Companies that manufacture or supply gaskets, seals, and packings for equipment that control the flow of fluids or gases.
A. W. Chesterton Company
Manufactures and distributes mechanical seals, packing, and gasketing, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing devices. Products for industrial and marine applications world-wide.
AC DePuydt
Distributor of hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals and "O" rings.
Accro-Seal Ltd.
Manufacturer of ptfe products and low friction gasket materials.
Aero Rubber Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of standard and custom molded, extruded and fabricated rubber parts and rubber bands. Company is ISO 9001:2000 registered.
Manufactures mechanical seals for all fluid control industries and processes. An A.E.S. group company.
Aetna Felt Corp.
Manufacturers of felt products for industrial applications.
Akron Gasket and Packing Enterprises
Manufactures and distributes rubber products, in a range of formats (die cut, lathe cut, extruded, molded rubber elastomers, gaskets resistant to various chemicals).
Alfa Stampi
Manufacturer of moulds for use in the production of rubber items, used in a wide range of industrial applications
Allied Metrics, Inc
Manufacturer of hydraulic seals, oil seals, o rings and metric seals.
Allied Seals Ltd.
Manufacturer of "O" rings, cord stock, metric cord stock, square cord stock, lathe cut rings and various sealing profiles.
"O" ring and seal warehouse, stocking most materials and sizes.
Allstate Gasket Online
Value-added fluid seals for industrial plumbing, energy, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Custom fabrications.
Manufacturer of "O" rings, located in Germany
Amara Company
An OEM specializing in seal assembly equipment and custom automation systems. A custom machine builder offering solutions for seal assembly needs.
American Felt & Filter Co.
SAE type felts as well as needle-punched synthetics. Die cutting of sheet felts or rolled goods for air or liquid media.
The American Metals Company
Manufactures stainless steel, copper, and brass shims.
American National Rubber
Manufactures closed cell sponge rubber material.
American Seal and Engineering
Design, engineering and manufacturing of metallic "O" ring seals for many specialty applications.
American Seal and Packing
Division of Steadman and Associates, Inc. Manufactures and distributes a full range of mechanical seals. Includes a description of products and services.
Anchor Cork Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers of plain and rubber cork sheets, gaskets, frames and anti vibration cork rubber pads.
Anchor Rubber Products Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products.
Anchor Seals, Inc.
Distributor of mechanical seals, flange gaskets, mechanical packings, expansion joints, oil seals, hydraulic packings, textile products and "O" rings
Apple Rubber Products Inc.
Manufactures quality elastomeric products providing standard (AS-568A) and metric "O" rings, molded shapes, composite seals, housing seals. Serves industries with complex or conventional sealing applications.
Asheville Rubber and Gasket Co., Inc. (
Manufacturer, distributor and fabricator of custom extrusions, molded parts, gasket and die cuttings.
Ashok Rubber Industries
Manufacturers of industrial rubber vacuum hoses and gas tubes, microcellular sheets, rice polishers, gaskets, bushes, and oil seals.
Ashton Seals Ltd.
Supplier of bonded seals, "O" rings, filter seals and oil seals.
Asia M-seal Corp.
Manufacturer of mechanical seals, cartridge seals, silicon/ tungsten carbides, with NBR and viton elastomers.
Asia Oil Seals Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of various styles and materials, specific to oil seals.
Assembly Solutions Inc.
Manufacturers of rings and accessories, diaphragms, molded bubber, bumpers, seals.
Atlantic Rubber Ltd
Suppliers of gasket material, cut gaskets and molded elastomer profiles.
Autospin Oil Seals Ltd
Manufactures metal cased oil seals, made to order worldwide, provides despatch within 48 hours.
Avon Group Manufacturing
Uses precision water cutting to produce gaskets, seals, heat containment solutions and filtration products.
Badotherm Incorporated.
Manufactures diaphragm chemical seals for major markets including chemical, energy, food and beverage, pulp and paper.
Industrial "O" ring gaskets manufactured from various elastomers for use in automotive applications.
Bidco Sealants, Inc.
Produces sealants, gaskets and lubricants. Sealing specialists producing products for 30 years. An affiliate of the Fireside Group.
Buckeye Rubber Ltd.
Large inventory of standard and metric size seals. Custom molded fabrication from prototype to production.
Byson Manufacturing Incorporated
Manufacturer of die cuts and gaskets for high performance and automotive aftermarket.
Central Rubber and Plastics
Manufactures molded rubber products, thermoplastic elastomers. Supplies "O" rings, die cuts and lathe cut parts.
