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Acme Wire Products Co. Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of wire formed, stamped, welded, and assembled products. Includes fan and machine guards, baskets, carriers, racks, and electronic chassis and frames. Site provides detailed account of capabilities.
Bazz Houston Co.
Manufactures metal stampings, fourslide products, wire forms, coil, flat and constant force springs, assemblies, ISO 9002 certified; tube bending services.
Booth Wire Products
Specializes in the custom production of wire baskets, shelves, racks, and guards for use in consumer and industrial products.
Drahtwerk Elisental
German manufacturer of magnesium and aluminium welding wire fillers bars and rods. Details products offered with downloadable brochures and specifications. [English, German, and French]
Wire products, wire displays, accessories and fixtures purchased direct from the manufacturer.
Index Publications
Publishes two monthly advertising "shoppers": one for the screw machine products industry, and one for the precision wire springmaking and wire/strip forming industries.
Kewanna Metal Specialties
Manufacturer of specialized wire forms and welded assembles.
Lumsden Corporation
Manufacturer of Flexx Flow conveyor belts, and Wiremation woven wire conveyor belts used in food processing and the electronics industry.
Metallurgiaca Branchetti s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures soap drawn as well as black, white, and spooled annealed wire coils, and a line of nails. An account of manufacturing process and provides specifications of available products.
Precision Wire Forms Inc.
Offers production of prototypes and broad range of simple or complex wire forms. Facilities include computerized design software and in-house tooling.
Rives Manufacturing Inc.
Manufactures broad range of cold headed, hot upset, and CNC wire forms. Can also undertake coining, wire straightening, and thread rolling and machining orders.
Tammet Ltd.
Finland. Specializes in manufacture of steel wire and plate mesh and netting. Uses include enclosure, protection, decoration, and reinforcement. Site provides detailed account of product range and applications.

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