Components provide power for, and guidance and control of moving machinery, in an automated manufacturing system.

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All Air, Incorporated
Distributes automation and motion control components. Serves New York and New Jersey with stocks of components such as valves, cylinders, fittings, and sensors.
All Motion Products
Manufacturers the 'EZStepper', designed to allow the rapid implementation of steppers in automation projects.
Barrington Automation
American manufacturer of modular automation components, pneumatic slides, linear and rotary actuators, grippers, pick and place modules.
BAUR Motion Control
Manufacturer of power drives and motion controls for stepper dc and ac motors. From Germany.
Bristol SG Inc.
Manufacturers of miniature linear actuators.
Carlo Gavazzi, Srl.
Italy. Company supplies relays, sensors, motor, PID and temperature controllers, timers, digital panel meters, current transformers, Dupline I/O, contactors, limit switches, and push buttons. Site in multiple languages.
Comptrol Incorporated
Supplies motion controls. Linear, ballscrew, actuators, automation, web tension, industrial control components, systems.
Danaher Controls
Manufactures Veeder-Root, Dynapar, Eagle Signal brand products. Counters, timers, panel instrumentation, encoders, speed and motion controls.
Delta Tau
Manufacture of industrial controllers and operator interfaces for machine tool, packaging and robotics application.
Dentex Industries
manufacturer of protective coverings including bellows and way covers.
Deva Electronic Controls Ltd
Products include motion controller, encoder interface, single-Axis CAN bus motion controller.
Dynamic Structures & Materials, LLC - DSM
Specializes in the development and application of custom piezoelectric micropositioning and nanopositioning systems including piezo actuators and stages, and linear amplifier design for closed loop motion control.
Farrand Controls
Precision Inductosyn transducers for measurement of angular or linear position displacement in extreme military, space and industrial environments.
Feinmess Dresden GmbH
Manufactures measuring tables for the semiconductor industry. Quality assurance
FRABA Posital
Company manufacturers rotary, absolute and incremental encoders.
H2W Technologies, Inc.
Company designs and manufacturers many different products that are used for motion control applications. Optimal solutions, including dual axis linear steppers, lead screw stage, actuators, and servo drive systems.
Hiwin Technologies Corp.
Company manufacturers precision ballscrews, linera guideways, bearings, actuators, motors, and stages.
Industrial Motion Control, LLC
Manufacturers of Camco and Ferguson cam-driven index drives, parts handlers, precision conveyors, Torq/Gard clutches and custom cams for automation equipment construction applications.
Intellidrives, Inc.
Manufacturers of linear motors, rotary tables and XY systems.
Intelligent Motion Control Ltd
Supplies motion control and industrial PCs.
Isotech Incorporated
Linear motion products including ball slides, crossed roller slides and tables, pneumatic, micrometer and motorized tables, linear actuators, sensors. Industrial, medical, military, OEM.
Lansea Systems, Inc.
Offers a complete line of carefully selected speed reducers, including zero backlash reducers and couplings, servomotors, and electronic drive products.
Mach III Clutch, Inc.
Manufacturer of pneumatically actuated friction clutches, air and spring set brakes, and adjustable mechanical torque limiters for industrial applications.
Machine Control Services.
Alternative NC and robot control parts. Including, DNC software, BTRs, memory upgrades, boards, monitors, for various manufacturers.
MagneTek, Inc.
Develops and manufactures electronic power products, including switch-mode power supplies, lighting ballasts, and programmable, variable frequency drives.
Mercotac Inc.
Provides rotating electrical connectors for slip ring requirements.
Micromech Ltd
supplier of motion control systems, including steppers, gearboxes and drives, complete purpose built machines.
Motion Systems Corporation
Manufacturer of electromechanical linear actuators.
Newmark Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision positioning systems for the research, medical and industrial areas including linear slides, translation and rotary stages, and gimbal mounts systems.
Ognibene Elettromeccanica
Manufacturer of motion control products, linear actuators, screw jacks, worm gear components. From Italy.
Parker Zenith Products Division
Manufacturer of planetary gear reducers, in-line and right angle precision gearheads and custom gearheads for motion and control applications.
PHD, Inc.
Manufactures motion control products for fluid power industries ranging from grippers and clamps to cylinders, slides, actuators.
Precision Micro Control Corp
Manufacturer of digital, multi-axis, motion control cards.
Premac Tools Pvt. Ltd.
India. Designs, manufactures and supplies spindles and spindle assemblies on OEM specification to machine tool builders around the world.
Manufactures precision linear and rotary positioning stages for the semiconductor, optical, disk drive, medical and electronics industries.
Quality Transmission Components
A catalogue which features approximately 3,400 products in 36 types of standardized 20 degree pressure angle metric gears plus a technical reference section.
Renco Encoders, Inc.
Manufacturer of rotary optical encoders for motion control applications. Selected modular units are available from stock; custom modular, hollow and solid shaft, commutation made to order.
Rimtec Corporation
Markets servo couplings and keyless clamps.
Robert I. Robotics Inc.
Supplies indent marking systems, 'Parker' and 'Schrader' bellows, 'Denem' robotics simulation software, 'Toshiba' robots, 'Macron' linear actuators, bomb disposal robots.
Rosebrook Tracers Inc.
Manufactures and services hydraulic tracing valves for milling machines, lathes, grinders, and drill presses. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Schlenker Enterprises Limited
Precision rack and pinion encoder or resolver measuring, rules and dials, instrument gears, pressure transducers, clutches, and brakes.
Sepac, Inc
Offers custom made electromagnetic, permanent magnet and spring-set clutches for multiple industrial applications.
Develops and distributes motion control and industrial PC equipment.
SEW-Eurodrive USA
Manufactures gear reducers, adjustable speed drives, electric motors, brakes, and electronic controls. Ratios from 1.5:1 to 28,831:1.Power ratings from fractional to 15,000 hp.
Sterling Instrument
Manufactures and distributes over 62,000 drive components.
TB Wood's Incorporated
Designs, manufactures and markets electronic and mechanical industrial power transmission products for manufacturers and users of industrial equipment.
United Equipment Accessories
Slip ring manufacturer for use in 360 degree rotary electrical applications. Floating brush design guarantees continuous continuity.
Warner Linear
Linear actuators, ball screws, and linear support products.
Wedin International, Inc.
Manufactures ballscrew assemblies, ballscrew repair, leadscrews, gears, design services. Repairs, replaces motion control components.
Zaytran Automation
Locating pins that position automotive sheet metal while it is welded.
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