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This category covers sites related to producing a multiplicity of standard and custom parts and components for a diversity of end users, usually (although not always necessarily) on a subcontracted basis. It includes associated supply and support companies and runs the gamut of providing castings through to the application of various finishes to end products. In effect, the essential feature is the use of machinery, rather than the manufacture of the equipment itself. Thus a lathe user can belong here, whereas the lathe manufacturer will be found -- and should be directed to -- a more logical Machinery and Tools category. Note: Companies indexed in the main category should offer either multiple or somewhat unique manufacturing capabilities. Otherwise, sites are distributed among a number of subcategories, each indicating a particular type of machining activity. Additional note: Just as lathe manufacturers aren't indexed in this category, so companies that manufacture end products from start to finish themselves are, more than likely, better directed elsewhere. Obvious examples would be appliance manufacturers and car makers, who each have categories of their own and, at best, merely -- somewhere along the way -- use the services and parts provided by the firms whose sites are listed within this Casting, Molding, Machining category.

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AC Haines Engineering Ltd.
UK. Provides variety of design and machining services. Includes small batch precision component production, large batch fabrication and assembly, and design and building of fixtures, jigs, robotic cells, and special purpose machines.
Advanced Materials Components Express L.L.C.
Specializes in design and manufacture of O.E.M small parts made from glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, alloyed, composite, and polymeric materials. Can incorporate abrasion, corrosion, and hear resistant finishes.
Anderson Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Produces custom cold formed components for automotive, electronics, furniture, battery, appliance, housewares, and hardware industries.
APAC Techno-Resources Pte Ltd
Manufacturers of casting, forging and stampted metal components in China.
Bodycote International p.l.c.
UK. Manufacturing group offering broad range of products and services. Includes heat treatment, hot isostatic pressing, material testing, and metallurgical coatings. Site provide links to details of capabilities.
C&C Metal Products
Custom manufacturers of stamped, diecast, and slide formed metal parts and components. Products include buckles, buttons, nailheads, jewelry accessories, and upholstery items.
Carlisle Companies, Inc.
Diversified manufacturing company serving construction materials, commercial roofing, specialty tire and wheel, power transmission, heavy-duty brake and friction, foodservice, data transmission, process systems and automotive industries. Includes investor information and business directory.
Caster Maintenance Company
Specializes in caster repair and rebuilding services. Details of capabilities, including alignment, frame straightening, roll overlaying, and pipe replacement.
Century Graphics & Metals Inc.
Manufactures aluminum sign blanks and steel sign frames for variety of applications. Also offers screen printed signs and distributes magnetic vinyl sheeting and die cut products.
Charu Enterprises
Manufactures wide selection of fittings for boundary fences in galvanized pressed steel and other metals. Includes brackets, clamps, collars, flange plates, gate clips, post caps, and rail ends. Factory located in India.
Cheng Yi Metal Product Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures electric and electronic terminals for car and motor cycle markets, as well as molding and crimping tools.
Chung-Tai Precision Co. Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of screws and precision metal components. Includes parts for sewing machines, motorcycles and automobiles, computer peripherals, and photocopiers.
Competitive Engineering Inc.
Provides engineering, precision machining, manufacturing, as well as prototype and design services to the aerospace and high technology industries.
Conex Metals
Manufacture and exports non-ferrous metal components including brass plumbing fittings, cable glands, copper lugs and electrical connectors. Products, buying tips and contact details. Mumbai and Jamnagar, India.
CoPower Industrial Corp.
Taiwan. Produces variety of cast, forged, stamped, and machine metal parts for industrial requirements. Also offers selection of EDM wire cut and super drill machines.
Creative Design and Machining Inc.
Designs, fabricates, and supplies products, components, and customized equipment for the wireless communications industry. Capabilities include all requisite machining, finishing, and assembly.
Culver Tool & Engineering Inc.
Specializes in production broaching services. Facilities include over thirty broaching machines and choice of broaches. Capabilities include simple keyways through to splines and surface contours.
DelVa Tool and Machine Corporation
Providing precision machining, engineering and mechanical assembly for the commercial, aerospace and military industries.
Die-Tech Inc.
Offers range of services including precision stamping, prototyping, connector assembly, and design and manufacture of lead frames and automated equipment. Overview and links to each business segment.
Durose Manufacturing Limited
Canadian steel fabricators providing specialized services with custom software and manufacturing equipment. Includes a photographic samples of client sites.
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of power electronics, electrical equipment and plant automation systems for the steel processing industry. Technical brochure on PDF file.
Eliza Tinsley and Co Ltd
UK. Long established manufacturer of chains, ropes, poly tubing, and associated hardware and tradesmen's tools. Mainly serves the agricultural, building, and electrical markets.
