This category is for companies manufacturing compressors and compressor-derived systems.

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Manufactures custom and standard fluid dynamics equipment including wind tunnels, water tunnels, hydraulic demonstration and sediment channels and AMCA/ASHRAE fan test apparatus.
Air & Vacuum Process, Inc.
Supplies compressed air dryers, desiccant, deliquescent, filters, process gas and liquid dryers, dewpoint meters, drain valves, aftercoolers, compressed air accessories.
Air Squared
Consulting firm specializing in scroll compressors.
Arizona Vortex Tube Manufacturing
Cooling using only compressed air.
Arrow Pneumatics, Inc.
Manufacture a range of dryers including refrigerated, cycling and regenerative air dryers . Includes downloadable product catalogs.
Atlas Copco Corp
Manufactures compressors, construction and mining tools and equipment, power tools, assembly systems.
B. Bille
Industrial fans, silencers, dampers, and other accessories for a large variety of industrial applications.
Bauer Kompressoren
Manufacturer of air compressors for scuba diving, fire fighting equipment, industrial air and gas applications, compressed natural gas applications, and rifle compressors.
Boss Industries, Inc.
Manufactures rotary Screw PTO air compressors.
Cary Manufacturing
Manufacture of a rotating union, Fuji air compressors(ring type) and industrial vacuum/cleaning systems.
Compressor and Engine Supply, Inc.
Supplies range of brands of new and reconditioned compressors and engines for applications in iron and steel, gas production and transportation, chemical, petrochemical industries.
Copeland Corporation
Production of residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration compressors and condensing units.
Devair Air Compressors
Manufacturers of high quality cast iron reciprocating air compressors and accessories.
EXAIR Corporation
Manufactures vortex tubes and vortex tube systems. Compressed air products for cooling, cleaning, conveying and static elimination.
Specializes in natural gas compression production equipment and processing facilities. Offers design, procurement, project management and construction services.
Garo S.p.A.
Italian manufacturer of centrifugal and liquid-ring compression systems for use in the chemical and refining industries. Overview of products and applications by industry.
Gast Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufactures air-moving products. Vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, and regenerative blowers.
Hangzhou Risheng New Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures dryers and refrigeration equipment, filters, compressors, desiccant.
Hankison International
Manufactures and exports compressed air treatment equipment and accessories.
Hargraves Technology Corporation
Manufactures oil-free, corrosion resistant, miniature diaphragm pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, self-priming liquid pumps and solenoid valves for pressure and vacuum applications of air, gases, vapors and liquids. With online store. US based.
Hori Engineering Co., Ltd.
Oil-free gas field compressors used for gas engines and gas turbines, oil-free air compressor for pneumatic bulk trailers, oil-free vacuum pumps are mainly used for gasoline vaper recovery unit, and oil-free blower.
Manufactures and supplies industrial fans, ventilation fans, heat exchangers, air preheaters, compressors, refits and maintenance service for air and gas handling.
Industrial Air compressors
Manufacturers of heavy duty screw and reciprocating compressors, both lubricated and oil-free. Israel.
Kaeser Compressors
Manufacturers of a complete line of compressed air and vacuum products.
Kinetic Therm
Makes vacuum units equipment and heat exchangers. Systems with jet venturi equipment, ejector, condenser, thermocompressor, scrubber, eductor and heat exchanges.
Extractor/dryer removes water and oil from compressed air lines. Specialists in application of breathing air, regulators, lubricators, refrigerated dryers.
Liard s.a.
Sealing components for reciprocating compressors. Manufacturing and reconditioning. Valves, piston rings, packing cases, rods, pistons.
Maxpro Technologies
Offers Maximator air driven liquid pumps, air amplifiers, gas boosters and packaged systems.
Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc.
Manufactures air and gas pressure boosters, pressure intensifiers, and air-driven air and gas compressors.
Pneum Systems Inc.
Develops a unique heatless air dryer which is a chemical desiccant using s dryer, and working on the adsorption principle.
Manufacturer of vacuum pumps and air compressors for industrial applications all over the world. Turin, Italy.
Premier Fluid Systems
Vacuum, liquid ring and rotary vane pumps, pump systems, compressors and liquid handling equipment from Travaini, PVR-Rotant, and Alpha Laval.
Pye-Barker Supply Co.
Supplies pumps, air compressors, blowers, fluid power products.
Quincy Compressor Direct
Sales and service of compressed air systems, including air compressors, vacuum pumps, and blowers. Offers service and product overview.
Reed, C. H., Inc.
Distributes air compressors, powder coating and finishing equipment. Power tools.
Rite-Temp Manufacturing
Manufactures water chillers for a wide range of industrial and commercial cold water, water chiller, applications.
Spencer Turbine Co.
Manufacturers blowers, vacuum systems, separators, aeration blowers and gas boosters. US based (CT).
Stephens Equipment
Design, fabrication, and automation of pressurized fluid systems, sub-assemblies, and components.
T.J. Snow Co.
Manufactures water chillers and mold controls. Covering the Mid-West U.S.A.
New, reconditioned HVAC equipment including compressors, chillers, condensers, air-conditioning units. Supply and services.
The Utile Engineering Co. Ltd
Manufactures air compressors, gas boosters, compressors, air blowers and vacuum pumps.
Van-Air & Hydraulics, Inc.
Distributes compressors, pumps, tubing, vacuum equipment.
Wakefield Associates
Air and gas blowers, compressors, NOx control systems, silencers, dampers, and expansion joints.

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