Ceramic Seals Limited
Manufacturer of ceramic-to-metal seal products for operation in vacuum, ultra high pressure and at extreme temperatures.
Chemac Inc.
Exclusive sales representative and service center for 'Uraca' and 'Uhde' high-pressure industrial equipment and 'Kempchen' sealing products.
Chemline Plastics Ltd.
Flange gaskets for plastic piping systems.
Chemseals Engineering Private Limited
Manufacturers of mechanical seals, components, rubber parts and grafoil packings.
Chemstar Braided Packings
Manufactures more than 40 different styles of braided packings used in a wide variety of products, including pumps, valves, oven doors, tank cars and other industrial and commercial applications.
Chicago Rawhide Ltd.
Manufacturer of oil seals and specialized elastomeric sealing technologies, standard seal product line includes more than 10,000 part numbers.
CIMAKA International GmbH
Manufacturer of rubber "O" rings and rubber parts from all standard and custom elastomers.
Cixi Aiflon Sealing Material Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of gland packings and gaskets. Standard materials include graphite, aramid and teflon profiles.
Cixi Hengli Sealing & Packing Co.,Ltd
Manufacture spiral wound gaskets, graphite packing and sheet materials.
Cixi Weilite sealing material Co.,Ltd.
Specializes in manufacturing sheet gasket materials. Materials and profiles include flexible and reinforced graphite sheet, asbestos and rubber sheet, spiral wound gaskets and gland packings.
Claron Polyseal
Manufactures hydraulic seals. Piston seals, rod or gland seals, wiper seals, bearing rings, "O" rings, back-up rings, seal kits, ptfe-finished, semi-finished products.
Coestan Comercial De Estanqueidad S.L.
Develops, manufactures, distributes gaskets, metallics, spiral wounds and elastomers.
Columbia Engineered Rubber
Manufacturer of "O" rings, seals, custom molded rubber components, and rubber-to-metal bonded systems. Serving automotive and general industrial original equipment manufactures.
Corley Gasket Company, Inc.
Gaskets in various compounds for commercial and industrial applications.
Creavey Seal Company
Manufacturer of Teflon encapsulated "O" ring seals with FEP or PFA Teflon.
Crown Products, Inc.
Sealing products for aviation, power generation, hydraulics, petrochemical and industrial heating.
D.A.R. Industrial Products, Inc.
Manufactures gaskets from teflon and other textiles for industrial applications.
Da/Pro Rubber Molding Inc.
Manufacturer of precision molded rubber products in various elastomers and profiles.
Daemar Inc
Redeveloped site offering information on "O" rings made from various elastomers including Kalrez, viton, epdm, silicone and neoprene. Kalrez custom shapes also available from this fluid sealing and precision component specialist.
Darco Southern, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial gasketing products from high temperature textiles.
Darcoid Rubber Company
Manufacturer of Gaskets, Seals and Racor Filters
Delux Rubber Industries
Manufacturers of bonded goods and extrusions. Windmill and automotive components, 'o'rings, cooker gaskets and oil seals are standard products produced.
Dichtelemente arcus GmbH
Distributor for various seals and sealing profiles. Products available in inch and metric sizes. German language site.
Domsel AG
Manufactures lip seals in teflon and teflon filled materials, FDA approved compounds available.
Draco Mechanical Supply, Inc.
Mechanical seal and packing specialists. Distributes Garlock sealing. Cuts gaskets to almost any size.
Dura Sleeve Inc.
Manufacturer of hard chrome sleeve to replace damaged areas around shaft, seal interface.
Dynamic Rubber, Inc
Manufacturer who specializes in hard to seal applications by utilizing inflatable rubber seals to pressurize the sealing space. Industrial users range from medical to semiconductor industries.
Dynamic Sealing Technologies Inc.
Specializes in the design, manufacture, integration of rotary unions and rotary joints for a variety of gases or fluids.
EGC Enterprises
Manufacturers of Grafoil, flexible graphite, braided packing, and compression pump shaft packing.
Engineered Seal Products, Inc
A distributor and manufacturer of seals and related products including gaskets, and "O" rings. Engineering services include seal design, testing, failure reports, infrared spectroscopy, reverse engineering and CAD.
EPM, Inc.
Provides a 2500-page online catalog of metric, inch and hard-to-find seals and gaskets.
Eriks USA
Distributor of "O"rings, gaskets, oil seals and hydraulic/pneumatic seals. Services offered include engineering seals and seal related products from standard stock to custom design applications.
