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ABMech Design & Analysis Ltd.
A UK based company that specialises in stress, thermal and dynamic finite element Also offers design services and testing consultancy.
ACS Testing
Offers a quality laboratory and site testing service for the analysis of construction materials.
Advanced Magnetic Technologies & Consulting
Researches, instruments, services for magnetic thermal chemical surface and bulk analysis.
Advent Engineering Services, Inc.
Provides expertise in finite element analysis, the commercialization of biopharmaceutical processes, product lifecycle, process development and qualification, process equipment design commissioning and qualification and GMP facility design.
Anasys makes use of vibration technology to assist in the correction of machinery vibration.
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Offers engineering services in computational fluid dynamics, crashworthiness and transportation safety, structural analysis and design.
Argus Engineering
Provides basic linear stress/structural analysis and other engineering services for manufacturers or designers.
ASD Advanced Simulation & Design
Expert simulation services using CFD and finite element analysis. including fluid dynamic, mechanical, thermal, chemical and biocompatibility simulations.
Bearing Consultants
Helping customers solve bearing problems for various applications and operating environments.
Best Solution Consultancy Ltd
UK. Provides modelling and analysis support to scientific and engineering projects, offering finite element analysis, product design, mesh generation, trouble shooting and magnet requirements. Includes profile, information on services and applications, case studies, and contact details.
CADEA Consulting Services
Specializing in marine propulsion shafting vibration or design problems. Located in Split, Croatia.
Cenit Ltd,
Provides consultancy and training services.
Product safety testing for UL and CSA. Certification transmitter testing for EU and country specific requirements.
Clockwork Solutions
Offering simulation and modeling consulting services in all engineering related industries.
Colibri Pro Development
Focuses on consulting, mentorship and support in general areas such as technical troubleshooting, system level understanding and simulations.
The Consultants' Bureau
Provides a wide range of expertise and capabilities. A division of Kashar Technical Services, Inc.
DRD Technology Corporation
Computer Aided Engineering Firm. Finite element analysis in the areas of structural, thermal, magnetic, acoustics, vibration, dynamics, fluid flow. Motion studies also performed.
Dynamax Inc.
Provides Dyna3d training, crash analysis, forming analysis, and is a distributor of Dyna3d software.
eCon Engineering Kft
Solving finite element and mold analysis problems by telework.
Engineering Science Analysis Corporation
Specializing in finite element analysis
Engineering Solid Solutions, Inc.
Specialized in vehicle design and development. ESS utilizes high end analytical software to reduce product development cost and timing. Company information and references.
Engineering Technology Associates Inc.
ETA is an engineering consulting company specializing in automotive CAE.
Entropy Limited
Providing risk management, engineering, and statistical services including risk assessment tool development, multivariate analysis, and failure modeling.
ERA Technology Ltd.
Provides assessment of complex systems, design and development, systems solutions and technical consultancy.
Italian structural engineering consulting company specializing in finite element analysis of composite materials.
Femto Engineering
Analysis and optimisation of products
Finglow Consultants Ltd
UK based experts in the engineering analysis, assessment and design of pressurized equipment. Also provides stand-alone finite element analysis consulting service.
FlowOne Engineering
A Malaysia based company providing CFD, FEA and CAE services.
Gear Consulting Group
Offers design advice, troubleshooting of manufacturing problems and gear training seminars.
Independent consulting company operating in the field of gas and dust explosion safety.
Intrepid Plastics Solutions, Inc.
A plastics consulting firm utilizing Moldflow software to evaluate the injection molding process and provide insight into the effects of part and mold design choices on the manufacturability of the part.
Invensys Engineering
Specialises in providing CAE support to the automotive industry - from component to full body structure analysis, development and optimisation.
JE Fuller Hydrology and Geomorphology
Consulting firm specializing in erosion analysis and floodplain delineation. Offices in Tempe and Tucson, Arizona.
JLR The Engineering Solutions Company
Provides finite element analysis solutions including engineering consulting, ANSYS and LS-Dyna software, training, mentoring, and web-based custom simulation software.
Based near London UK, specialises in FEA structural analysis services, mechanical engineering solutions and product development.
John Stark Associates
Provide consulting for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and related subjects such as Product Development, PDM, CAD/CAM/CAE and Lifecycle Analysis.
McCann Science
Engineer consultant services to business, engineering and science in process and plant simulation, modeling and control.
Merkle & Partner
Offers services in the fields of technical and scientific analyses and 3D constructions. Structural analysis, Fluid mechanics, Multi-body simulation, CAD and product development
Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd
Scientific and forensic services and consultancy on a world-wide basis. Includes a description of services.
Offers services in process modelling, scientific computation and numerical simulation and combines CAD with finite element modelling, for better mastering geometrical and physical complexities.
Numerical Modelling GmbH
Has developed its own FEM programme with interchangeble kernels for sensor and actuator devices, for magnetostatic analysis, electro harmonic analysis and eddy current analysis, for modeling reactive flow as for example fuel cells, and for modeling drift-diffusion. of holes and electrons in semiconductor devices.
France. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) services for the treatment of industrial fluid-flow problems in specific fields of industry. Includes profile, information on services, and contact form. [English, French, Italian].
Optimal Inc.
Based in Detroit, Michigan and specializing in computer aided engineering (CAE), finite element analysis (FEA), training, staffing and software services.
PV Concept
Based in Montreal, offering FEA, CFD, pipe stress analysis, ASME Section VIII (pressure vessel calculations) consulting services.
PW Laboratories
Specializes in construction materials inspection and testing. Material expertise includes soils, concrete, asphalt and steel.
QuantiTech, Inc.
Provides cost-effective, quantitative decision support via statistical analysis, risk analysis, system optimization, and project management.
Red Cedar Technology
Engineering, analysis and optimization.
Researchers Private Limited
Based in India with a branch in San Diego and provides computational fluid dynamics and structural finite element analysis.
Performs automated analysis of SCADA data. Applications include wind farms, utilities and public transport. Based in Melbourne Australia, with services available worldwide.
Simpact Engineering Limited
European group of engineering consultants specialising in computer aided design & engineering, primarily in automotive & aerospace design.
Simutech Group
Specialists in FEA, CFD and Explicit Dyanamics simulations. Simutech also offers failure analysis and ANSYS training
Thumbprint Solutions
Mechanical engineering design and development services and simulation software solutions to clients in land, air, and sea transportation industries.
Value Design Consulting Ltd
Provides hand calculation and finite element stress analysis services. Proficient with NASTRAN, ANSYS and Pro Engineer.
Specializes in solving difficult lifing problems due to fatigue, corrosion and other damage mechanisms.
VFA Engineering Group
Performs failure analysis of components for a variety of industries and analyzes possible design changes to improve component life.
VisEng Ltd
Specialists in visualisation of stress and fluid flow.
WJM Technologies
Provides consulting and training services for various materials and welding techniques.
Zishan Engineers (Pvt) Ltd
ISO 9001:2000 certified engineering consulting firm with experience in oil & gas, petrochemicals, water, power, wind farms, and various other industrial projects.
Zmulate Engineering
Uses ABAQUS to perform realistic structural and thermal finite element analysis of nonlinear problems involving large displacement, contact, plasticity, damage and failure.

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