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A&L Hydraulics
Serving hydraulic and pneumatic needs by designing, building, supplying, and servicing hydraulic power units for the Midwest, since 1976.
A&M Industries
Nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene fittings. Gauges, valves, hose and clamps, bulkhead fittings, line and suction strainers, diaphragm pumps, foam marking systems.
A.G.I. Automation Components
Assembly components, grippers, ultra thin rotary actuators, linear actuators, parallel grippers, slides, mini slides, robotic grippers, powered slides, parallel grippers and wide body grippers.
AAA Products International
Supplies directional control air valves, production drilling, reaming, spot facing, lead screw tapping, and rod threading. Customer-specific products.
ABCO S.r.l.
Offers hydraulic automation components such as, flow control valves, manifolds and blocks. Includes products, company profile, contacts. Based in Italy.
Ace Controls International
Supplies shock absorbers, rotary dampers, hydraulic dampers, feed controls and gas springs.
Manufacturer of Geroter/Geroller type high torque slow speed hydraulic motors along with the Spur and epycyclic gear boxes.
Advanced Air Products Company, Inc.
Specialist pneumatic system preparation. Automation components, custom assembly.
Advanced Fluid Power, Inc.
Manufacturer of Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems and components. Stock and sell pumps, valves, cylinders, accumulators, filters, filter elements, and pressure gauges.
Advanced Hydraulic & Machine
Hydraulic and pneumatic parts and service, truck parts and custom-built hydraulics located in Casper, WY.
Akron Hydraulic
Hydraulic repairs to cylinders, pumps, motors, valves.
Alaa Industrial Equipment Factory
Supplies hydraulics, valves, hoses, filters, seals, gaskets,O-rings.
Alberta Company
Produces plugs, joints, controls and butterfly valves and couplings, sucker rods, norriseal dover, nipples, tubular products.
Alkon Corporation
Manufacturer of pneumatic fittings and valves for the industrial and heavy trucking industries.
Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding, Inc.
Manufacturer of metal bellows and its assemblies.
Stocks and distributes custom manifolds and as per specifications of BSPT, BSPP, SAE, and NPT ports.
AMCA hydraulic Fluid Power BV
Customized hydraulic fluid power components and systems for civil, military, offshore and other industrial applications.
Ameritool Manufacturing, LLC
Manufacturer of Industrial Grade Nitrogen Charged Gas Springs. Made of 316 Stainless Steel for durability, Fixed Force and Adjustable Force Springs are assembled with close manufacturing tolerances to assure long life.
APH - Air Power and Hydraulics Limited
Air Power and Hydraulics Limited is a Scottish company established in 1964 specialising in the design and manufacture of technically advanced hydraulic cylinders with electronic sensors, rotary actuators, and power units. Supplying a diverse customer base in the marine, subsea, rail, military, aerospace, nuclear, and general engineering industries.
Apparatebau Wittler Spradow GmbH & Co. KG
Produces hydraulic test couplings, test hoses, test valves for compressed-air brake equipment.
Applied Energy Company
Offers situation-specific solutions to hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. Based in Dallas, Texas.
Applied Hydraulic Services Corp.
Designs and manufactures hydraulic systems, 1/4hp to 3500hp for industrial and marine applications. Repair and testing available.
Applied Motion Solutions
Power transmission products, machine structures and guarding in the Northeast United States.
Atlanta International Hydraulic Repair
Large hydraulic repair facility in Georgia.
Behringer Corp.
Manufacturers of fluid power components such as filter assemblies, ball valves, check valves, interchange cartridges, spin-on filter assemblies and mounting clamp products.
Bieri Hydraulik AG
Manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic components systems, high pressure piston pumps, valves, switches, and power units.
Bimba Manufacturing Company
Manufactures pneumatic and electro-pneumatic cylinders and actuators for worldwide markets.
BraunFlex, LLC
Manufactures round and rectangular shaped expansion joints in metal, rubber and fabric. Products include metal hose assemblies, pump connectors, ball joints and slip packed expansion joints .
Centryco Inc.