Fansteel Inc.
Manufactures diversified range of metal components, including sand and investment castings, closed die forgings, and tungsten carbide cutting tools and forms. Details of capabilities, products, and factory locations.
FJ Industries
Danish manufacturing group producing finished parts in steel, sheet metal, and sintermetal. Processes include stamping, punching, sintering, and surface treatment. Sophisticated site incorporates detailed information.
Flex C Couplings
India. Manufactures cast iron coupling for broad range of industrial applications. Available in standard, spacer, external spider, pad, and flange varieties. Detailed product information.
Fonderia Roma
Italy. Manufactures selection of products in lead and other metals, with main focus on fishing and trapshooting applications. Information regarding sinkers, ballasts, pellets, and other available items.
Furukawa Co., Ltd.
Specializes in design and supply of production type tools, molds, dies, and customized machinery for a variety of companies and industries.
Provides die design, die casting, machining, surface treatment and assembly for HPDC products.
General Polygon Systems Inc.
Specializes in custom manufacture and grinding of polygon configured hub connections for wide range of industrial machinery. Account of possible applications and explains use as alternatives to splines and keys.
George Industries
Provides variety of fabrication and finishing services. Includes aluminum dip and vacuum brazing, machining, welding, custom painting, screen printing, and hardware installation.
Green Machine Tool Inc.
Company with diversified capabilities. Includes design and production of structural foam, injection, vacuum, and compression molds; machining of large fabrications, castings, plates, and die shoes; and finishing of machine mold bases.
Hardflex GmbH
Germany. Specializes in supply of hard carbide and quenched steel wear products. Includes clad plates and strips, high impact castings, pipes, bends, and formed items, and tubular hardfacing electrodes. Technical details available.
Specializes in manufacture of door and window insect screens and parts and other products involving combination of coiled metal and extruded thermoplastic materials. Animation of patented production process.
Hommer Tool & Mfg. Inc.
Specializes in production of round molding components. Includes cores, sleeves, rotatign cores, and core pins. precision tooling. Also produces line of truck brake relining tools, including anvils and push pins.
Howco Group
Independent processors and distributors of speciality steel. Includes company and service information.
Hydrafab Northwest Inc.
Offers metal fabrication, tube and pipe production and bending, and welding services, primarily for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and logging companies in the inland Northwest USA.
Illinois Broaching Co.
Provides broaching production and repair services and tooling to broad range of industries. Includes spline couplings, straddle over threads, and CNC milling.
Integrated Tool and Machine
Specializes in the precision production and assembly of heavy, large-scale machining components and subcomponents.
Italy. Designs and produces molds for thermoplastic, thermosetting, and fusion presses. Main application is pharmaceutical industry.
John Lawrie Group
UK. Products and services include scrap metal recycling, steel stockholding, building demolition, and supply of marine, oilfield, and non-oil and gas drilling equipment. Information regarding capabilities.
JP Moll, Co
Distributes and supplies newly designed or OEM parts for all of your manufacturing needs.
Juno Incorporated
Provides plastic injection molding, metal forming, metal stamping, and prototyping services. Industries served include medical, dental, electrical, power tools, and telecommunications.
Kaby Engineers Ltd.
UK. CNC and general machining, subcontracted production, and general job shop services. Some focus on pins and shafts, but capacity and capabilities exist for other components.
Kams Inc.
Family run business specializing in design, manufacture, and rebuilding of camshafts and followers for wide range of engine applications. Detailed account of capabilities.
Kosmos Industries Corporation
Taiwanese manufacturer of metal parts. Extensive range of products include items for electronics, computers, fiber optics, air and hydraulic tools, cars and motorcycles, medical devices, and communication equipment.
Kurt Manufacturing
Specializes in precision machining, aluminum die casting, and electronic gaging primarily for the aerospace and medical industries.
LaFrance Corporation
Manufactures range of three dimensional nameplates and decals for product identification. Available in variety of metals, plastics, configurations, and finishes. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Langtons, Ltd
UK. Standard and custom mild steel section and sheet steel fabrication.
LNM Auto Industries
Offers casting, forging and machining of part for the automotive and mining industry. Based in India.
Mac Machine & Metal Works Inc.
Offers wide range of capabilities. Includes metal stampings; tools, dies, and fixtures; large surface grinding; coordinate measuring; reverse engineering; and tool procurement management service.
Magnus Precision Manufacturing
Produces precision parts, tooling, and components for a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, fiber optics, recreational, and industrial. Phelps, New York, USA.
The Maini Group
Manufacturing processes range from precision components to in-plant material handling equipment, from granites to abrasives, international trading to ERP solutions providing.
