Fittings, including taps, connectors, bellow, sight glasses, gauges, and clamps used on piping and hose assemblies for the control of fluid flows.
ABL Fabricators, LLC
Manufacturer of couplings for welding tight joints in tube or pipes. Serves vacuum, cryogenic, aerospace, oil and gas separation applications.
Alaskan Copper & Brass
Manufacturer and distributor of cast, extruded, and seamless industrial piping, fittings, and valves in many alloys.
All Stainless Ltd
Stainless steel fluid handling products for the food, dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and process industries.
Allzaflex Engineers
Manufactures metallic flexible hoses from SS and GI steel strips, SS expansion bellows.
Alpine Echo Inc.
Manufacturer of brass fittings, hose barbs, brass paintball valves, and pneumatic valves.
Manufacturers and suppliers of MS pipe lines based in India.
Aura Inc
Offers instrument tube fittings, needle valves and manifolds, thermowells and sensors for temperature and pressure detection.
Backflow Test Fittings
Designs and makes custom fittings, wrenches, sight tube and bleed valve for backflow assembly testers.
Badger Industries
Manufactures expansion joints, metal bellows type joints and fabric joints for exhaust systems.
Manufactures stainless steel band, buckles, clamps, cable ties, ID tags, hose fittings, application tools.
Bestweld Inc.
Manufacturer of buttweld and belled-end pipe fittings in many alloys, types, and sizes.
Brass Copper Pipe Fittings & Components Ltd
Makes brass, copper, stainless steel hose pipe sanitary and tube fittings, compression fittings, bushes, plugs, nipple, castings, machined components and parts.
BS&B Safety Systems, Inc.
Manufactures overpressure protection safety products, pressure relief, both positive and vacuum with pressure relieving products including rupture disks, explosion vents, and buckling pin relief valves.
Bueno Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures valves and injection molded parts.
CA.R.IND, S.r.l.
Supplier of stiff and flexible pipe fittings, flexible pipe, and products for electrical wires protection.
Campbell Fittings
Manufactures fittings, couplings and clamps, for safety, superior hose retention and sealing, easy connection and disconnection.
CU Services
Manufactures plug-resistant orifices to replace steam traps in high pressure and high temperature steam service.
Elster Perfection
Provides polyethylene gas distribution systems like couplings, risers, fittings, shut off valves, tees and piping.
Empire Pacific
Supplies specialty parts and components directly to major original equipment manufacturers including threaded fasteners castings, forgings, stampings, precision ball bearings, iron and steel pipe fittings, woven polyethylene irrigation dams and module covers for rice and cotton production.
Produce Steamloc, a non mechanical condensate removal device, which is an alternative for conventional steam traps.
Fittings Unlimited, Inc.
Adapters, couplers, connectors, and fittings specialists.
Flowell Corp.
Manufactures fluid handling fittings, valves, filters and tubings for chemical resistance.
Fluid Motion Sales
Custom hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds. Aluminum and ductile iron. Product information and application assistance are available in Website.
Gerlin Pipe Fittings
Manufacturer of industrial welded pipe fittings, valves, and components.
Green Leaf, Inc.
Provides valves, tank flanges, couplings; hose, nozzle, pipe, bulkhead fittings.
Grohe Prazision
Manufactures sanitary, electrical and pneumatic parts.
Ham-Let Designs
Manufacturers and sells fittings, valves, and ultra pure products for industrial applications.
Hansen Products (NZ) Limited
Manufactures threaded, polythene and garden hose pipe fittings and valves for the use of moving fluid.
Hantion International Co., Ltd.
Manufactures fittings, flanges, valves, control components, and actuators.
Hawleys Engineering
Fluid control equipment includes gaskets, packings, valves, couplings, fittings, pipes, level gauges.
Hose Doctor
A Parker Mobile Service delivers 'Parker Hannifin' fluid connectors on-site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Huwelco Inc.
U.S.-based company manufactures extruded tees and crosses in a full range of sizes in carbon, alloy, low- and high-temperature materials, and industrial pipe fittings shipped worldwide.
Hy-Lok Europe
Supplier of fittings, valves, manifolds, and filters.
Ian Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Mid-west distributor of industrial metal tube and pipe fittings from various manufacturers.
JCS Hi-Torque Limited
Manufacturer of Hi-Grip and Hi-Torque worm drive hose clips, Tamtorque sign clamps, Multi-Torque banding, and P-Clips.
Join Force Bellows Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, exporter, importer of metallic bellows and expansion joints in Taiwan
Kadant Inc.
Rotary joints, syphons and liqui-mover pumps for fluid handling applications.
Kingdom Flow Control Co., Ltd.
