This category covers a variety of operations required, on the one hand, to prepare metal and nonmetal surfaces and products for subsequent processing and, on the other hand, to give them a final (and usually pleasing) appearance. As such it includes sites related to an assortment of heat treatment processes (such as annealing, brazing, carburizing, and nitriding), various pre- or post- (and essentially mechanical) operations (like deburring, grinding, and polishing), and the application of (wet) painting and (dry) powder coatings as well as certain specialized (and, more than likely, chemically induced) finishes. On the whole, it assumes a quite different kind of application than that involved in plating products to give them a desired finish or significant change in physical properties. Note: Because many plating companies include pre- and post-treatment capabilities in the services they offer, additional sources for surface preparation and finishing can be found among the sites indexed in the Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Plating_and_Metal_Finishing/Plating categoryHowever, the deciding factor in such allocations is the overriding concern with plating rather than a focus on what those companies are given to calling "value added services."

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Advanced Prep-Coat, Inc.
Surface preparation and coating company. Services include sand blasting, shot blasting, epoxy and urethane coatings, and specialty floorings and linings.
Altamar Inc.
Provide broad range of laser based services, including cutting, welding, and marking; remanufacturing of existing laser machines; and design, development, and manufacturing of custom laser fabrication systems.
Wide ranging group of companies specializing in provision of heat treatment services, supply of metallurgical coatings, and facilities for material testing. Explanation of available processes.
Burkard Industries
A powder coater certified to major automotive standards. RFQs may be submitted on-line.
Deburring Centre Ltd.
Features examples and diagrams of removing burrs thermally. UK based.
DIARC-Technology Inc.
Finland. Specializes in amorphous diamond coatings using patented technology. Applications include sheet metal, cutting and molding tools, cutting knives, rotary dies, and machine parts.
Donwell Company
Specializes in application of Teflon and other protective and special purpose coatings. Site provides details of different coating properties and applications to wide range of industrial and commercial product surfaces.
Eaglemaster Inc.
Specializes in deburring and metal finishing. Minnesota based.
Flamemaster Corporation (The)
Manufactures, develops, markets and licences flame retardant coatings, high-heat resistant coatings, and sealants. (Nasdaq: FAME).
Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc.
Specializing in condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, boiler system pipeline cleaning, and radiological decontamiantion.
High Performance Systems Inc.
Offer a range of services for the coating of exterior and curtain walls, re-cladding materials, flag poles, doors and railings. Includes tips for architects.
IBC Coating Technologies Ltd.
Develops diffusion surface treatment technologies for anti-wear and anti-corrosion applications.
A contract processor for coatings and metal deposition for industry. The company also sells the equipment for metal deposition processing.
Judricks Enterprises Limited
Specializes in shot blasting, shot peening, balancing, deburring, precision machining and steel forging.
Kamis Incorporated
Manufactures sputtering targets and evaporation material for thin filmcoating industry. Includes selection of crucibles, evaporation boats, and earth and pure metals. Also provides subcontract services.
Kolene Corp
USA. Independent company, active in research, development and supply of surface cleaning and treatment technologies for ferrous and non-ferrous components and materials. Description of process. Library of technical papers. Links to related sites.
MacDermid Incorporated
Researches, develops and markets specialty chemicals and systems for the chemical treatment, surface preparation and finishing of metals, plastics and other materials.
Magnet Paints
Manufactures specialty paints and coatings for industrial maintenance, automotive fleets and commercial vehicles.
Northeast Laser Engraving Inc.
Provides laser marking and engraving services on variety of materials and surfaces. Applications include medical, industrial, and promotional items. Site provides photos of various end products.
Ohtsuka Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Provides coating solutions for metal and plastics finishing. Offers product range from paint rollers, brushes to advanced technology-based products including chrome-free plastic and metal coating solution.
PermaMark Inc.
Provides broad range of laser marking services. Capabilities include laser based vitrification of bricks and tiles and processing of exotic materials.
Photo Chemical Machining
PCMI is different from most Trade Associations and Professional Societies because it represents a broad cross-section of all sections of the Photo Chemical Machining Industry's technology:
Precision Cleaning Systems
Specializes in cleanroom contaminant removal services for variety of applications. Includes cleaning of parts, assemblies, instrumentation, and process flow equipment for oxygen, chlorine, electronics, and aerospace industries.
PTI Industries Inc.
Provides overhaul, repair, and testing services for aerospace, automotive, commercial, and medical components.
R.P. Rivestimenti Plastici s.r.l.
Specializes in application of plastic coatings to a variety of products and components. Basis is a cataphoresis process.
Royal E-Coat
Specializes in application of black, colored, and clear electrocoat finishes to metal parts. Explanation of process, account of benefits, and list of possible surfaces, products, and components.
Southern Shotblasting
Specializes in surface and floor preparation for construction and road projects. Services include concrete cleaning, bead blasting, and industrial coatings removal.
Specialty Steel Treating Inc.
Provides broad range of heat treatment services. Capabilities include brazing, carburizing, nitriding, normalizing, precipitation hardening, quenching, and stress relieving. Holds several Quality Certifications.
Stanley Industries, Inc.
Specializing in deburring, blasting, burnishing, and other services for the metal working industry.
Superior Shot Peening
Offers a system to produce significant improvements in fatigue properties of finished castings.
Surftech Corporation
Offer pvd thin film coating services and equipment including cathodic arc evaporation and unbalanced magnetron sputtering.
Tecnofirma S.p.A.
Italy. Specializes in surface preparation, painting, and coating equipment and systems. Includes standard and special purpose spray and dipping machines for degreasing and washing as well as for paint and coating applications.
Titus Steel Co
Manufacture wear and abrasion resistant steel plate and bars . Includes product slide presentations.
Offer vacuum coating services for the protection of electrical synthetic material casings, decorative coating of metals, and semi-transparent IR-protective layers.
Vectron Deburring
Provides thermal and electro-chemical contract deburring services.
Zhongshan Dongfang Metal Printing & Can Co., Ltd.
Specializes in plate printing and rotary flanging products contain metal cans, printing craft, metal printing, container, stamped tins.

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