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Alldoo Micropump Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of diaphragm micropumps for OEM applications in China. Products include vacuum, gas, water, oil, and liquid pumps with a low flow range and small size.
Manufactures in-line pumps, magdrive pumps, heat transfer oil or hot water pumps. Fluids are neutral or aggressive, pure, solid-suspended, or contaminated, cold or hot, toxic, environmentally harmful. German based member of the Colfax Pump group.
Alpha Pompe S.p.A.
Manufacturers of centrifugal pumps, pneumatic actuators and control valves in Italy. Product line includes self-priming, bloc, submersible and multi-stage models.
Applied Pumps
Commercial gear pump and screw pump specialist, also supplying centrifugal pumps, filtration equipment and flow meters. Pump packages designed and manufactured to order.
Aspen Pumps
UK based manufacturer of condensate pumps for the airconditioning and refrigeration industry.
Atkinson Equipment Ltd.
UK based manufacturer and distributor of pumps and components for oil heating and diesel tanks.
Becker GmbH & Co.
Manufactures variety of pumps and compressors for industrial usage.
Birmingham Pump Supplies Limited
Supplies customised pump packages. Provides service and repairs of all makes of pumps. Stocks mechanical seals, hoses, and fittings.
BJM Corp.
Manufacturer of standard and specially-designed electric submersible pumps. Applications include dewatering, slurry and solid handling, abrasive and aggressive fluids. US based (CT).
Blackhawk Technology Company
Manufacturers of environmental, landfill, and leachate pumps.
Caffini Cipriano
Manufactures pressure self-priming diaphragm pumps and self-priming centrifugal trash pumps that are really easy to maintain.
California Centrifugal Pumps
Authorized engineered rotating equipment repair for pumps, blowers, gearboxes and turbines.
Specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of pumps and cooling fans to the diesel engine manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Based in the UK.
Cypress Pump and Equipment Company
Supplies 'Mission' pumps and parts. Provides lining of pump casings that helps to guard against corrosion and abrasion.
Delatec Enterprise Company Ltd.
Taiwan based manufacturer of metallic and non-metallic air operated double diaphragm pumps.
DELTA^ Q Corp.
Manufactures the Hydreco AP 40 series of hydraulic piston pumps and other pumps and controls made to specifications,
Denver Rubber Company
Supplies custom gasket products, rubber products, brass fittings, hose and agricultural and high pressure pumps.
Dickow Pump Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of magnetic drive and horizontal centrifugal pumps. Marietta, Georgia.
Diener Precision Pumps
Manufactures precision pumps; magnetic drive gear pumps, piston pumps, or custom made products.
Discflo Corp.
Specialist manufacturer of products for the hard-to-pump market. Offers a new version of an old technology, the disc pump, a unique product for viscous, abrasive, high-solid and shear-sensitive fluids.
Dynaflow Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of mag-drive and sealed gear, centrifugal, regenerative turbine, and metering pumps for transfer, recirculation, dosing, and metering of wastewater and various chemicals including toxic, noxious, and corrosive.
Manufacturer of fluid machinery and engineered products, including centrifugal pumps for industrial, municipal and HVAC applications. Headquartered in Japan with world-wide production and sales network.
Edson Pumps
US manufacturer of diaphragm, peristaltic and vacuum pumps and related equipment.
Edur Pumpen
German based manufacturer of centrifugal and liquid-ring vacuum pumps for industrial markets.
Elettromeccanica Delta Spa
Manufacturer of oil pumps, solenoid valves and related equipment in Italy.
Italian manufacturer of electronic metering pumps and equipment for water treatment, swimming-pools and specialty chemicals dosing.
Manufacture a range of vacuum, and horizontal and vertical pumps for liquids and solids. Includes a listing of agents and product specifications.
EPG Companies Inc
Manufactures landfill pumping systems, leachate pumps, controllers, submersible pumps, liquid level and flow monitoring systems, and remediation equipment. US based (MN).
Eu Yeon Westco Pumps Co.
Manufactures small Westco pumps incorporating new technology, based on in-house research and development. Explains Westco technology. Korea.
Excel Pumps and Motors
Provides electro-mechanical pumps and motors, repair and maintenance services.
Flint Hydrostatics, Inc.
Remanufactures Sauer-Sundstrand, Eaton, Dynapower hydrostatic pumps and motors.