Erving Seal Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of mechanical shaft and pump seals
Everseal Coating Systems
Pre-applied liquid thread sealants, dispensing, and applicators.
FFT Filz-Folien-Technik GmbH
Manufacturer of die-cut gaskets and profiles in various elastomers.
Flange Protection and Gaskets, Inc.
Fabricator and distributor of flange protectors, gaskets and related products serving the petrochemical industry. Based in the US (TX).
Flex-A-Seal, Inc.
Manufacturer of metal bellows style mechanical seals.
Flexfab Division of FHI
Flexfab specializes in the design and manufacture of hose, ducts, flexible connectors, boots, bellows and special shapes made from a wide range of materials for high-demand applications.
The Flexitallic Group
Manufacturer spiralwound gaskets for flanged pipe service.
Fort Worth Gasket & Supply
Gasket Manufacturer offering various materials and shapes, a division of Han-Boone International.
FPE Ltd The Hydraulic Seals Specialists
Distributors of hydraulic seals, cylinder parts and associated hydraulic and pneumatic product.
Frenzelit-Werke GmbH
Gaskets, high-temperature resistant insulations and expansion joints, from textile and nonwoven materials. Software assists selection of materials.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
Manufacturer with a background in chemicals, polymers, and rubber products specializing in automotive sealing, automotive vibration, and general industrial seals.
Garlock Sealing Technologies
Manufacturer of gaskets including gylon, stress saver, klozure oil seals, compression packing, expansion joints, fluidtec mechanical seals and hydraulic packings. Leader in oil seal, large bore oil seal, bearing isolator, and radial lip seal technologies.
The Gasket Company of the Future
Distributor specializing in spiral wound graphite gaskets and die formed gaskets for heavy industry.
GaskeTech: Gaskets and Seals Distributor
Distributor of custom gaskets, seals and tapes. Die cutting services are also available.
Custom gasket manufacturer. Examples, quotations, FAQs and a company profile.
GFD - Gesellschaft für Dichtungstechnik mbH
Offers seal solutions with universal chemical resistance for heavy duties as well as for cryogenic and high temperatures. Based in Germany.
Grand Haven Gasket Company
Manufacture of non-metallic gaskets, seals, spacers, adhesive pads and liners utilizing steel rule, rotary and compound tooling.
Great Lakes Rubber & Supply, Inc.
Distributes fittings, seals, gaskets, hose, clamps, "O" rings, molded shapes, tubing, hose assemblies, kits served in the Wisconsin and the Greater Midwest market.
Greene, Tweed & Co.
Designs and manufactures specialty elastomeric seals and thermoplastic components for aerospace, fluid handling, industrial, oilfield, semiconductor industries.
Grover Corporation
Manufacturer of liquid cast and injection molded hydraulic seals and cast iron sealing rings. CoolPac low friction seals for hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary applications.
GÜLHAN Sealing Limited Corporation
Manufacturer of a wide range of seal designs. Located in Turkey, rebuild kits for various cylinders are also offered to the marketplace.
Hallite Seals International
Manufacturer and distributor of fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic seals, wiper seals, o-rings, rod and piston seals, bearings and other custom high-performance rubber and plastic parts.
Hangzhou Datong Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of braided packings for pumps and valves in various materials and designs.
Harbor Seal Inc.
Designs, engineers, manufactures mechanical seals that are employed in rotary fluid handling equipment such as pumps, compressors, mixers, agitators, rotary joints.
Hart Industries International
Manufacture "O" ring union joints with various elastomers.
Harwal Oil Seals
Distributes oil seals, V-rings, axial seals, end caps and ptfe seals. Seal designs offered in various elastomers and metal configurations.
Has-Mor Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of fep and pfa encapsulated "O" rings, including solid and hollow core, square cross sections and encapsulated cord in custom shapes and sizes.
Hawke Transit System
Manufacturer of cable and pipe modular sealing systems and has offices in UK, Spain and stock holding distributors in locations around the world.
Hawleys Engineering Solutions
Supplies sealing products including gasket material, gland packing, mechanical seals and "O" rings.
Heat Exchanger Products Corporation
Manufactures silicone condenser tube plugs for the nuclear, fossil, pulp and paper, petro-chemical industries.
Hecker Werke GmbH + Co. KG
Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Rubber materials for sealing applications at low compressions and also with the ability to seal at temperatures of 250 deg. C over long time periods.
Honeycrown Ltd.
Lathe cut rubber washers, sealing rings, flat washers and tube rings made from nitrile, epdm, neoprene, viton, sbr, silicone, polyurethane and other elastomers.
