Alfred Conhagen Inc.
Manufactures pump components, blades, impellers, seals, nozzles, and bearings and provides service and repair of steam turbines, pumps and compressors. US based
American Manufacturing
Manufacturer of fluid and power end replacement parts for mud pumps of major brands. US based.
Manufacturer of mechanical Seals for agricultural, domestic and automotive water pumps in India.
BSF Incorporated
Manufactures pump mounting equipment such as couplings, pump-motor-adapters, sound and vibration reduction products. US based.
CMC Corporation
Supplies non-OEM replacement parts, since 1961.
EDI Distributors
Stocks parts, accessories, and repair kits for high pressure pumps and industrial powerwash equipment. US based.
Specialise in the design, supply and installation of industrial silencers and diffusers, gas and liquid pulsation dampeners and surge arrestors for the control of noise and forces created by moving fluids.
Online inventory of carbon, graphite, ceramic products and materials, including mechanical seals, bushings and bearings.
Maitri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers of graded CI castings like pressure-tight pump casings for horticulture, chemical and petrochemical industries cast also machined to international standards in India.
Mountop Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of vanes for hydraulic pumps, air compressors and other industrial equipment made by heat-treated high-speed steel and steel molds. Based in Taiwan.
Odessa Separator, Inc
US manufacturer of sandscreens, available for down-hole rod pumps.
UK based suppliers of replacement parts with focus on ram pumps, such as porcelain rams, chevrons and seals, ball valves and diaphragms.
The Pearce Group
Manufacturer of replacement parts for different brands as well as complete pumps. With two foundries. Focus on dredging, dry mining, sand and gravel industries. US based (LA).
Manufacturer and distributor of pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors, hydraulic accumulators, and other pressure vessels.
Research and production association specialised in production, delivery, repair and assembling of equipment and replacement parts for water supply systems, sewerage and drainage systems, heating, ventilation and air condition systems in Russia.
Specialty Components, Inc.
Pumps and pump parts. Replacement parts for Goulds, Durco, Moyno, Tarby, Allis Chalmers, Summit, Warren, Worthington, others.
Thelco Corporation
Manufactures 'Worthington' pump parts. Next-day shipping worldwide. In business over 47 years.
WestCoast Rotor Inc
US manufacturers of replacement parts for progressing cavity pumps.
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