Alaska Instrument Company, Inc.
Manufacturers' representative for industrial instrumentation, control and piping systems.
All Island Industrial Sales
Distributor of Ashcroft pressure gauges, thermometers, test instruments, switches, diaphragm seals and accessories.
BEC Controls
Distributor of low pressure transmitters, switches, transducers, and related items.
Branom Instrument Co.
Distributor of pressure, level, temperature and flow instrumentation and controls. Services include on-site service and calibration.
Brice Barclay
Distributor of pressure and temperature instruments, valves, meters, switches, and pipe fittings.
Buffalo Gauge Inc
Distributor of pressure and temperature instruments. Services include gauge and transmitter repair, reconditioning, NIST traceable calibration, and oxygen cleaning. On-site service available.
Centro, Inc.
Distributor of industrial instrumentation, automation, sanitation and filtration products and related services.
Control Elements, Inc.
Distributor of controllers, pressure gauges, switches, flowmeters, filters, and related equipment.
Cross Instrumentation
Distributor of engineered products for process measurement and control.
Dale Foster Sales
Wholesale distributor of pressure gauges, thermometers, pneumatic valves and cylinders, and related accessories.
Daniel L. Jerman Co., Inc.
Distributor of several name brand water and oil meters, including the DLJ meter, which monitor the flow of cold water, hot water, condensation and oil.
Daughtridge Sales Co.
Distributor of pressure gauges, thermometers, transducers, switches and accessories. Services include repair, calibration and certification.
Durable Controls
Full-service stocking distributor of instrumentation and control products for the OEM and user markets, provides technical assistance, supply from inventory.
Belgium distributor of laboratory and process instruments and analyzers.
FLW, Inc
Distribution and service for a wide range of pressure and temperature instruments for physical measurement, test and control.
Gage-It, Inc.
Sales, repair and calibration services for pressure and temperature gages from various manufacturers.
Greson Technical Sales & Services Co., Inc.
Distributor of valves, controls, pressure gauges, and flowmeters. Repair services available.
Halmar Corporation
Distributor of tube and pipe fittings, pressure and temperature gauges, and boiler supplies.
Hesse-Reynolds Sales Co.
Distributor of controls, pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters and valves. Services include repair, calibration, oxygen cleaning, seal assembly and fabrication. Online inventory.
Integrity Controls
Distributor of process instrumentation, valve, and pipe products.
Jay Courtney Company Inc.
Distributor of pressure gauges, thermometers, regulators, and related accessories.
JLW Instruments
Distributor of instruments for measuring pressure, force, mass and torque including Ametek, US Gauge and McDaniel pressure gauges.
King Mechanical Specialty
Distributor of process control equipment and instrumentation. Services include valve and actuator repair and NIST certifications for pressure gauges.
Mass Flow Technology
Distributors and representatives of producers of liquid controllers and meters.
McCoy Sales Corporation
Distributor of pressure and temperature instruments; hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; and heating products.
Measurement Control Systems
Distributor of industrial meters, gauges and regulators. Services include repair and NIST traceable calibration.
MPI Warehouse Specialty, Co.
Manufacturer's representative of industrial instrumentation, filtration, and oil and gas equipment.
Myers & Company Inc.
Distributor of instrumentation and industrial products including valves, tubing, fittings, gauges, regulators and transmitters.
N.K. Enterprises
Dealer of pressure and temperature instruments. Located in India.
Precision Instrumentation Co.
Distributor of pressure and flow products from most major manufacturers.
Process Engineering
Distributor of automation, measurement, and control products and instrumentation.
Process Supplies & Accessories
Distributor of industrial instruments such as pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, switches, valves, and flowmeters.
Smith Instrument
Distributor of industrial instrumentation for measuring and controlling the flow, pressure, temperature, pH, conductivity, and level of process fluids. Repair and calibration services available for all product.
Provides a wide range of fabrication and distribution services for industrial piping and instrumentation products. Located in Canada.
T & V Services, Inc.
Stockists and suppliers of gauges, heat trapping devices, valves, actuators and other industrial controls.
Toomey Associates, Inc.
Distributor of pressure hydraulics and instrumentation. Service capabilities include repairs, calibration, and application consultation.
Tri-State Technical Sales Corp.
Distributor of pressure gauges, valves, actuators, switches, and thermometers. Services include repair and calibration.
United Instrument Company
Distributor of gauges, thermometers, switches and accessories. Services include repair and recalibration.

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