operating in the area of industrial valves, process valves, pneumatic products and accessories.
Henry Pratt Company
Supplies the water distribution and power generation markets. Valves installed in water treatment plants, water distribution systems, power plants, industrial facilities worldwide.
Hilton Valve
Manufactures knife gate, check, and wedge gate valves for a variety of industries.
Manufactures compressor valves, check valves, relief valves. Also, reed valves.
Hoke, Inc.
Design and produces various kinds of valves alongwith fittings and pipes.
Hsin Huang Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of series stainless steel balls, including T-type and 60-degree steel balls, and special ball valves.
Hy-Grade Valve, Inc.
Manufactures precision engineered check valves.
IAV Drehteile GmbH
Manufactures special turned parts for the valve industry (gate and globe stems, seatrings, and bushings).
Icarus s.a.
Manufactures nearly any type or size of valves, in stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium and other exotic alloys, for emergency deliveries.
Inox-tek Ind. Co., Ltd
Manufactures ball, 3 way, gate, globe, check and y-type valves with screwed and flanged ends in cast and stainless steel materials.
JJ Valve
Supplies ANSI 125 and 250 cast-iron gate, globe and check valves. ANSI 250 boiler non-return valves.
Manufacturers of butterfly, pinch, flap, plastic ball and check valves for industrial application.
Kennedy Valve Inc.
Manufacturer of hydrants and valves for the water works and fire protection industries.
Kepner Products Company
Manufacturer of leakage free control valves for liquids and gases. Based in the USA (IL).
Kimray, Inc.
Manufactures pressure regulators, pilot valves, pressure control pilots and other equipment for flow control.
Kitz Valves
Manufactures gate, ball, butterfly, direct-seal and HF-acid valves.
Larox Flowsys
Manufactures process valves involving the shut-off or control of pipe flow.
Lawler Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Manufactures thermostatic mixing valves, master controllers, emergency shower and eye wash valves, and photographic processing valves.
Lien Chief International Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of industrial stainless steel ball, chemical, brass gate, check, cock, stop, butterfly, plastic valves and fittings.
Lined Valve Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of knife gate valves for all industrial applications.
Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of ball valve, check valve, gate valve, globe valve, Y-strainer, and pipe fittings.
LVF Group
Manufacturer of forged steel valves for oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and marine industries.
M.G. Herl Armaturenfabrik GmbH & CoKG
Manufacturing refrigerant valves for over 60 years. Research and development, cost-effective and efficient production processes and modern testing facilities.
MAC Valves
Manufactures small 3-way, large 3-way, small 4-way, large 4-way, and proportional air controlled valves.
Mala valves
Manufacturers and exporters of valves, cocks, and boilers mountings. [flash required]
Mann Teknik AB
A Swedish enterprise located in Mariestad. Manufactures the 'Mann' direct disconnect couplings, that assure safe and environmental handling of aggressive media in the chemical and petrochemical industries.
Maran E Peracini SRL
Italy based manufacturer of cast iron relief, gate, check valves and strainers.
Marshall J. Brown Company, Inc.
Texas based representatives for 'Mueller' valves, strainers, baskets. Agents for 'RMI Holland,' 'Hartmann.' Distributes 'Flow-Tek,' and 'Febco.'
Master Flo Valve Inc.
Manufactures production chokes for both surface and subsea applications. Drilling chokes, control valves, pig ball valves.
Mec-Tric Control Company
Provides fluid and steam control systems, instrumentation, electrical, safety and relief valve assembly and repair services.
Midland Manufacturing
Manufactures valves and level measurement devices for tank cars and other mobile tanks that transport a wide variety of liquid commodities.
Milwaukee Valve
Engineers, manufactures, installs and services industrial valves
MIT Armaturen GmbH
Engineers, manufactures and distributes industrial valves. Based in Germany.
MM International
Fluid control group offers electropneumatic, pneumatic, and solenoid valve technology.
Full line of pumps and pump supplies for a variety of applications.
Mueller Co.
Full-line supplier of flow control valves used in distribution systems for municipal potable water and natural gas.
Mueller Steam Specialty
Provides pipeline and other strainers, check and butterfly valves.
MVS Valves S.r.l.
Manufacturer of slide and non-return valves in Italy.
N-Line Valves, LLC
Manufacturers of choke and control valves for severe service applications within the petroleum industry.
Advanced composite ball, butterfly and check valves are primarily selected for chemical handling services where internal and external corrosive conditions exist. Div. of Dresser Energy Valve
Ningbo Huacheng valve Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures valves, hoses, sanitary ware, traps, fittings and accessories.