G.M.P. S.p.A.
Italian manufacturer of centrifugal pumps including submersible and self-priming models. Electric, diesel-driven and hand-operated pumps.
Global Power Products
Manufactures portable diesel pumps, generators and custom assemblies. US based.
Gotec SA
Swiss manufacturer of small electromagnetic pumps for OEM.
Manufactures pumps for circulating machine tool coolants, cleaning in production, maintenance and service industries, or getting filtered, conditioned ink to its final destination.
Grün Fasspumpen
Manufactures drum pumps.
Gusher Pumps
Centrifugal pumps from a single manufacture. Pumps for industrial use as well as for the machine tool industry.
Halla Industrial Co., Ltd.
Produces non-seal motor pumps, submersible pumps, refrigeration pumps, ammonia pumps, circulation pumps for absorption chills/heaters.
Hangzhou Xinanjiang Industrial Pump Factory
Manufacturer of corrosion-resistant process equipment constructed from fluoropolymers, including centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, pipes, and valves. Located in China.
Hanjin Submersible Pump
Korean supplier of submersible sand, dewatering, sewage and wastewater treatment, vortex and cutter pumps to world markets.
Hartridge Test Equipment
Independent, a diesel pump and injector test equipment supplier.
Swiss manufacturer of screw-centrifugal pumps for applications in environmental technology and industry.
Hindmurti Industries
Indian manufacturer of metal castings, centrifugal pumps for irrigation and related components.
Hot Tub Pumps Co.
Manufactures hot tub and spa pumps for residential and industrial use.
Hydra Service, Inc.
Purchases used hydrostatic pumps and equipment. Also, rebuilds, exchanges, refurbishes, and tests Dynapower equipment.
Hydratron Inc
Design and manufacture of high pressure equipment including hand and air operated liquid and gas pumps, power packs, test rigs, hydraulic control panels and flushing units. US based (TX).
Hydraulic Pneumatic Services
Supplies all types of air driven high pressure pumps and powerpacks for pressure testing, specialists in the Madan range of air powered pumps.
Hydrodynamics, Inc.
Industrial and municipal pump repair facility in Michigan. Custom machining, complete plant modification and repair, preventive maintenance and inspection services, and new parts sales. Y.C. Smith Co.
Pump mounted, microprocessor based pumping system controller by ITT Industries' Pumpenfabrik Ernst Vogel GmbH. Detailed technical explanations and application recommendations.
Hypro Corporation
Designs and manufactures fluid pumps for the agricultural, firefighting, industrial, marine, and pressure cleaning markets.
Impeller Net
Provides daily news from the pump industry. With a centrifugal pump selector and configurator containing data of major manufacturers.
Indus Agar, S.A.
Manufactures rubber sleeve valves and centrifugal pumps for all kind of fluids, especially abrasives and corrosives.
Industrial Parts Service
Sales, service, and manufacturing of industrial grade pumps and pump parts.
Interface Devices, Inc.
US manufacturer of air-driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, and vacuum pumps.
International Carbonics
Offering high pressure CO2 pumps in the US (IL).
IPT Pumps is a site for buying engine-driven self-priming pumps, diaphragm pumps, submersible pumps, parts, hose, fittings. Division of The Gorman-Rupp Company.
Johnson Pump AB
Manufactures and markets pumps for industrial and marine use. Sweden based.
Kirloskar Brothers Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of centrifugal pumps in India. Offers industrial, agricultural and domestic pumps as well as further fluid handling equipment.
Kreisel Pumps
Indian manufacturers of special purpose pumps for chemical and process industries, marine and sewage applications.
Manufacturer of a wide range of centrifugal pumps and valves. Headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in all major markets. Features an online product catalogue and a web shop.
Liberty Process Equipment, Inc.
US based manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps and parts specializing in "L" and "wobble" stator type pumps, for pumping abrasive liquids and sludges as well as metering high viscosity liquids for process applications. Online shop.
Lincoln Industrial
Designs and manufactures oil and grease lubrication systems for bearings. Industrial pumps for adhesives, sealants and ink.
Lowara Vogel
Manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for industrial applications and water technology. Austrian based member of ITT Industries.
Lubi Submersibles Ltd.
Manufacturer of submersible borewell pumps and electric motors based in India.
M&R Asset Recovery Division
Links your surplus equipment through our database to existing equipment requests. Extensive client base.