Manufacturer of protective precision equipment like centry covers, bellows, way covers, guards, perma-pleated screens and milling machine kits.
Certified Power, Inc.
Manufactures power train components, and distributes hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, and drive train components for industrial and mobile applications.
CFP Hydraulic Systems Ltd.
Designs, supplies and maintains hydraulic power systems.
Clark Solutions
Provides pumps, inert sub-miniature valves, dataloggers, instrumentations for the measurement and control of pressure, flow, level, and temperature.
Cline Hose & Hydraulics, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes hydraulic and flexible metal hoses, fittings, adapters, couplings.
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.
Manufactures miniature pneumatic and electronic valves. Brass, stainless, and corrosion resistant cylinders. Modular components, fittings.
Component Supply
Distributes pneumatic and mechanical components from leading manufacturers. Provides value-added, systems design services.
Control Valve Maintenance Ltd
A consultancy, testing and repair service for not only valves but also any positioners, actuators and cylinders on the market.
Custom Cylinders International
Manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
D.I.S. (East Anglia) Ltd.
Supplies plastic fittings, hoseclips, clamps, taps, valves, tubing and other fluid handling components.
Complete line of nitrogen gas springs ranging from 10lb. to 20 tons with a complementary line of accessories. Extensive piping options including various hose options and fittings.
Dakota Fluid Power, Inc.
Distributor offering sales and service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Regional Service locations in North and South Dakota.
Deltrol Fluid Products
A manufacturer in the fluid power industry specializing in the design of hydraulic pneumatic valve systems.
Denison International PLC
Designs, manufactures, sells and services high-engineered hydraulic components and fluid power systems. (Nasdaq: DENHY).
Deublin Company
Precision rotating connections for water steam, air, hydraulic, vacuum, coolant and hot oil service.
DST Dauermagnet-SystemTechnik GmbH
Manufactures permanent magnet coupling systems for pumps and agitators in agreement with environmental regulations.
DTS Fluid Power, LLC
Distributor who sells products in Michigan and the northern counties of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Its top suppliers include Eaton/Vickers, Dayco-Eastman, Energy, Auburn Gear, and Poclain.
Dynamic Machine Corporation
Specialist sales and service center for custom, general, production machining. Also, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Location in Winnipeg. Serving industry since 1970.
Dynex/Rivett Inc.
High pressure hydraulic products rated from 6000 psi (420 bar) to 20,000 psi (1400 bar), including piston pumps, valves, piston and vane motors, electrohydraulic controls, actuators and power units.
Eastern Fluid Power Inc.
Design, manufacture, installation and service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Eaton Corp.
Diversified industrial products manufacturer in the fluid power, industrial and commercial controls, automotive, and truck industries.
EFDYN Industrial Shock Absorbers
Manufacturer and supplier of shock absorbers, elastomer bumpers, rotary dashpots for linear deceleration, energy absorption, and motion control.
EGD Manufacturing, Inc.
Details for designer and manufacturer of adjustable and fixed orifice industrial hydraulic shock absorbers.
Electro-Hydraulic Automation
Manufactures custom hydrauilc power units, electrical controls, automation equipment, test stands.
Elmridge Inc.
Designs and manufactures special purpose jet apparatus used for pumping, conveying, mixing, diluting, and evacuating liquids, gases, and solids. Technical explanations of basic process and its advantages.
Enerpac Hydraulic Technology
Manufactures high-pressure hydraulic products including pumps, cylinders, valves, system components, clamping components, related hydraulic accessories, special tools and equipment.
EngineTex International Inc.
Produces MetalAlert brand of equipment that detects failures by constantly monitoring fluids for metal particles.
Enidine Corporation
Manufactures energy absorption equipment, industrial shock absorbers, gas springs, others.
EPE Italiana s.r.l.
Manufactures hydropneumatic bladder-piston-diaphragm accumulators.
Eren Torna
Has range of components for pipes, elbows, and clamps parts, mainly for the natural gas distribution industry and some applications to automotive companies.
Provides panels and discs, valves, flap diverters, quick joints for pipe installation and others.