Ningbo Valve Factory
Chinese manufacturer of industrial valves.
Ningbo Yongxiang Copper Pipeline Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers of brass and bronze valves and fittings. China.
Officine Rigamonti
Italian manufacturer of taps and valves and related equipment for sanitary, heating and water systems.
Oliver Valves Ltd.
Manufactures valves for the offshore and onshore petrochemical, gas and power generation industries.
OMB Group
Manufactures forged steel valves in 5 plants in Italy, Singapore and UK, according to ANSI, API, BS, DIN and JIS. Valves are approved by major oil and chemical companies.
Omkar Valves Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers of wafer type butterfly and non return check valves for application in various industries.
Oswal Valves (P) Ltd.
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial and marine valves in India, Kuwait, UAE, Mexico, Cuba, and the UK.
P.C. Engineering Corporation
Represents Virgo Engineers (ball, butterly valves), Zoloto Industries Ltd. (brass, bronze, steel valves) and Italy's RB (brass ball valves). Premises located near Goregaon Railway Station.
Pacson Valves
Manufactures subsea and surface valves. Globe, check, gate, actuated, double block and bleed. Compact, monoblock combinations in standard and special materials.
Peerless Gas Controls Ltd.
Manufacturers of valves, fittings, thermostats and pressure switches. Applications include domestic appliances. UK based.
Perlwitz Armaturen
Valves for shipbuilding and industry. Valves and accessories.
The Peter Smith Valve Company Ltd.
UK manufacturers of industrial and marine valves. Small to medium sizes for control of fluids and gases in pipe conveying systems.
PetrolValves s.r.l.
Manufactures valves for chemical and petrochemical service in standard, special executions, materials.
PGI International
Manufactures instrumentation valves, manifolds, direct-mount and sampling systems for the process, power and gas industries.
Piping Specialties
Supplies high pressure, LF2, LCC, SS, flanged actuated, high temperature, valves including ball, plug, gate, globe and check valves as well as pipeline pigs.
Manufacturers of high pressure on-off and control ball, solenoid and block mounted valves.
PMP Precision Co., Ltd.
Manufactures valves, ball valves, quarter-turn actuators, stainless steel investment cast products.
Poonawalla Group
Group of companies located in India, are engaged in a wide array of activities, including manufacturing of valves, seals and actuators.
Process Systems Pty Ltd.
Manufacturers of solenoid, ball, butterfly and pinch valves; switches and timers for testing pressures, vacuum and temperatures.
Red Point Alloys BV
Manufacturer of small to big sizes of ball, check, gate, globe and tailor-made valves for the offshore and chemical industry.
Red Valve Company
Manufactures pinch valves, tideflex check valves, pressure sensors, slurry knifegates, redflex expansion joints, tideflex diffuser valves.
Red-White Valves
Red-White makes all kinds of valves, including butterfly and actuated valves. Ball valves to five separate -- AGA, CGA, UL, FM and MSS-SP-110. Stainless steel, multi-turn gates, globes, check valves, strainers.
Remosa S.p.a.
Designs, manufactures, researches, services modifies, retrofits slide, butterfly and two-port diverter valves for FCC plants.
RITAG Ritterhuder Armaturen GmbH & Co. Armaturenwerk KG
German manufacturer of check, bottom and sampling valves for industrial and process applications as well as shipbuilding.
Roetelmann GmbH
Offers sandwichplates, ball and needle valves, and connection blocks.
Rubinetterie Italiane Valvole
Manufacturer of ball valves for application in water and gas industries; gate valves, taps and fittings.
Entreprise francaise de robinetterie Petrole. Petrochemical valve. ANSI 9000, 9001 quality.
Samshin Valve Co.
Manufactures valves, fittings, unions, forgings, castings. Founded in 1966, Samshin Limited works to develop innovative and high quality products. Reputation for technical excellence in the valve and fitting industry.
Schubert & Salzer Group
Manufactures process control and other valves; approximately 550 employees in the year 1999.
Scientific Linings and Coatings, Inc.
'Yellow Jacket' weather caps for pressure relief valve protection.
Score Energy Products Inc.
Manufacturers of butterfly valves and automation actuators. The site covers the uses, actuation, construction, sizing, design features and maintenance.
Sharpe Valves
Manufactures high purity diaphragm and three piece ball valves for chemical, sanitary, process control, and pharmaceutical applications. A division of Sharon Piping and Valves.
