This category lists manufacturing companies in the nuclear industry, as well as sites about the manufacturing components of this industry.
Areva: La Hague Reprocessing Plant
Recycles irradiated materials and conditions nuclear waste into suitable final form. Includes technical information about plant operations, environment impact, regulation and safety.
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)
Manufacturer of nuclear power reactors engages in a wide range of research and development activities, provides nuclear engineering services and waste management support. [English, French]
Canberra Aquila Inc.
Manufacturer of surveillance systems and secured computer networks for the international nuclear safeguards market.
Cremat Nuclear Electronics
Manufacturer of charge sensitive preamplifiers for radiation detection and related instrumentation.
Energy & Process Corporation
Supplier of nuclear pipe, valves, fittings and structural steel products for the nuclear industry.
Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.
Exports uranium oxide to nuclear utilities in Asia, Europe and North America.
Fagerstrom Industrikonsult
Manufacturer of decontamination systems and related equipment for the nuclear industry. [English, Swedish]
Flibe Energy
Working to develop small, modular liquid-fluoride thorium reactors. Describes the company, fuels that can be used for fusion, the technology they utilize, and potential byproducts.
Geebee International
Consultants in the field of atomic power and nuclear research. Includes service and product overview.
Institute for Nuclear Technology (INETEC)
Developers of reactor pressure vessel and steam generator tube collector and inspections programs for PWR and VVER nuclear power plants.
Preferred Engineering
Manufacturer of specially engineered mechanical tools and equipment to support nuclear power plant refueling and maintenance activities.
Professional Protection Systems (PPS)
Manufacturer of decontamination systems, shelters, surge capacity and related protective equipment. Includes product catalogue and company profile.
Manufacturer of fiber-reinforced concrete containers used for nuclear waste storage.
Specializes in nuclear instrumentation development and manufacturing. Includes product overview and specification, and company information.
TVEL Corporation
Manufacturers of nuclear fuel. Includes company profile, product and service overview. [English, Russian]
United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)
Production and sales of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants.
Manufacturer of enriched uranium for the nuclear power utilities worldwide.
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