Marbill Developments Ltd
British company specializing in manufacture and supply of polyurethane mouldings and sheeting, as well as provision of inhouse/onsite polyurethane spray coating for decoration or protection of rollers, wheels, and various surfaces.
Maxvalue Industries Co.Ltd
Design and manufacture of cast iron, lost wax, die castings, stampings and forgings. Located in China.
May Foundry and Machine Company
Offers foundry, heat treating, and machine shop services.
India. Produces broad range of products to customer requirements. Includes pressed sheet metal and moulded rubber and FRP components, as well as items fabricated from insulating material.
Metal-Tech of Tennessee LLC
Provides heat treatment and stress relieving. Offers, steel , case and straight hardening, nitrocarburizing, nitriding, tempering, and blueing.
Metals of Bahrain Co.
Manufactures precision-turned components, brass hot forgings, and aluminum high-pressure die-cast components.
Metrocal, Inc.
Customized gage and fixture design and build, complete calibration services, precision dimensional and CMM layout services.
Ming's and Company
Product range includes watch crowns, spring bars, springs, watch parts, screws, watch toolings.
Modul International
System manufacturer of components for the retail and exhibition industry. Aluminium extrusions for counters, displays, cabinets, presentations and points of sale. Planning, technical engineering, consulting, service.
Munish Group of Companies
India. Produces range of forged products and castings for various markets. Automotive components, ornamental fencing items, fasteners, flanges, and scaffolding connections. Includes photos.
Newburgh Engineering Company Ltd
Scope of supply encompasses design, machining, fabrication, iron founding, welding, assembly and site installation.
Italy. Produces stainless steel yokes, clips, and lockable and clevis pins for variety of pneumatic and mechanical applications.
OFmecc SRL
Designs and develops components, units and machines for household appliance, industrial and agricultural sectors. Based in Italy.
OMCO Roll Forming Excellence
Find your standard and custom roll formed shapes used in a wide variety of applications.
Parmjeet Sandhu Engineering Works (Pvt) Ltd.
Produces broad range of forged and machined parts and components for steel plants, industrial machinery, and heavy vehicles. Photos of typical end products. Located in India.
Parts Finishing Group
Performs metal finishing services for the automotive industry. Specializes in honing and gun drilling, deburring, phosphate coating, shot peening and blasting, paint stripping and rust removal.
Patriot Machine, Inc.
Offers a wide range of services from sheet metal processing, tool design, machining, as well as related services like CAD/CAM consulting and N/C programming.
Patson Lead Inc.
Specializes in fabrication of lead products. Includes anodes, coils, and lined tanks for plating industry, as well as variety of sheeted materials for protection against radiation. Details of product applications.
Perfecto Tool & Engineering Co. Inc.
Concentrates on design and fabrication of special machinery and precision tooling for broad range of manufacturing and service industries. Also undertakes contract machining assignments.
Philadelphia Carbide Company
Designs and manufactures variety of machine and wear parts, punches and dies, and special purpose components in tungsten and silicon carbide and ceramic materials. Site describes capabilities and includes examples of end products.
Philip Machine Co.
Racks, baskets, wireforms, trays for anodizing, plating, chrome, sputtering, painting, powder finishing.
Plasidyne Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.
Molding and machining shop. Services include grinding, turning, tooling, stamping and pressing, milling, heat treating, and sawing.
Plaster Process Castings Co.
Produces aluminum, zinc, and alloy castings in both plaster and sand molds; sand and reaction injection mold tank castings; and foundry, thermoforming, and rotational mold tooling.
British manufacturers of precast concrete products. Includes freestanding A blocks, prestressed panels, portable raft floors, and road traffic barriers. Site incorporates photo gallery of examples.
Precision Castparts Corporation
Manufacture forged castings for industrial application. Features product data, investor information, FAQ and global locations. (NYSE: PCP)
Precision Screw Thread Corp.
Specializes in cold-formed thread rolling. Explanation of process, features, benefits, suitable materials, and a range of applications.
PTC Industries Limited
Features castings, forging, machined components, stampings, fabricated and assembled parts from this firm's 4 plants in 3 cities in India.
Q.S. Control Corp.
Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of components for automotive and electronic industries. Includes machined, stamped, plastic injected, rubber molded, cast, and forged items. Also produces selection of radiators.
Quanex Corporation
Manufacturing group producing steel bars and aluminum impact extrusions for automotive industry, as well as siding, roofing, and doors and windows for building trade. Information regarding capabilities.
R.T.M. Composites
Specializes in design and supply of turnkey closed molding process installations. Package includes all equipment, detailed operator training, and ongoing technical support. Equipment and process information.