Shie Yu Machine Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufactures a range of valves includes butterfly and ball valves, valve fittings and parts, faucets and taps. Also, irrigation and watering equipment.
Shipham Valves
UK based company manufacturing gate, globe, check, ball valves; strainers, hydrants in ANSI and British Standards.
Shreeraj Industries
Manufacturer of valves and related products with focus on the oil and gas industries. Based in India.
Sidoma Systeme GmbH
Manufacturer of engineered valves in Germany.
SOMAS Instrument AB
Manufactures butterfly, check and ball valves in stainless steel materials. Also manufactures actuators and positioners.
Stockham Valves
Industrial valves.
Sungill Valve Industry Co. Ltd
Manufactures stainless ball, gate, and globe valves for fluid handling and powder conveying.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc.
Manufactures ball valves, flanged 150# to 1500#. Pneumatic and electric actuators and controls.
Tai Wei Casting Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1975, the factory is located in Wu-Chi, Taiwan. Company performs continuous research and development, has successfully developed castings for industrial applications, including hydraulic valves, pump valves, auto parts, machine parts.
Offers engineering services for plug, sample and bleed valves, jacketed sight glasses, and filter housings.
Tang Shan Hong Yuan Valve Industry Co.
Makers of wafer butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, wafer check valve, strainers and casting parts.
Manufactures venting devices for tanks. Breather valve, flame arrester, pressure/vacuum relief valve, others
Taylor Valve Technology Inc.
Develops valves: control valves, precision electronic deadweight testers, quick disconnects, gauge plugs and gauge probes, safety-relief, back pressure valves
Manufactures gate, butterfly, diaphragm valves for acids and all chemical products, check valves for climatic, petroleum, food industry.
Tekval Flow Control (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
Manufactures and supplies API and BS and DIN standard based gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly and plug valves.
Thraco Inc.
Worldwide sales and service for butterfly valves, wing unions, swivel joints, loading arms, and line blind valves.
Production and sales of fluid control products and measuring instruments. Consultation for steam plants, engineering and construction of steam piping and automation.
Total Engineering
Manufactures industrial valves. For example, knife gate valve, slide gate valve, diverter valve, ram piston valve. Also, strainers.
Trueline Valve Corporation
Involced in the manufacture of industrial valves. Distributes throughout the United States and Canada. Ball valves are imported with many supplied by J.C. Fabrica, a high quality ISO 9000 certified supplier
Udomkit Fitting Valve Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers of valves, pipes, fittings, gauges, screws, seals, wheels and accessories.
Valves, instruments, and actuators.
Manufactures 'Fluimatic' specially designed valves and couplings for special purposes. OEM inquiries are welcome.
V&M Inc.
Makes electric over-hydraulic valves, control handles and boxes. Markets products to the agricultural industry.
Suppliers of all types of control, pinch, ball, gate, float, globe, butterfly valves.
Valvosider S.r.l.
Manufactures industrial valves.
Supplies a wide range of valves and fittings with focus on water applications.
Velan Valves
Manufactures industrial valves for applications in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, fossil and nuclear power, cogeneration, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic industries.
Versa Valves
Manufactures pneumatic directional control valves.
Victaulic Mechanical Pipe Joining Systems
The mechanical pipe joining system including valves, couplings, and fittings for ductile iron, stainless and carbon steel, PVC, HDPE, copper and other materials.
Vortex Global
Manufacturer of slide gates, diverters and loading spouts for handling dry bulk material. Includes product catalog and contact information.
Warren Controls
Designs, manufactures and markets control products including control valves, level controls, vacuum breakers, temperature recorders, and sea water regulators.
Westad Industri AS
Manufactures and sells ball and butterfly valves for marine, offshore, LNG installations. A unit of Crane Valve
Woodland Engineers
Manufacturers of pinch and piston valves, pumps and sandmill.
Wuxi Hongda Foundry & Casting Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of different types of valves in China. Site requires Flash.
Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Ltd.
Manufactures gate, ball, globe, check valves; flanges and pipe-fittings.
Xomox Corporation
Is a global company that manufactures a full line of process valves and actuators.
Z-Tide Valves Co., Ltd.
Manufactures water hammer arresters and hydraulic control valves. Pressure reducing, relief, sustaining, float, solenoid, silent check valves.
Zhejiang Baoyi Valve Group Co.
Manufactures ball, gate, check, globe valves and strainers in carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel materials as per API, ANSI and DIN standard.

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