Aqua Mole Technologies
Manufactures and distributes high-performance nozzles used in the sewer and drain cleaning industry and the high-pressure water blasting industry. Custom drilled to match customer specifications.
Arthur Products
Manufactures and distributes a wide variety of sewer jet cleaning nozzles and accessories.
BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom fog nozzles for a wide range of industrial applications, even in advanced materials. US based (MA).
Bex Engineering Limited
Designs and manufactures spray nozzles and tank mixing eductors.
Cloverleaf Tool Company
Carries a complete line of high pressure sewer nozzles and equipment for drain, sewer and pipeline cleaning.
Delavan Spray Technologies
Designs and manufactures spray nozzles, atomisers and fluid handling systems. UK based part of the Goodrich Corporation.
Hago Nozzles
Manufacture fine mist spray nozzles for oil burners, water sprays and specialty applications. Also, Eco valves, water nozzles, nozzle lances, and specialty applications.
ICS (Industrial Services) Ltd
Manufacturers of specialist spray nozzles, including ceramic, diamond, sapphire and tungsten carbide nozzles. Also emergency safety showers and eyebaths. Based in the UK.
Mold Masters, Inc.
Hot runners and nozzles manufacturing. Hot-half packages. Temperature control systems for company having secured over 450 active patents and supplied products for over 115,000 successful applications.
PNR Italia Srl
Manufacturer of spraying nozzles and systems.
Precision Specialists, Inc.
Catalog for hot-melt glue nozzles and replacement parts.
Sealpump Engineering Limited
Engineers and suppliers of precision spray nozzles and accessories for industrial applications. Based in the UK.
Spraying Systems Co.
Designs and manufactures industrial spray nozzles, tank washers, air control nozzles and spray systems accessories for cooling, coating, drying, washing and misting applications.
William Steinen Manufacturing Co.
Manufactures industrial spray nozzles and oil burner accessories.
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