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Advent Design Corporation
Custom engineering solutions and services in automation, product and machine design.
Analytical Engineering, Inc.
Performs rapid prototyping and custom work for customers.
Artisan's Mechanical
Design process equipment that must deliver highly reliable performance in difficult environments.
C-K Engineering
Provides modeling, gaging, machine/system design, and test and inspection services for engine, lubricant, and other industrial applications.
Control Electric Company
Designs, engineers, and builds industrial control systems and installs and services those systems.
DCS Corporation
Uses the expertise of over 400 engineers, programmers, and technical specialists to provide best value technical services and products to government and Industry.
French specialist of conception and engineering of specialized machines and robots.
Fairport Engineering
Designs and builds turnkey projects, bulk materials handling systems, process equipment, control systems and electrical engineering, steelwork fabrication, mechanical installation, and commissioning services.
Filter Group
Automation for industrial steam, heat and power, and water treatment industries.
Fram Engineering AS
Provides a wide range of products for the oil and gas industry. The products are continuously evaluated and improved, incorporating the most up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art materials. Continuous test and qualification programmes on critical components are establishing the required product performance, reliability and total availability.
J.A.R. Engineering, Inc.
Consultants in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems located in Flemington, New Jersey.
JK Controls Ltd
Providing economical control and instrumentation design and consultation to industry, dealing with industrial measurement, control systems and cluster computing equipment.
Software development, engineering services and hardware systems development for aerospace, telecommunications, consumer electronics and education.
Complete source and system integrator for analyzers, control instrumentation and advance process equipment, since 1975.
Pohland AG
Production engineering. Automatic control engineering and the building of special purpose machines.
Power Management Concepts LLC
Specializes in the analysis, maintenance, and management of mission critical systems. Services, customer log-in, and contact information.
Power System Engineering
Has worked with more than 200 utilities to improve efficiency, cut costs and provide a higher level of service for customers. Electrical power distribution, utilities management, utility rates implementation, energy management systems.
Syen Ltd.
Systems engineering, data acquisition, automation and control, hardware and software. Mobile, remote and automotive applications. Site requires Flash.
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