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ABQ Manufacturing
Custom powder coating job shop serving manufacturers from proto-type to production quantities applying epoxy, polyester and poly-urethane. From New Mexico, US.
Advance Coatings
Specializing in contract services of parylene conformal coatings for military and commercial electronics systems and medical devices.
Allied Powder Coating Inc.
Houston, Texas company specializing in protective baked-on powdercoating services for industrial, commercial, and retail markets. Applications include aeronautic, automotive, marine, and lawn furniture parts and products.
Andrews Powder Coating, Inc.
Powder coating with clear, conductive, ESD and anti graffiti coatings. In shop sand blasting services available. From California, US.
Applied Powdercoat
A powder coating company. From California, US.
Automatic Coating Limited
Canadian firm specializing in powder coating services. Site incorporates explanation of thermoplastic and thermoset coatings, range of applications, and advantages compared with painted finishes.
Bead Blasting Services Edinburgh
Offers powder coating and part preparation service in UK.
Broken Arrow
A powder coating company. From Oklahoma, US.
Calgary Powder Coatings, Inc.
Custom powder and fusion-bonded coatings facility for the metal and glass industries. On site sandblasting and iron phosphate pretreatment.
Coatings Plus
Specialize in electrostatic powdercoating for variety of industries. FAQs section explaining nature, advantages, and limitations of coating process.
Crest Coating Inc.
Provides variety of powder coatings to enhance appearance or provide protection for wide range of wood and metal products and components. Site explains different properties of Teflon, Xylan, and Halar.
Electrostatic Powder Coating
Available in a wide range of colors, electrostatic powder coating is often used in place of conventional paints because of its excellent adhesion, durability and chemical resistance.
Enviro-Tech Powder Coating
Canadian company specializing in powder coating for industrial customers. Able to handle parts up to 20'long. Wide choice of colors in stock. Pick and delivery possible.
EnviroTech Coating Systems, Inc.
Provider of short-run and midsize run industrial powder coating of motor cycles, race car frames and parts, auto restoration projects.
Erie Powder Coating
A custom powder coater offering epoxy, polyester, urethane, vinyl, nylon and polyethylene powders. From Pennsylvania, US.
Exclusive Powder Coatings, Inc.
Specializing in Custom and High volume Production Powder Coating in Santa Clarita, CA
Geneva Coatings
Full service custom powdercoating company serving industrial and commercial customers. Variety of colors and finishes available. Chart showing differences in coating properties.
Lane Technical Coatings
Custom powder coating for all shapes and sizes.
Livingstone Coating Corporation
Teflon, Xylan, powder coating job shop specializes in difficult jobs.
North Basin Coating, Inc.
The first company in West Texas to offer electrostatic powder application. They can powder coat a wide range of items from small parts to parts up to 42 feet long and weighing up to 5000 pounds.
Northpoint Ltd.
British company supplying and applying variety of protective coatings for steel fencing, water pipes, storage racks, industrial bakeware, and architectural elements. Site incorporates detailed product and process information.
P&M Industrial Finishing Company
Connecticut based company providing powder and wet coating services in the Northeastern states. Includes powder, electrostatic spray, and dip/spin processing, as well as required surface cleaning and preparation.
Parylene Coating
Powder coating for electronics, medical applications, semiconductor and automotive. From Germany.
Perma-Finish Inc.
High volume powdercoating shop serving small to large manufacturers. Prepared to handle hold and release orders.
Pete's Luminous Creations
Glow powder-coating is made from rare earth and are non toxic. Re-usable over many years and glow time in excess of 8 hours. Green, blue and red.
PowderCoat America
A contract powder coating facility and manufacture of powder coating systems located in GA, US.
Powdercoating Specialties Inc
Offers powder coat and powderpaint electrostatic industrial coating.
Prism Powder Coating Services
Custom and semi-production job shop supports the racing, restoration, commercial and private sector markets. Short run, prototypes, motorcycle and automotive.
Procoat Finishing
Provides wet painting and high grade powder coating for the aerospace, electronics, and computer industries. Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.
Southern Powder Coating, Inc.
Custom coater specializing in batch and custom powder coating and multicolor changeover.
Sweeney & Sherlock
Job shop providing metal shotblasting and powder coating services. Focus is on refurbishment of alloy car wheels. Includes chemical stripping, repair of dents, and finish in silver or lacquer. Located in Birmingham, England.
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