Lists manufacturers of all types of encoders.
BEI Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of optical rotary incremental encoders, rotary absolute encoders, and precision trackballs. Concise specifications viewable online. Complete specification sheets in PDF for download.
Celera Motion
Manufacturer of high-resolution rotary and linear optical encoder systems. The encoders are small, accurate, robust and deliver an high nanometer-level resolution, repeatability and accuracy.
Encoders India
Manufacturer of rotary encoders, tacho generators, resolvers, encoder couplings, and digital read outs.
Gurley Optical Encoders
Manufacture of rotary and linear optical encoders, absolute and incremental encoders and quadrature encoders. All data sheets in PDF.
Manufactures and markets position-measuring linear and rotary encoders and machine controls.
Heidenhain Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers linear, angular and rotary encoders. From China.
Hohner Corp.
Manufacturer of rotary optical encoders, incremental encoders, and absolute and analog encoders. Some models are configurable by USB. Data sheets downloadable in AutoCAD dwg and dxf formats. From the UK.
Industrial Encoder Corporation
Manufacture of precision optical encoders.
Industrial Encoders Direct
Manufacturers and distributors of rotary incremental shaft encoders, rotary absolute shaft encoders. Based in the UK.
Leine & Linde AB
Manufacture optical angle encoders and hollow shaft encoders of incremental and absolute types. Concise data sheets online, complete data sheets in PDF. Based in Sweden.
Photocraft, Inc.
Manufacturer of hollow shaft encoders, wheel encoders, programmable encoders, and absolute encoders. Data sheets viewable online and in PDF.
PI miCos GmbH
Specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing of components and systems in the range of positioning technology for research and industry.
Servo-Tek Products Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of encoders, DC and panel tachometer generators, and position and velocity sensors.
US Digital
Manufacturer of incremental and absolute optical encoders, inclinometers, PC interfaces, digital readouts, switching power supplies, flexible shaft couplings and encoder testing products. Prices listed.
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