Reko International Group Inc
Designs and supplies plastic injection and compression mold, dies, and fixtures. Also provides machining services. Serves automotive, consumer products, metalworking, and aerospace industries.
Reliable Bronze & Manufacturing Inc.
Carries large inventory of standard size bearings and bar or plate stock and can fulfill custom orders on made-to-print basis. Site incorporates detailed information of available items and capabilities.
Rical Group
Group of companies, specialised in die casting, sheet metal working and precision made metal parts for a variety of industrial applications. Links to group companies.
S&S Tool Inc.
Manufactures wide range of precision parts and tooling for diversified customer base. Includes products for automotive, bicycle, canmaking, exercise equipment, machine tool, and medical and surgical device markets.
Saar Metallwerke GmbH
Specialized in the processing of non ferrous metals. Offers casting, forging, welding, soldering, and CNC-machining of pure high conductive copper as well as copper and aluminium alloys.
Sainath Industries
India. Manufactures a broad range of gaskets, shims, and washers in copper, brass, and tin, particularly to customer specifications. Also produces dies, jigs, and fixtures for varied clientele.
Schnipke Engraving Company
Offers mold design services, traditional and high precision molding, contract manufacturing, mechanical and automated assembly.
Sealtight Fasteners
Manufactures reusable cold-formed self-sealing screws, nuts, and rivets. Site explains designs and lists range of applications.
Self Leveling Machines Inc.
Offers worldwide onsite machining service, with emphasis on handling large circular and irregular shaped items. Serves wide range of onshore and offshore industries. Account of laser directed equipment and capabilities.
Serkapsan Metal & Ceramic Coating Co
Turkey. Manufacturers of ceramic and metal coated parts for automotive, textile and nonwovens, paper, cable and wire, mining and sealing applications. English, Turkish and Arabic.
Simplex Group
Features this Indian heavy industry firm working as an equipment builder, technology supplier, turnkey contractor.
Singh's Engineering Services
New Zealand. Produces broad range of specialized products for farming, horticultural, and food industries. Available in mild and stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, and plastics.
Diversified manufacturing company providing fixtures, gages, tooling, high pressure die castings, compression molded products made from thermoset composites, and engineering and design services.
Stalex Inc.
Designs, builds, rebuilds, upgrades, and repairs steel coil processing equipment. Offers both new, customized, and used items. Also provides maintenance services. List of capabilities.
Stampaggio Plastica Termoindurenti
Italy. Produces broad range of thermoplastic and thermoset molded products. Includes door and drawer handles and knobs, as well as selection of machine elements and accessories. Catalogs of available items.
Sterling Sintered Technologies, Inc.
Offers precision powdered metal parts plus sintered bearings, bushings and self-lubricating bearings.
Sumangal Group
India. Group of companies, active in steel forgings, investment castings, gray cast iron and ductile iron castings, and precision CNC machining services.
Superior Thread Rolling Co.
Manufacturing and thread roll processing of high strength alloy steels for aerospace and commercial industries.
Systems & Equipment Maintenance Co.
Diversified company, located in India, providing wide range of castings, forgings, and fabricated and machined sheet metal products for a variety of domestic and overseas markets. Product and application details.
Taiwan Sintered Metals Co Ltd.
Manufacturer of molybdenum slugs for the semi conductor industries.
Tallarin Guido & C.
Read about this Italian company working in steel structural work and plate processing.
THR Machinery
Capabilities include manufacture of complex bending machines, braze tables, and tools for piercing and punching tools. Site incorporates details of these end products.
TMS Technology Precision Co. Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of ball retainers used in wide variety of industrial machinery. Examples include drilling, milling, punching, food processing, and packaging equipment. Product information.
Trend Technologies Inc.
Supplies design services, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, soft tooling, decoration and contract manufacturing.
Ultra Tool and Manufacturing
Offers diverse range of services. Includes contract metal stamping, tooling design and production, and development and supply of special purpose machinery.
USD Formteiltechnik GmbH
Supplier in drawing parts in investment casting, sand casting, forgings, closed die forging components, stamped components.
Vanek - Strojirenska Vyroba
Czech Republic. Specializes in sheet metal work and also fills orders for locksmith trade. Details of equipment and facilities.
Vienybe AB
Lithuania. Diversifed manufacturer producing and exporting metal furniture components, compressor valves, piston rings, gear driven blowers, and heating boilers.
Walzen Irle GmbH
Rolls and high wear resistant castings for industry. Based in Germany.
Wood Grip Industries
Manufacture a range of brass products including rods and tubes, screws and fasteners, anchoring systems and builders hardware .
Worthington Industries
Diversified metal processing company producing variety of processed steel items, pressure cylinders, metal framing, machine tooling, shipping pallets, and specialized coatings. Details of products and services.

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