This category is for consultants whose main operations center around corrosion protection and prevention. Contractors and material suppliers should submit their sites to the related categories shown at the bottom of the page of this category.

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Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc.
Cathodic protection, failure investigation and material selection. Licensed, insured and bonded in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California and Texas.
ARK Engineering & Technical Services, Inc.
Provide engineering and technical services in corrosion analysis, soil resitivity analysis, cathodic protection, computerized corrosion control, groundbed design and installation for cathodic protection systems.
Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd
Specializing in the practice of corrosion and materials engineering. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Christian Vargel
Aluminium corrosion expertise for matters including choice of alloys and influence of design on corrosion, serving the building construction shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, and legal industries.
The Concrete and Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd
Engineering inspection, testing and reporting of commercial and residential buildings, marine structures and bridges. Located in Canterbury, Kent.
Corrosion Clinic
A consulting firm providing corrosion advisory, training and diagnosis services.
Jonas, Inc.
A consulting and research and development company with expertise in water and steam chemistry, turbines, boilers, corrosion, materials, instrumentation, and failure analysis in utility and industrial systems located in Delaware.
Kadlec Associates
Offers consulting engineering services in the field of corrosion control and cathodic protection.
Nixus International
Consulting services include cathodic protection, corrosion control and pipeline rehabilitation.
Pair O Docs Professionals L.L.C.
A research and consulting company that specializes in corrosion causes, inhibitors, prevention, and electrochemical testing for new product development.
Sale Associates
Inspection, testing, and consulting engineers.
Southern Cathodic Protection Co.
Consulting engineering firm providing corrosion engineering services to mitigate corrosion of pipelines, rebar in concrete, underground storage tanks, water towers.
Tinnea and Associates
Corrosion scientists and engineers who provide independent evaluations of corrosion-related damage, determine causes, recommend rehabilitation strategies, and provide corrosion consulting services to both owners and engineers.
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