Manufactures stainless steel lost-wax casting screwed pipe fittings, ball valves, OEM machine components.
Komax Systems
Static mixers, steam heaters, desuperheaters, reactors for continuous in-line mixing and heating.
L.J. Star, Inc.
Provider of innovative and value priced illumination sources, Metaglas safety glass products, sanitary service products, visual flow indicators, sight glasses, ports and gages, and accessories.
Leo Fittings Ltd
Manufacturers' agentsand distributors of carbon, alloy and stainless steel forged fitting packages under international standards of ANSI / ASME B16.11, BS3799.
Lynco Flange & Fitting Inc.
Supplier of carbon, stainless, and high alloy flanges, butt-weld and forged steel fittings, long weld necks, and valves.
Meaden Screw Products
Manufactures screw machine products and precision turned parts, in brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and copper.
Morris Coupling Company
Manufactures cam and groove couplings, pipe couplings, pipe and tube bends, compression couplings and pneumatic conveying components.
Nocado GmbH & Co KG
Manufactures stainless-teel pipe and tank fittings threaded piping, flange and damping joints, butterfly valves.
Normandy Products
U.S. based supplier of fittings for irrigation, sewers, and drainage management.
Manufacturers rupture disks and pressure relief products.
Palatine Precision
Palatine Precision specializes in the production of high quality stainless steel bellows assemblies and components, using high tolerance TIG welding techniques for vacuum applications.
Plastic protection for all situations. Caps, plugs, protection for tube valve flange threads. Injection moulded.
Proco Products, Inc.
Manufactures rubber and molded PFA, metal hose and fabric fan connectors. Stocks products ready for shipment.
PT&P/U.S. Bellows
Manufacturer of all types of expansion joints and bellows. Can supply a standard expansion joint, or customize one for any specific need.
QMC Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures custom stainless steel OEM fittings to your blueprint.
Raccorderie metalliche S.p.A.
Manufactures products for hydraulic and heating systems including welded steel fittings (DIN, ANSI), pipe fittings, elbows, plugs for radiators, collars for pipe clamping.
Redi SpA
PVC pipe fittings manufacturer founded in 1962 in Zola Predosa, Italy, specializing in drainage and sewage systems. Develops products aimed at civil and industrial waste, and drainage systems for pipe diameters of up to 500 mm.
Reinert-Ritz GmbH
Manufactures fittings from termoplastic. Applications include pipeline and apparatus construction. Based in Germany.
Specialized in the definition and procurement of industrial goods and offers a service of distribution of Filton products.
Rembe GmbH
German manufacturer of safety and control equipment and systems. Specializes in rupture disks, relief valves, flame arrestors, and flow and weight instruments.
Safetech S.L.
Design, manufacture and supply of non metallic expansion joints and acoustic cleaning systems. Based in Spain.
Sinmag Fitting Corporation
Manufactures sanitary assemblies and stainless steel assemblies and valves for food, brewing, beverage, dairy, packing machine, liquid-controlling machinery industry.
Southern Stud Weld, Inc.
Manufactures inspection plugs, inspection ports, and UT stickers. Products that enhance process safety management programs.
Spears Manufacturing Co.
Manufactures variety of fittings for various applications alongwith valves, joints, clamps and nipples.
Stainless Processing, Inc.
Supplies stainless and aluminum standard and special plate flanges. A240 - SA 240 Pipe flanges and Tube flanges may be produced to your exact specifications.
Supplies rubber bellows, stainless steel pump connectors, expansion joints, rubber and stainless steel hose assemblies, anti-vibration equipment.
Technofine Engineers
Manufacturer and supplier of flanges, pipe fittings, and tube fittings.
Texas Flange
Manufactures industrial flanges for the waterworks, petrochemical, process industries.
Tork Baglanti Elemanlari Ltd
Turkish manufacturer of worm drive hose clamps and pipe clamps.
Tubefit Engineers
Manufacturers tube and pipe fittings, manifolds, air headers and condensate pots, industrial and instrumentation valves.
Valsir S.p.A.
HDPE waste pipes and fittings, flush cisterns, multi-layer pipes, soundproof pipes, traps and siphons for flush and waste systems.
VHG Group Threna
Manufacture a range of pipe flanges, pipebends, T-joints, reducers, caps and welding saddles. Germany.
Viar Meccanica S.r.l.
[Italy] Manufacturing outlet fittings, special design flanges, connectors and forged pieces. Product catalog and contact information.
Walther Prazision
Designs and manufactures fluid and electrical quick coupling systems for machine and tooling automation.
Manufactures a range of stainless steel fittings and valves for variety of industry applications.
Zook Rupture Disks
Manufacturer of metal and graphite rupture disks and other overpressure protection products.

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