Malcolm Thompson Pumps
Supplies pumps and parts to local and global project engineers, government bodies, corporations, OEMs. Located in Australia.
Megator Limited
UK based manufacturer and supplier of positive displacement self priming pumps and ancillary equipment for marine, industry, mining, railways, and pollution control markets.
Metropolitan Industries Incorporated
Diversified manufacturer of custom pumping packages, specialty controls, and custom inverters for the residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal markets. US based. Wellpoint
Italian manufacturer of self-priming centrifugal and vacuum dewatering pumps for use in wellpoint construction.
Pumps from India.
Mono Pumps Limited
Manufactures progressing cavity pumps, grinders, macerators, screens and screw extraction systems for a wide variety of industries. UK based company of National Oilwell group.
Full line of pumps and pump supplies for a variety of applications.
MTH Pumps
US manufacturer of commercial and industrial pumps for chiller, boiler feed, chemical and hot oil applications. Provides standard and custom engineered products.
MZT Pumps
Producer of centrifugal, positive displacement and vacuum pumps in Macedonia.
Oberdorfer Pumps
Manufacturer of pumps for industrial purposes, including marine, agricultural, construction and home building. US based subsidiary of Thomas Industries.
Packo Pumps NV
Manufacturers of stainless steel centrifugal and lobe pumps for industrial applications. Multi-lingual site.
Paragon Pump Company
Supplies centrifugal pump and motor systems for industrial and commercial applications. Product range includes end-suction, double suction split case, vertical and horizontal multistage and sewage submersible pumps as well as electric motors. US based (FL).
PCM Pompes
French manufacturers of positive displacement pumps, such as hose, progressive cavity, downhole and dosing pumps. Applications include water treatment, food and oil production.
Pomona Pumps Pty Ltd
Australian manufacturer of vertical turbine, propeller and non-clog pumps for irrigation and industrial applications.
Practical Pumping by Ross Mackay Associates
Information about the pump school for maintenance and engineering, books and articles. Free Pumpline newsletter. Based in Canada (ON).
Prestige Pumps Ltd.
Supplies submersible well pumps, centrifugal and sump pumps. Effluent and sewage pumps and spare parts for most leading manufacturers.
Price Pump Company
Manufactures centrifugal pumps for applications in a broad range of industries.
ProPump Services, LLC
Provides technical assistance and pump modification support to maximize pump reliability and life. US based.
Pulsafeeder, Inc.
Manufacturer of fluid metering, transfer, and control technologies, including diaphragm pumps for water treatment and conditioning as well as industrial applications. US based unit of IDEX.
Pump School
Education for fluid handling engineers. Knowledgeable about the problems that engineers face everyday. Solutions to problems surrounding positive-displacement pumping principles. Hundreds of liquids covered. Tough applications met.
Pumpability Pty. Ltd.
Australian supplier of diesel or electric driven pump-sets and systems. Assembly of local and imported specialised products according to customer needs.
Pumps and Equipment (Warwick) Ltd.
Suppliers of pumps and associated parts for industrial and machine tool applications. Features online store. UK based.
PumpWorks, Inc.
Simple, durable and compact pump designs provide solutions for liquid, vapor and vacuum applications. Rate controllable, custom engineered products are available for OEM. Refrigerant transfer and groundwater remediation products are offered. US based (MN).
Reverso Pumps
US manufacturer of oil pumps and systems for diesel powered boats.
Roth Pump Company
Regenerative turbine pumps for chemicals, boiling hydrocarbons, boiler feed, condensate return. Rock Island, IL.
S.S. Barrel Pumps
Manufactures and exports S.S. barrell pumps, enabling cost-effective chemicals transfer, or for solvents, acids, others. C.I. pumps for oils, kerosene, diesel fuel
SC Hydraulic Engineering Corp.
Designs and manufactures air-driven, hydraulic and pneumatic pumps and boosters, from 100 to 70,000 psi.
Schwarzer Precision Pumps
German manufacturer specialised in developing and producing precision OEM pumps. Product range includes diaphragm, micro piston and vacuum pumps for use in medical and laboratory technology.
ScopeNEXT Ltd
Manufacturer of dosing pumps and dispenser packs applied for packaging in food and cosmetics industry. UK based.
Sensidyne, LP
Micro diaphragm air pumps are tailor-made for a wide array of OEM and medical applications.. Custom pumps are available.