HOVA Fertigungstechnik GmbH
Manufacturer of replacement parts for mechanical seals, pump parts and parts for reciprocating compressors.
Hsiang Sang Carbon Enterprise
Specialty manufacturer of carbon and graphite mechanical seals.
HST Materials Inc
Fabricates, die cuts and slits foam tape, sponge and dense rubber gasketing. Stock and distribute UL 94, UL 50, UL 508, FDA, NSF, Military Specification listed and certified materials.
Hunter Sales Corporation
Manufacturer who specialize in custom fabrication of elastomeric and non-asbestos material into gaskets, seals, insulators, cushions and other multi-purpose products.
Hydro-Ergoseal, Inc.
Manufacturer of mechanical seals for industrial, marine and aircraft applications.
Hydromar Ltd.
Manufacturer and supplier of water jet cutting services, in various materials including cutting and milling of plastics, metals, composites, and glass
Hypax Pte Ltd
Distributors of "O" rings, bonded seals, hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Standard materials include nitrile, fkm, and silicone.
IGS Industrial Gasket and Shim
Manufactures custom shims, gaskets, laser cutting, alignments shims, high temperature sealants, rotary seals, and expansion joints.
Independent Sealing Company
Manufacture metallic, rubber, silicone, spiral wound, closed cell sponge, cork, and graphite gaskets, valve packing and "O" rings.
Independent Sealing Distributors
International association of distributors involved in all aspects of the fluid sealing industry.
Industrial Plastics and Machine, Inc.
Carbon, moly and graphite filled ptfe products, custom machining of seals and gaskets.
Industrial Seal, Inc.
Hydraulic seals, "O" rings, mechanical packing, custom rubber products.
Interface Solutions
Manufacturer of gasket and sealing solutions. Offering, Select-a-Seal, a sealing system that utilizes technology to create one gasket with three sealing barriers.
International Track Systems
Molded and extruded railroad rubber supplies for transportation industry. Plywood and truck body builders supplies.
Interplast Inc.
Manufacturer of ptfe rod, tube, sheet, tape, film bar and custom fabricated parts. Shapes also available PFA, FEP, PDTFE and ECTFE.
Specialises in manufacturing PTFE material based gaskets and seals.
The James Walker Group
Manufacturer of "O" rings, oil seals and gaskets.
Jaworski & Associates
Agents or representatives for Custom Seal and Rubber. Products include die cutting, gaskets, seals, washers, shims and templates.
JinYang Oil Seal
Manufacturers of oil seals for automotive, agricultural, consumer and industrial sectors.
John Crane Inc.
Manufacturer of various mechanical seal styles as well as "O" rings, oil seals and braided packing
Johnson Packings & Industrial Products, Inc.
Distributes industrial products such as gaskets, oil seals, plastics, mechanical seals, pump and valve packing, "O" rings and bearings. Also provides cryogenic processing.
Junty Technologies, Ltd.
Exports mechanical seals, seal faces, packings, bushes, rotary joints, and investment castings.
Kalsi Seals Product Line
Kalsi Seals are hydrodynamically lubricated rotary seals that are used to retain lubricants and exclude abrasives while operating at high pressure
KEF Corporation
Manufacturer of rubber O-rings, gaskets, diaphragms, custom moulding, and rubber vibration insulators for industrial use.
Lamons Gasket Company
Manufacturer of spiralwound, heat exchanger, ring joints and Kammpro industrial gaskets in North America servicing the refining, chemical, power generation and pulp and paper industries.
Leak-Proof Engineering Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturer of various mechanical seals including metal bellow seals, multiple coil spring seals and rubber bellow seals. Full line of braided packings also available.
Ley Rubber Ltd
Extruder and molder of rubber and silicone products including laboratory and industrial tubing, cord, profile, stoppers, washers, gaskets and seals.
Lubbock Gasket and Supply
Specializes in the manufacture and supply of custom gaskets.
Lytherm Corp. Ltd.
Manufacturers of specialty gasketing materials made from non-asbestos, inorganic, and fiber-based materials for applications in the aerospace, nuclear, glass and electronic industries.
A technical resource regarding Teflon encapsulated o-rings. Complete with automated engineering tools for specifications, secure online pricing and ordering.
Magnetic Bearing Isolators
Manufacturers of positive face to face, magnetic mechanical seals.Bearing protection for all types of rotating equipment.
Maifung Co.
Distributor of oil seals, "O" rings, Gaskets, and precision rubber molded products.