Exotic Automation & Supply
Supplier of components and assemblies for the fluid power industry. Representatives for Parker, Goodyear and Loctite. ISO-9001 certified.
Fabco Products, Inc.
Provide custom design of pressure vessel components like vane, wire mesh mist extractors, liquid distribution systems for dehydration towers, structured packing, fixed tray deck bubble cap assemblies.
Fabco-Air Inc.
Precision pneumatic cylinders, grippers, slides.
Farger & Joosten Maschinenbau GmbH
Power intensifier with pneumatic travel stroke and automatically activated pneumo-hydraulic powerstroke.
FEP Hydraulics & Pneumatics Ltd.
Suppliers and distributors of fluid power systems and provides repair services.
Provides information on pneumatics and automation control products. Online catalogue for valves, cylinders, actuators, filter regulators, tubing, fittings and vacuum generators.
The Fitting Source
Hydraulic and pneumatic supplies for industries such as aerospace, de-salinization, heavy equipment.
Flowline Components, Inc.
Distributes 'Imperial Eastman' products including industrial hoses, couplings, valves, fittings, quick disconnects, sensors, adapters, tubing, tools, pneumatics and hydraulics.
Fluid Power Consultants of America
Provides hydraulics, pneumatics, and other power transmission equipment.
Fluid Power Engineering Co., Inc.
Providing Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa with the highest quality pneumatic components since 1963.
Fluid Power Engineers
Manufacturers of filtration components, accessories, and valves, primarily for the machine tool industry. Detailed product information and order/enquiry form.
Fluid Power Search
A search site based on ads submitted by manufacturers and distributors of fluid power equipment and supplies.
FluidAir Power Ltd
Distributes industrial, hydraulic, and pneumatic hose, fittings, and accessories. Range includes valves, couplings, sealants, filters, regulators, and adaptors.
Fluidline Components
Specializes in pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters, regulators. lubricator, fittings, tubing, and accessories.
Fluidomat Ltd.
Manufacturer of fluid coupling, turbo couplings, flexible coupling, and mechanical power transmission equipment.
Fluidtech, LLC
A Distributor of Mobile Hydraulic and Electrical Components serving Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Western Iowa and Eastern Colorado.
Fortney Sales Co., Inc.
Manufacturers' representative for industrial hose, metal and wire belt, fittings, sealants, adhesives. Kennesaw, GA.
Forward Industries
Manufactures high pressure nitrogen cylinder systems designed to replace mechanical die springs, air and hydraulic cushions in metal stamping and forming dies.
Four-O Fluidpower
Pneumatic, hydraulic components and systems distributor for Parker pneumatics, Watts fluidpower and Continental hydraulics.
Fox Valve Development Corp.
Manufactures ejectors, vacuum systems, eductors, aspirators, thermocompressors, flowmeters and sonic chokes.
Franklin Electrofluid Co., Inc.
Distributes hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, power units, electronic, programmable, temperature controls, lasers, photoelectrics, proximity sensors, limit switches, vision operator interfaces, touch screens.
Mechanical components, process controls including hydraulic torque wrenches, bolt tensioning cylinders, load cells, industrial weighing, grippers and pneumatic actuators, assembly lines, aluminium profiles, 'Bosch' and precision miniature ball bearings.
Fulton Bellows & Components Inc.
Manufacturers of metal, hydroformed, and welded bellows and associated components.
GasFlo Products Inc.
Manufacturer of cylinder connection components, diaphragm valves and specialty gas equipment since 1998.
Gatlin Corp.
Complete hydraulics and pneumatics supplier.
Gaysan Gas Springs
Manufacturing and sale of pneumatic shock/gas springs.
General Pneumatics
Manufacturer of compressed air filtration systems, and non-blocking automatic drain valves for use in transportation (road), transit (rail), and manufacturing industries.
GHD Hydraulics
Designer and Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Units and Systems. Also offers Installation Service, Hydraulic System Refurbishment and Modification, Cylinder Replacement and Repairs, Accumulator Replacement and Repair, Spare Parts, and Electronic Control Units made to Specifications.
