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Diverse methods and standards are used for communication between factory machinery, and between the factory floor and the office.

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Akida LLC
Embedded electronic products, software design services and control and automation solutions based on Controller Area Networks.
AS Interface
Protocol for networking sensors and actuators in automation systems. Replaces conventional cabling and uses a single cable to connect devices to a host controller. Gateway products allow links to higher level fieldbuses.
B & B Electronics Manufacturing Company
Designs and manufactures computer interface converters to enable computers to monitor and control automatic production equipment in factories. Online catalogue, product specifications and purchasing.
Beckhoff Automation llc
Components for automation and control. 'TwinCAT' NT-realtime systems, industrial PC, 'Lightbus.' Open automation systems with PC control technology. Industrial PC's, software, Motion and IO systems and bus terminals for process and machine control.
Binsfeld Engineering, Inc.
Rotating-to-stationary data communication systems. Measuring torque, any size shaft, installs quickly without machine dis-assembly or shaft modifications.
Contemporary Control Systems Inc
Designs and manufactures industrial networking products that facilitate communication between computers, controllers, sensors and actuators, utilizing various fieldbus technologies.
Control Chief Holdings, Inc.
Holding company with subsidiary which designs, engineers and manufactures remote control devices for material handling equipment, locomotives and other industrial applications. (Nasdaq: DIGM).
AnyBus offers multiple fieldbus connectivity encompassing Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet, InterBus, CANOpen, ASI, ControlNet, LonWorks.
Embedded communication and control solutions for factory automation, networked controls, and building automation systems. Provide support for Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, Modbus, Metasys, Landis and Staefa, Bacnet, and FLN protocols.
Korenix Technology Co., Ltd
Taiwan based provider of industrial networking and computing solutions. Mainly Ethernet switches.
Informative site for distribution of products involved with fieldbus technology. A High bandwidth, non-proprietary fiber optic or wired protocol for machine control based upon 100BaseFX and 100BaseTX networking.
Manufacturing and distribution of serial RS232, RS485 and RS422 converters including USB to serial and Ethernet to serial converters.
Performance Software Associates, Inc.
AnchorPLC softlogic automation package offers IEC 1131-3 standard languages interfacing to OPC clients. Includes Ethernet, MODBUS/TCP interfaces. Single-board computers are programmed like a PLC.
Phoenix Contact
Inventors of the interbus, an automation bus.
Profibus International
Digital networking for industrial and process automation. Products include industrial automation fieldbus networks, embedded controllers, protocol converters, line interface, remote I/O hardware and software.
Robust Data Comm, Inc.
Manufacturers fully-isolated converters and repeaters for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and MM Fiber. Properties, include DC-powered, surge protected, and DIN-rail mounting.
Sercos N.A.
Promotional alliance for the Sercos interface, an international standard for communications between controls and servo drives. Pneumatic and electrical automation technology.
Softing AG
Industrial communication and connectivity products including automotive electronics.
Specialists in connectivity solutions for industrial networks including DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, ASi, Interbus, Modicon Networks, Allen-Bradley networks, Reliance networks and others.
Thorsis Technologies
Products and services related to industrial communication and software like PROFIBUS, CAN, OPC and FDT.
RS232 adapter which can be used for all types of serial factory data communication.
Manufacturer and distributor of serial RS232, RS485 and RS422 data converters, including USB to serial adapters, serial to Ethernet converters, USB to RS232 and wireless Bluetooth serial converters.
Manufacturer of industrial and commercial automation devices for serial RS232, RS485 and RS422 communication, including Serial to Ethernet and USB over Ethernet devices and PCMCIA cards. Accepts custom manufactured orders.
Warwick Control Technologies Ltd
Specialises in CAN and Devicenet development tools and services; 'Xanalyser' is a bus analyser. Develops protocol interface tools for proprietary networks.
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