Between the automated 'system' or 'process' controller lies an interface which makes the system or process visible to humans.

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Manufacture LED information displays for factory automation applications. From Italy.
Eason Technology.
Specializes in intelligent operator interfaces for industrial automation applications. Including data entry and display terminals, programmable panels for motion and logic controllers (PLCs).
Electronic Displays
Manufactures large, industrial LED displays for factory automation with production counters, line-down timers, goal/actual scoreboards, moving message signs, andon systems.
Exor Electronic
Manufacture MMI from board-level embedded systems to full-color graphic workstations.
Genera Oy
Designs and manufactures display panels for industrial solutions.
HoloTouch, Inc.
Patented technology, in which an individual can 'touch' a hologram floating in thin air to operate a cellphone, PDA, computer, and medical equipment. Technical and licensing information.
I.A.G Technology
Makes a hand held operators console linked with IR to replace the HMI for PLCs with information on employment and appliance testing.
London Electronics Ltd.
Digital panel meters, controllers, bargraphs and large digital displays
Lone Arrow Enterprises, Inc.
Represents manufacturers of digital readouts, encoders, scales, used in the automotive industry, aircraft industry, machine shops and by hobbyists.
Narly Software
Industrial handheld HMI software for Palm Pilot. Enables trouble-shooting with Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Modicon, or Modbus PLC systems.
Opto Tech Corporation
Manufactures LED display.
Oyster Terminals Ltd.
UK. Produces HMIs, panels and PCs, hand-held terminals, OPC server's, manufacturing software solutions and hardware design.
Patlite Corporation
Manufactures and develops visual and audible warning devices, markets signal and alarm products.
Red Lion Controls
Company manufactures a variety of industrial control products, from simple timers and counters, to human-machine interfaces for industrial automation applications.
Scc Controls Corporation
Manufacture visual factory products, andon boards, message marquees, stack lights, operator interface, overhead display(s), process control board(s).
Seiko Instruments (H.K.) Ltd.
Develops computer peripheral devices and CAE, CAD, CAM systems.
Uticor AVG
Distributor of operator interfaces, touch screens, programmable message displays and associated equipment. Online product catalog.
Vorne Industries, Inc.
Manufactures electronic, digital and alphanumeric messaging displays used for production monitoring and information dissemination.
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