Golden Asia Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufactures and hones cylinders and piston rods for hydraulic machinery.
Haakon Ellingsen AS
Supplies actuators, level indication equipment, solenoid, control and instrumentation valves. Performs machining, assembling and testing of valves.
Helac Corporation
Manufacturers of a line of hydraulic rotary actuators for OEMs and after-market attachments for the construction equipment industry.
Heypac Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets globally air driven pumps and power units.
Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd
Distributor and service centre for Enerpac and Tangye hydraulic cylinders and components.
Higginson Manufacturing Ltd.
Manufacturer of NFPA HES air cylinders and distributor of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic components such as actuators, pumps, presses, valves, fittings, rotary unions, and hoses.
High Country Tek
Manufacturers of proportional valve drivers, closed loop controllers and OEM custom electronics. Mobile hydraulics controls are one of their specialties.
Howon Co., Ltd.
Manufactures hydraulic cylinders, actuators.
Hydac International
Manufacturer of components and systems. Separate divisions handle filtration, fluid control, electronic measuring technology and compact hydraulics.
Hydra-Seal, Inc
Manufacturer of piston rings and stainless plunger rings.
Hydraulic Connections, Inc.
Sales, service and repair of all major brands of hydraulic cylinders, pumps and valves. Vickers, Duplomatic, Parker, Bosch, Racine, Rexroth, Ortman, and Hydroline.
Hydraulic Parts Source Inc.
Distributor offering remanufactured Vickers, Racine and Denison pumps, motors and valves. Exclusively serving the hydraulic sales and service industry.
Hydraulic Superstore
Purchase White motors, Cross pumps and valves, Hyvair and Sterling valves, and Mead pneumatic valves and cylinders.
Hydraulic Supply & Service Company
Fluid power components to include hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, motors, cylinders, gauges, valves, and connectors. Cylinder manufacture and repair.
Hydraulic World
Offers hydraulic supplies, service and repair.
Buyers and Sellers of hydraulic pumps and motors. Vickers PVA 120 and Denison PVP 61 used and unused surplus. Other makes and models available.
Hydraulics International, Inc.
Designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic systems, hydraulic test equipment, pneumatic systems and ground support equipment for aerospace, military, airlines, and commercial industries.
Marketplace for surplus hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors and valves. Fluid power technical data, application formulas and product catalogues also available.
Hydro-Mac Inc.
Services range from conception, fabrication and repair of hydraulic systems, winches, speed reducers and custom-built machines. New and recycled parts also available for a wide array of pumps and motors.
Manufactures and supply precision bellows and associated assemblies to the aerospace and defence market sectors.
Hydromech Industries Co., Ltd.
Sell hydraulic and pneumatic components. Pumps, motors, valves, pressure gauges, air cylinder filters, regulators, lubricators and quick joints.
Hydronit Srl
Hydraulic components for industry.
Illinois Pneumatics
Designs and manufacturers pneumatic cylinders. Modifies standard cylinders for special uses.
Imi Norgren Pneumatics
International manufacturer and supplier of pneumatics. Complete pneumatic solutions.
Interface Devices, Inc.
Manufacturer of Air-Driven Liquid Pumps, Gas Booters, and Vacuum Pumps.
jbj Techniques Limited
Products for mechanical and fluid power. Large manufacturer and supplier of bellhousings in Europe.
JGB Enterprises, Inc.
Assembles military and industrial hoses, including hydraulic hose, water hose, flexible hose, and braided hose.
JWF Technologies
Distributor of gas springs and fluid power applications with engineered solutions for ergonomic motion control, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components.
K.R. West Co., Inc.
Supplies fluid power components and systems. Represents major brands.
Kinetic Energy Management Solutions
Manufactures single event deceleration devices, tapered rod bumpers, elastomer bumpers and stops. Engineering consultants for motion control and vibration applications.
Knocks Fluid-Technik GmbH
German manufacturer of pneumatic FRL. Specialised in filters, regulators, and lubricators with BSP (G1/8-G3) and NPT-ports (1/8-1).