Marco Rubber & Plastic Products
A full service, stocking distributor of o-rings and seals in various materials and sizes.
Martin Fluid Power
Part numbers and pricing for all styles of inch and metric seals, packings, and gaskets. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder kits are also available.
Maryland Flex-Tech, Inc.
Installation and vulcanization process of condenser expansion joints. Primary applications in the nuclear power and fossil fueled industries.
Maxseal Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of gasket materials, packings for valve and pump use, thermal insulation textiles and graphite products.
Maxx Hydraulics LLC.
Distributors of hydraulic seals, o-rings, packings, gaskets, and cylinder seal repair kits for various hydraulic applications. US based (LA).
Mc Gaskets & PTFE Specialties, Inc.
Gaskets, "O" rings and tank supplies in an assortment of elastomers including epdm, viton, and nitrile. ptfe gaskets in standard and custom sizes.
McMasters Koss Co.
A QS-9000 and ISO-9002 registered provider of seals for OEM and aftermarket automotive, industrial, utility, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications.
Meadows Mouldings
Manufacture and supply grommets and buffers for installation protection, routing and blanking.
Memtex Ltd.
Diaphragms and gaskets manufacturer in Bulgaria.
Metro Industries, Inc.,
Manufacturer with ISO-9002 quality certification. Products include rubber gaskets, o-rings, die cutting, rubber extrusions and molded rubber products.
Michael-Stephens Company
Replacement seal repair kits for most manufacturers of cylinders, pumps and valves. Listed by original equipment manufacturer, references to original repair kit numbers.
Miller Products Ltd.
Manufacturer of rubber or plastic molded and extruded parts. Offer a large inventory of bumpers, caps, tips, suction cups, grommets and gaskets.
Minnesota Rubber
Manufacturer of Quad Rings, Quad Brand and custom molded rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.
Monarch-McLaren, Ltd.
Manufacturer, specializing in packings, seals and gaskets made from leather.
Moontown Ltd.
Manufactures a range of ptfe spring energised, hydraulic and metal csed ptfe lip seals, metal "O" and "C" rings. For service in rotary, high pressure and temperature sensitive applications. [requires flash]
Moriteq USA Rubber Co.
Manufactures rubber packing, sealing, buffers, and shock absorbers.
Moss Seal Company
Supply of quality seals and packings.
Moulik Rubber Industries
Manufacturer of custom molded rubber products in various profiles. Serving all major industrial sectors.
MSP Seals, Inc.
Distributor of metric and inch size seals. Stocking various international manufacturers.
N K Rubber Inc
Manufacturers of molded rubber components such as "O" rings, gaskets, bushes, grommets, and sealing rings.
NAK Australia
Manufactures "O" rings, back up rings, X-rings, and cord.
NE Seal Industrial Products Ltd.
Specializing in custom gasket die making, gasketing products of all descriptions, mechanical seals and servicing/rebuilding mechanical seals.
Niantic Seal
Part of the Insco Group this division distributes seals and gaskets of various materials. Specialty services include design and engineering sealing solutions.
Nicholson Seals Ltd.
Design and manufacture of metal seals and gaskets for automotive, off-shore, and industrial applications. Includes product data and properties.
Nikom Techno Ltd.
Design, production and repair of all kinds of seal systems for rotating parts and other mechanicial seal products.
Ningbo Donglian Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd.
Manufactures mechanical seals used in water, engine cooling, centrifugal, general industrial, and submersible pumps. Seal faces in ceramic, tungsten carbide, carbon, viton, and nbr.
Ningbo Fangli Seals Co., Ltd
Manufacturer producing mechanical seals and mechanical seal parts.
Ningbo Gongyao Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of seals,gland packings,gaskets, asbestos, fiberglass products , and ceramic fibre products.
Ningbo Hengli Packing & Sealing Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of sealing products, spiral wound gaskets, flexible graphite packing, non-asbestos sealing sheet.
Ningbo Industry Seals Factory
Manufacture mechanical seals in carbon, tungsten and silicon carbide materials.
Nott-Atwater Company
Die-cut parts manufacturer specializing in the water jet cutting of custom foam gaskets, sponge materials, and recycled rubber products.
Nuraseal Co. Ltd.
Standard and custom lip designs available in urethane materials. Machining and engineering of custom designs.
OEM International, Inc
Web portal offering distribution services on fluid sealing products
Oil Seal Entersprise Ltd.
Manufacturer of sealing products including oil seals, clamps, "O" rings, shaft seals, wiper seals, bonded seals and v-seals.