SERO Pumps & Systems
German manufacturer of side channel pumps with information about this technology.
Service Filtration of Canada, Ltd
Supplies pumps and applications engineers can help to improve the economic value of clarification and purification of process solutions and waste streams.
Seybert & Rahier
German based manufacturer of fluid handling equipment including positive displacement pumps, dosing systems, fittings and process measuring and control devices.
Shanghai Datian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.
Offers pneumatic diaphragm pump, combined pumps, flowmeters, mini metering pump, L.P.G. steel cannisters, valves for liquefied gas control.
Shanghai Enine Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
Shanghai based manufacturer of variety of pumps, valves and accessories for industrial and commercial usage.
Shanghai Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Offers a wide range of centrifugal pumps. Product details and online help. Shanghai.
Showfou Electric Machine Co., Ltd.
Taiwan based manufacturer of submersible and bloc pumps for water, sewage and chemical applications in commercial, industrial and agricultural area.
Shree Sainath Industries
Indian manufacturer and exporter of lubricating oil and water pumps for automotive applications.
Sims Pump Valve Co. Inc.
Manufactures 'Simsite' composite pumps, impellers, casing rings, guide bearings, bushings, back plates. Provides solutions for maritime and industrial pump needs.
Slack & Parr Limited
Designs and manufactures metering pumps and ancillary equipment for producing man-made fibres. Standard and bespoke multi-spindle equipment for drilling and tapping applications. Hydraulic flow dividers, flow meters, transfer pumps, special valves. Precision machining for aerospace and defence industries, including heat treatment.
Stancor Pumps
US manufacturer of electric submersible pumps and controls. Provides both standard and customized systems.
T. G. Rankin Company
Supplies gage glass, sight flow indicators, sewage pumps and systems including centrifugal, piston, booster and dewatering pumps. Features online shop. US based (MO).
Timmer GmbH
Manufactures piston pumps, glue pumps, double diaphragm pumps, dosing pumps.
Tramco Pump Co.
Manufactures and distributes industrial and commercial pumps and equipment. Applications engineering services
TransAirVac International Limited
UK based manufacturer and distributor of mobile discharge and industrial equipment such as sludge and sewage pumps, blowers and compressors.
Trebor International
US based producer of ultra pure chemical pumping and heating solutions with focus on semiconductor industry. A business unit of IDEX Corporation.
TRIK-Pumpen GmbH
German system builder and wholesaler of pumps.
Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of electrical submersible pumps for contracting, sewage, and industrial applications. Includes diagrams and specifications. Located in Germany.
Tushaco Pumps
Manufactures various types of rotary positive displacement pump.
U.S.Marine and Industrial Pump Repair
Provides pump repair and reconditioning services. Also, provides pumps spares and resales services worldwide to the marine and industrial sectors.
Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Indian manufacturer and supplier of submersible pump sets and submersible openwell mono sets.
VBC Hydraulics
Manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic gear pumps for agricultural, road construction and industrial equipment in India.
Viking Pump Inc.
Manufactures positive-displacement pumps and flow-control systems for a variety of fluid-handling applications.
Viridian Systems Ltd
UK based manufacturers of leachate extraction equipment including pumping systems.
Manufactures rotary lobe pumps, inline grinders and land application equipment for the municipal, industrial, and agricultural markets. Explains the operating principle and provides engineering data. US unit of the German based Vogelsang Group.
Warren Rupp, Inc.
Makes Sandpiper diaphragm pumps.
Webster Fuel Pumps & Valves
US manufacturer of fuel pumps for the oil heat industry.
Welco Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of mini peristaltic tubing pumps, available for various tube materials and liquids. Japan.
Weldon Pumps
Manufacturer of positive displacement, high pressure pumps capable of handling very low lubricity fluids.
Whisper Pumps Ltd
UK based. Supplies pumps and water equipment. Offers catalogue of products, blog, video and online ordering.
White House Products Ltd
UK based suppliers of hydraulic pumps, also offering a wide range of parts from valves to hose fittings, ideal for tractors, cranes and commercial vehicles.
Williamson Pumps Ltd
UK based manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, boosters and dosing systems.
Wiromet S.A.
Polish producer of high-quality machinery and equipment including high pressure plunger pumps and units. Applications include central pump stations and high pressure cleaning with a jet of water.

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