L. J. Engineering, Inc.
Manufactures vacuum regulators, digital vacuum and pressure gauges, automatic parachute actuators for industrial, aerospace, military applications.
The Lee Company
Presents fluid control components for medical instrumentation, textile printing, ink jet printing, aircraft flight controls, oiltool, automotive applications.
Lenz Inc.
Manufactures complete lines of hydraulic pressure gauges, hoses, tank accessories, strainers and filters.
Livingston & Haven
Distributes fluid power components including hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics plus related products and services.
Maarkert Gruppe
Hoses, couplings, assemblies, heat-protection products. Solid-liquid-filtration, dust-gas-filtration, loading hoses and loading Sets, tips for cleaning filter media.
Mason Dynamics
Stocks large inventory of Monarch power units and cylinders and are able to ship most orders within 24 hours.
Matzka Inc.
Distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic parts and supplies.
Mertz Engineering Co.
Manufactures Multi-Line hydraulic cylinders for OEM's in the agricultural, construction, industrial, materials handling and solid waste markets. Offers powder coating services.
Michaels Machine
Manufactures precision, custom-turned hydraulic and pneumatic components and parts. Injection molding insert work.
MICO, Inc.
MICO designs, manufactures, and sells hydraulic brake components and systems for heavy-duty off-road vehicles and equipment. Products include, brake valves, multiple disc brakes and caliper disc brakes
Miric Engineering Ltd.
Manufactures standard and custom tube fittings.
MK Air Controls
Pneumatic and motion control equipment stockist and distributor in the UK. Control cabinets designed and built. Nationwide application and specification support.
Mobile Electronic Solutions
Supplies mobile equipment including valve and pump electronics, solenoid driver, remote-mount driver, drivers for cartridge valves. Soft shift, electronic controllers, pulse width modulation PWM converters, coil saver.
Monarch Hydraulics, Inc.
Hydraulic systems and components designed, manufactured and distributed to the worldwide fluid power market
Mondeo Srl
Manufacturers of stainless steel check valves, manifolds, pipe fittings and hydraulic accessories. Export with assistance worldwide.
Morgan Products, Inc.
Pneumatic chemical injection equipment and specialty pump manufacturer.
MRM Incorporated
Fluid power components including, cylinders, valves, automation products. Provides quality industrial automation products, services and solutions.
MVI, Inc.
Stocking distributors of industrial components: Goodyear, Camozzi, Numatics, Colder Products, Herion, Wika, and Rexroth.
Ningbo Jiangbei District Cicheng Pneumatic Components Factory
manufacturer of pneumatic components, filtering elements, throttle valves and silencers.
Norman Equipment Co.
Fluid power sales and service located in midwest USA. Provides hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components; filters, process control, and manufactured power units and test stands.
North American Hydraulics Inc.
Representatives for Indexator rotators, Rototilt black bruin som apis pumps, SOM gearboxes, Intermot Metso hydraulics, O and K final drives, Rollstar planetaries and Geco axial piston motors in North America
The Nott Company
Fluid power distributor located in Davenport, Iowa. Products include hydraulic and pneumatic devices, pumps, hose, fittings, valves.
OPW Engineered Systems
Manufactures loading arms, swivel joints, sight flow indicators, pressure sensors, bottom loading couplers and spring balances for cost effective liquid handling solutions.
Oriental Engineering Works
Manufactures light-engineering products including hydraulic cylinders, dewatering pumps, components for abrasive blasting, spray painting.
Pabco Fluid Power Company
An international manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic systems and components. Service and Training in hydraulics is available.
The Paquin Company
Industrial distributor for hydraulic and pneumatic components
Paragon Tech
Services and repairs common brands and types of hydraulic and electronic controls.
Parker-Hannifin Corporation
Manufactures motion control products, including fluid power systems, electromechanical controls and related components.
Hose and fittings inventory online.
PCG Hydraulics Ltd
UK Manufacturer of Hydraulic Systems, Power Packs, Actuators, Valves, and Fittings.
Pedro Roquet
Manufactures hydraulic gear pumps and motors, directional control valves, hydraulic cylinders, power packs, diverter/selector valves and hydraulic gate operators.