Pacific Die Cut Industries
Converts, laminates and die cuts soft, semi rigid, and thin rigid materials.
Pacific States Felt & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of gaskets made from variety of natural and synthetic materials.
Pamargan Bonded Seals
manufacturer of bonded seals and rubber to metal bonded parts.
Papco Industries Ltd.
An expansion joint manufacturer. Offering high temperature expansion joints in materials that include the Texflex line of 100% nonporous and temperature resistant fabrics.
Parker Products Sealing Group
Manufacturer of sealing products, various elastomers including EMI and RFI shielded compounds
Pawling Engineered Products
Manufacturer of highly specialized elastomeric seals, including inflatable seals, inflatable bladder clamps, perfluoroelastomer seals, and other custom rubber fabrications
Performance Sealing Inc.
Manufacturer of engineered seals, bearings and polymeric wear components.
Petroseal Ltd.
Manufactures and supplies sealing compounds, sealing box/clamps, injection equipment. Training in use of these materials and in technical procedures.
Phillips Scientific Inc.
Manufactures expanded PTFE joint sealant, sheeting, and valve stem packings. Product has been designed and manufactured to be used in various applications and industries.
PolyMod Technologies Inc.
Manufactures high-performance elastomers and PTFE seals that help to optimize system performance.
Porter Seal Company
Distributor and manufacturer of military specification "O" rings, gaskets and grommets.
PPC Mechanical Seals
Cartridge style mechanical seals and custom engineered designs.
Precision Associates Ltd.
Standard Products Include: "O" Rings, U-Cups, V-Rings, X-Rings, Rod Wipers, Solid Balls, Kurv Baks, Piston Cups, Plating Masks, Rubber-To-Metal, Gaskets and Multi-Seals.
Presray Corporation
Manufacturers of water and airtight doors and flood protection products.
Press-Seal Gasket Corporation
Manufactures watertight products including concrete, plastic, clay and steel pipe gasketing along with pipe-to-manhole connections and accessories.
Problem Solving Products, Inc.
Manufactures seals and "O" rings from materials such as viton, aegis, nitrile, silicone, and ptfe.
Qualiseal Technology
Mechanical seals, carbon face seals, aerospace seals and labyrinth seals.
Quality Industrial Products, Inc.
Gaskets and seals to print. One of the largest inventories of rubber, plastics and gasketing materials in the American Southwest.
Queensland Gaskets
Manufactures industrial gaskets, sealing devices and also supplies known brands to customers.
Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corporation
Fabricates rubber gaskets, seals, "O" rings, extrusions, vulcanized packing, floor matting, custom-machined parts.
R. T. Dygert
Manufactures and distributes "O" Rings, gaskets, seals, back-up rings, square rings, extrusions and custom-molded products.
The Rainier Rubber Company
A manufacturer of custom molded rubber products, seals and "O" rings. Molding various elastomers for aerospace, automotive, semiconductor and general sealing applications.
Rains-Flo Sealing Systems, Inc
Manufactures engineered high performance packing sets for compression packing applications in pumps, mixers and process equipment, greatly reduces leakage while extending packing and sleeve life.
Raj Corporation
Importers and stockists of various packings and seal lip designs. Hydraulic and pneumatic seal kits are also offered for sale
Real Seal, Inc.
Distributes and manufactures seals and related products, concentrated in the upper end of the market. Specialist applications requiring a higher degree of performance.
Reliant Rubber Co.
Manufacturer of die-cut, extruded and lathe-cut gaskets and washers.
Industrial rubber distributor and fabricator which markets MRO and OEM products to a wide spectrum of customers.
Rj Global Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures diaphragm seals for major markets including chemical, energy, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals.
Roettele Industries, Inc
Manufacturer of die-cut products, with company background, illustrated catalog, and details of quality control. California.
Rotoflux Inc.
rotary unions for applications in water, steam, hydraulic, oil, vacuum, or air systems.
Row Inc.
Manufacturer of ptfe encapsulated "O" rings, USP class viton "O" rings, and gaskets.
Roxtec Ltd.
Manufacturer of flexible and functional cable and pipe penetration seals for marine and civil industries.
Rubber Fab Mold and Gasket
Gaskets manufactured primarily in ptfe for use in food and drug applications.
The Rubber Group
Manufactures rubber fabricated mechanical components. Grommets, bellows, isolation mounts, extruded profiles, tubing, cord, "O" rings, bumpers, and appliance feet
Rubber Products
Manufacturers a range of rubber molded components including: gaskets, rubber mountings, rubber bushing, and suspension parts.
S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of rubber products in all polymers to meet all international standards such as ASTM, SAE, JIS, etc. Certified to ISO 9002 and UL listed.
SAS Industries, Inc.
Provider of environmental, mechanical, and EMI/RFI shielding and sealing products.
Seal & Design, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes seals, gaskets, "O" rings and specialty die cut products for the automotive, medical, compressor, and industrial marketplace.
Seal Science, Inc.
Manufacturer who specializes in seals, vacuum cups, gaskets, diaphragms, in various elastomers and plastics.
Seal Specialists
Distribution of Burgmann mechanical seals, pump and valve packings, custom seal designs and mechanical seal repairs for various brands.
Seal-Tech Inc.
Agents, Distributors of hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Offer custom Cad/Cam services for non-standard designs.
Sealexcel Pvt
Manufacturer of mechanical seals, union joints and tube fittings.
Sealing Devices Inc.
Manufactures and distributes industrial and electronic seals, gaskets, sealants. Die-cutting services.
Sealing Solutions Pty Ltd
A privately owned and operated Australian company established in 1995 that specialises in the supply and refurbishment of sealing products to a wide range of industries.
Sealing Specialties, Inc.
Distributor specializing in "O" rings, seals and gaskets of various compounds including silicone, teflon, gore-tex, and nitrile rubber.
Seals Eastern Co. Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of "O" rings, hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary lip seals. Various elastomers including perfluoroelastomers.
Manufacturer of braided packing, mechanical seals, die formed graphitics.
Shanghai Hengfeng Sealing
Manufactures gaskets, seals, packings and "O" rings.
Manufacture of rubber, silicone or viton(R) products, "O" rings, gaskets, and specialty parts.
Simolex Rubber Corporation
Manufacturer of molded and extruded silicone rubber tubing, conductive rubber products and extruded silicone gaskets.
SKM Aeronautics 1987 ltd.
Rubber manufacturer specializing in production of molded and injected rubber parts for the automotive, aviation, transportation and associated industries.
Slade Inc
Carbon-fiber reinforced vermiculated graphite foil packings for pumps and valves
Smith International Gulf Services
Located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, this manufacturer supplies metal ring joint gaskets, flat-cut gaskets and sheet, water-jet cut carbon or stainless steel core, valve and pump packings.
Soon Seng PolySeal
Distributor of sealing devices since 1963. They stock oil seals, "O"rings, mechanical seals and other various styles of sealing items.
Southern Rubber
Manufactures rubber products such as o-rings, gaskets, molded products, seals, and safety items.
Southwest Seal and Supply
Distributor of gaskets, "O" rings, mechanical seals and packing. Represent assorted manufacturers including AW Chesterton, DuPont-Dow Kalrez, Parker-Hannifin, Inpro Seal, Lamons Gaskets, Selco gaskets, Spiral Trac, and Sturm pump parts
SSP Manufacturing
Production of high quality seals, gaskets and O.E.M. replacement parts in a wide range of materials.
Stand In Industrial Co
Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes rubber washers, O-rings, gaskets, rubber feet, rubber pads, silicone rubber parts, soft PVC products, EVA products, sponge and foam products.
Stockwell Rubber Company, Inc.
Custom manufacturer of silicone rubber and elastomeric gaskets, pads, and components. Includes applications, technical tips, and production capabilities.
Sunny Precision Co Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of gaskets, o-rings for watches.
Supaseal (uk) Ltd
Distributor of "O" rings, oilseals, circlips, bonded seals and other associated products for most original equipment and replacement applications.
Super Seal Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers of oil seals, flexible hoses, sealing gaskets and thermal sealing materials.
Superior Ltd.
O-ring, gasket and precision moulded seals manufacturers. Based in the UK.
Supreme Felt Companies
Cuts felt parts. Specialist wicks and other fluid-transfer products.
Sur-Seal Gasket and Packing Inc.
Manufactures gaskets, rollers, urethane and other machine parts.
Sutton Clark Supply Co., Inc.
Fabricator and distributor of custom gaskets, packing, strip rubber and die cut parts. Plant facilities permit stripping laminating, vulcanizing, fabricating, and die cutting in quantities from one to thousands.
Synaflex Rubber Products Company
Supplies gaskets, seals, custom-molded products, custom extrusions, "O" rings, cord, tubing, sleeves, skirtboard, channel extrusions, pads, bumpers and bushings.
Taiwan Lee Rubber Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and export epdm washers. Includes graphics of products.