Pisco Pneumatic Equipment
Supplies pneumatic equipment such as tube fittings, controllers, switching devices, vacuum devices and piping tubes.
PneuDraulics, Inc.
Supplies the aerospace industry with high quality hydraulic system components.
Pneumadyne, Inc.
Manufactures miniature pneumatic components. Offers products for standard or custom applications.
Pneumatic Manufacturer Directory
Directory of pneumatic component manufacturers and distributors.
Pneumatic Parts
Supplies pneumatic equipment including FRLs, valves, fittings, hose, and tubing.
Pneumatic Solutions, Inc.
Your U.S. source for metric and inch pneumatic cylinders, fittings, actuators, valves, grippers, lubricators and tubing.
Polyhydron Group of Industries.
Manufactures industrial hydraulic equipment including high pressure hydraulic pumps and valves, tube fitting and accessories, and hydraulic systems for industrial applications.
Power Aire, Inc.
Provides engineering services and pneumatic solutions for machinery and equipment.
Power Components
Photoelectric and proximity sensors, DC motors and variable-speed drives, AC Motors and inverters, servos and amplifiers, steppers and controllers, rate indicators, temperature controls counters.
Power Drives Inc.
Supplier of fluid power and automation solutions including electrical motion control, pneumatic, hydraulic and power transmission components and systems.
Power Systems, LLC
Distributor of hydraulic fluid power equipment, such as pumps, valves, gear boxes, differentials, hydrostatic transmissions and motors. The company's products are sold predominantly to OEMs located in the Upper Midwest.
Powertech Hydraulics
Distributes products from more than 30 manufacturers. Factory-authorized service center for several hydraulic companies.
Pressure Connections Inc.
Manufactures steel hydraulic fittings, including OFS, quick disconnects, brass fittings, hose barbs, push-in fittings, and live swivel joints.
Prince Manufacturing Corp.
Engineers and produces quality hydraulic cylinders and components. Pumps, valves, motors, related accessories.
Pro Active Fluid Power, Inc.
New and remanufactured Vickers, Denison, Bosch/Racine vane, piston pumps, motors and valves.
Progressive Hydraulics, Inc.
Sells hydraulics, pneumatics, automation. Represents Parker-Hannifin, other suppliers.
PSI Automation
Manufactures air, actuator, low-speed and high-torque motors. Hydraulic starters. Distributes fluid control products.
The pulsation damper especialists
Manufacturer of pulsation dampers, oleopneumatic bladders and piston accumulators and oleohydraulic starters for diesel engines.
PulseGuard Inc.
Manufacturer of pressure pulsation dampeners, hydraulic accumulators, and surge suppressors.
Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc.
Distributes hydraulic and pneumatic components specializing in accumulators, pulsation dampening and surge suppression, surge chambers, filtration, cartridge valve systems and servo valves.
R. G. Kenrick Co., Inc
Distributes fluid power components servicing the automotive and machine building industry. Expanded product line includes filter media, floor dry, oil and grease absorbents, machine safeguarding products.
R.G. Group
Distributes and manufactures fluid handling products and solutions. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania.
Rogers, B. W. Co.
Distributes hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, supplies and components. Serving Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky
Rotary Systems Inc.
Full line of single and multiple passage rotary unions for a variety of medias and applications.
Royal Hydraulics
Designs and manufactures hydraulic systems and power units. Repairs and sells components, valves, cylinders, pumps, others.
Manufacturers of monoblock pumps, lobe pumps, rotary pumps and stainless steel pumps.
Samhydraulik Inc.
Manufacturer of hydraulic transmissions and power transmission components. Part of the Brevini Group
Scott Rotary Seals
Designs and manufactures single- and multi-port rotating unions, multistation rotating timing valves.
Sealum Industries Ltd.
Manufactures hydraulic cylinders, manifolds, flanges and adapters.
Provides cylinders, toe jacks, hand pumps, power pumps, valves, presses, mechanical jacks and 'Uni-Lift' actuators for commercial and industrial markets.
Simson, W.