Talbros Automotive Components Limited
Manufacturer of automotive gaskets. Includes catalog, product overview and ordering information.
Tampa Rubber and Gasket Company
Supplies hose, hydraulic hose, belting, gaskets, couplings, packings, "V" belts, "O" rings and specialty items.
Teadit North America, Inc.
Manufactures industrial metallic and non-metallic expansion joints, spiral-wound gaskets, compression packings, and expanded ptfe fluid sealing products.
Tecnicas de Hidráulica y Neumática, S.A.L.
Seals and gaskets for hydraulics and pneumatics, "O" rings, oil seals and U-rings.
Teng Seng Industries Pte Ltd
Distributors of hydraulic and pneumatic seals for light duty and heavy equipment industries.
Terpco Industrial Products
Distributes and fabricates industrial seals and gaskets.
Texacone Ltd.
Manufacturer of fabric reinforced molded hydraulic and pneumatic seals, polyurethane designs are also available
Distributors of rubber hoses, rubber sheeting, chute liners, and skirtboard
Manufacturers of expanded ptfe joint sealant, stem packings, and specialty expanded ptfe products.
Thomas A. Caserta, Inc.
Manufactures rubber washers, gaskets and tubing.
Thornhill Canada Inc.
Provides heat exchanger gasket repair and servicing.
Thred Taper - Teflon Tape Applicator
Automatically applies Teflon tape pipe thread sealant to pipe fittings, valves and threaded parts.
Titepack Systems
Manufacture and supply of mechanical seals, braided packings and gaskets.
Tobar Inc.
Manufacturer of "O" rings and oil seals. Prototype to high volume requirements.
Producer of raw sheet rubber.
Tri-Tec Seal, Inc.
Custom PTFE rotary seals for severe service.
U.S. Seal Inc.
Manufactures valve stem seals and oil seals for automotive applications.
Unicorn Seals
Manufacturer of various styles of mechanical seals.
United Seal and Rubber Company, Inc.
Manufactures gaskets and seals from all basic elastomers, solid and sponge, cork, asbestos replacement, fiber, felt, Teflon and urethane to all commercial and military specifications.
Universal Rubber Mfg
manufacturers of moulded products in various elastomers including,natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile,hypalon,viton,silicone. Specialize in molding silicone to metal.
V. Dipesh Kumar & Co.
Distributor for champion and spitmaan brand products. Stockists in asbestos, teflon, rubber, graphite, plastic sheet products.
V.H.Rubber Trading Co.
Manufacturer of elastomeric seals and molded products in a variety of compounds.
VanSeal Corporation
Manufacturer of radial lip, hydraulic rubber seals and mechanical seal components for a wide range of applications.
Manufacturer of rubber mouldings and extrusions including, seals for high and low pressure water and gas pipes, tunnel segment gaskets and industrial support pads.
Vulcan Engineering Limited
Manufactures mechanical seals, gland packing, encapsulated "O" rings and Tefcan expanded ptfe products. Offers seal refurbishment services for a range of seal types.
WeeCraft Corporation
Industrial shaft sealing technology using a patented stabilizing device and injectable sealant packing compounds.
Williams J.J (GASKETS) Ltd
Specialising in the manufacturer of washers and gaskets. Based in Whitstable, Kent.
Winderosa Gaskets Manufacturing
Manufactures gaskets for snowmobiles, ATV, dirtbikes, PWC and small engines. Made in the U.S.A. Online catalogs.
Wolar Industrial, Inc.
A manufacturer of API approved ring joint gaskets in stainless steel, monel and inconel materials
Wriason Packings and Seals
This distributor of packings and seals is located in Western Canada. Offers an inventory of products and the ability to produce custom machined parts for almost any type of custom application.
Wyatt Seal, Inc
Distributor of seals, "O" rings, seal kits, gaskets and custom molded parts.
Xiaoshan Mingfa Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of seals, packing and gaskets including graphite and PTFE.
YC Industries Inc.
Supplier of braided pump and valve packings. Sheet gasket material and spirol wound gaskets are also offered.
Distribute all types of commercial refrigeration gaskets, hardware and walk-in cooler door gasket repair.
Yu Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of PU-seal, bonded seals, valve seals, packings, "O" rings, v-rings and gaskets.
YuTong Mechanical Seals Co. Ltd.
Manufactures mechanical seals in silicon carbide, alumina, carbide alloy, ptfe sealing rings, seats, and bearings.
Zuigerverenfabriek Rottink B.V.
Produce prototypes and small quantities of piston rings for all industrial applications.

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