Hydraulic cylinders have pressure transmission, are extremely fast, are compact, and save energy.
SMC Pneumatics
A large range of pneumatic components. Benelux.
Snap-tite, Inc.
Designs and manufactures components for the fluid power, municipal and industrial hose industry.
SophTech Inc.
Supplies and services industrial filters, hydraulics, and electronics.
Source Fluid Power
U.S. based designer, manufacturer and distributor of custom hydraulic products including manifolds, cylinders and valves for the medical, industrial, agricultural, and mobile OEM markets.
SPX PowerTeam
Manufactures precision, high-pressure hydraulic products including pumps, cylinders, valves, clamping components, related hydraulic accessories, special tools and equipment.
SPX Stone Hydraulic Systems
Manufacturer of Stone hydraulic and pneumatic products, a division of the Fenner fluid group.
SsAccs Ltd.
Suppliers of hydraulic/hydropneumatic accumulators, pressure vessels and associated equipment for over 35 years.
Suprima Systems
Manufactures hydraulic cylinders and lifts.
Provides fluid and gas system components, connectors, valves, and tubings.
T&T Hydraulics
Fabrication, rebuilding, repair, buy and sell light- to heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydrostatic pumps, motors, power steering units, steering gears.
Tidal Fluid Power
Supplies new hydraulic components and spare parts to the hydraulic industry.
Titan Systems
An engineering and manufacturing company providing custom, turn-key solutions to the industrial marketplace. Manufacture test stands for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
TR Engineering, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets technically advanced hydraulic components and systems. Broad line of hydraulic hand pumps and valves, custom-designed fluid power systems for the construction, manufacturing, aerospace, marine, and petrochemical industries.
Transmotion, LLC
Cleaned hydraulic hose assemblies, industrial hose products, power transmission products, conveyor belting, specialty chain products.
Triflo Tech, Inc.
Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic components including pivot tubes, orifice plates, flanges, fittings,condensate traps and chambers.
Tsi Inc.
Pneumatic and electrical products including solenoid valves, connectors, wiring assemblies, fittings and tubing.
TST Equipment Inc.
Serving hydraulics for over 25 years with a complete line of hydraulic components including motors, pumps, valves, cylinders, filtration and accessories.
Tucson Hydrocontrols
Manufactures hydraulic and relief valves. Also, sequence, pressure reducing, overcenter, checke, pilot operated check, ball, throttlee, throttle check, solenoid, and accumulator unloading valves.
Universal Hydraulics Ltd.
Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Packs, Earthmover Tyre Handlers, and Hydraulic Parts.
Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc.
Manufacturer of Specialized Hydraulic Systems, primarily designed for Offshore Drilling Platform use. Design, Manufacture, Retrofit and Repair of Hydraulic Equipment.
Vidyo Dimitrov Fluid Power
A Bulgarian fluid power company offering gear pumps, monoblock valves, hydraulic valves, cartridge valves, and mini powerpacks.
Webtec Products Ltd.
Uses and distributes mobile or industrial hydraulic components. Also, hydraulic testing machinery.
Weforma Dampfungstechnik GmbH
Manufactures industrial shock absorbers. Adjustable and selfcompensating shock absorbers. Handling modules, grippers, slides, escapements, rotary modules, buffers.
Williams Milton Roy Ltd.
Metering pumps and pneumatic cylinders for low and high pressure service. This division of Sunstrand Co. Ltd also distributes pump accessories.
Wilson Company
Hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid connectors, fluid power, accumulators, actuators, clamps, compressors, cylinders, filters, fittings, hose, manifolds, meters, motors, pumps, regulators, valves.
Distributes industrial fluid power components serving the Mid-Atlantic (PA, NJ, DE, MD) U.S. NFPA and ISO interchangeable products.
Winston F2S Corporation
Manufacturer of gas separation and filtration products for the oil and gas, petrochem, refining and power industries.
Wolstenholmes Valves Co. Ltd.
Consultants for valve engineering and materials
Wooster Hydrostatics
Provider of new, used, re-build, and repaired Rexroth hydraulic pumps and motors.
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