This category covers the range of finishing obtained by such processes as grinding and buffing. Occasionally it follows the application of plating or coating to materials and components, but it is more usually -- and certainly for the purpose of this category -- seen as an alternative to them. Whatever the case, the process involves machining (or sometime hand work) rather than any form of dipping or other transformation of the original material condition and appearance. Note: It's perhaps a fine point, but the better allocation of many Polishing sites exists in the Surface_Treating category (see the "Machined_Finishing" link to it). The argument for this lies in further recognition that "a final polish" is simply the last step in removing roughness, burs, imperfections, and, of course, a dull appearance from a surface.
A&H Duffy
Production polishing and finishing facility featuring sand blasting, epoxy filling, mass finishing, hand polishing and automated finishing services.
Group offering chemical and electrochemical surface treatment processes for stainless steel.
Barnes Metal Polishing
Offer custom or automated buffing, deburring, polishing, tumbling, grain finishing, stroke sanding, plating and degreasing on aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and zinc metal parts.
Bud's Metal Polishing
Metal polishing, metal finishing, buffing, grinding, satin finish, line grain, de-burr, bright buff, and metal treatment.
Custom architectural metal polishing and grinding services.
Delstar Metal Finishing
Offers electropolishing, passivating, pickling, chemical descaling, mechanical polishing and chemical cleaning.
Electro-Max, Inc.
Electropolishing, etching/pickling, plating, and weld descaling techniques.
Electropolishing Systems, Inc.
Electropolishing to close tolerance, Passivating, Deburring, Edgeforming, Titanium, Anodizing and Etching for Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics and Medical Device Industries.
Irving Polishing & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Specializing in the polishing and fabricating of stainless steel fittings, pumps, valves, filters, tubing and other various items for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, and semiconductor industries.
L.A. Specialties, Inc.
Specializing in polishing of racing/street wheels, motorcycle and other aluminum, stainless steel, and die cast products.
Lange Grinding, Inc.
Lange Grinding specializes in blanchard grinding, surface grinding, or milling of large sized parts and close tolerance requirements.
Mann Metal Finishing
Offer polish, shotblast, buff, deburr, file, smooth, and finish metal surfaces for the aluminum and steel industries.
Polished Metals Limited, Inc.
Architectural metal supplier with complete in-house polishing facilities serving the commercial and residential building and elevator industries, as well as fabricators and sheet metal workers.
The Polishing Shop
Full service metal polishing and finishing in Newbury Park, California.
Surface Finishes Company Inc.
Provides state of the art lapping, optical polishing, low stress grinding, diamond machining and honing services.
V & L Polishing Inc.
A full service metal finishing shop specializing in aluminum bars and panels.
Williams Metal Finishing and Polishing
Specializes in metal polishing of all metals including aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, brass, to the finish you require. Hand polishing to advanced robotic cell polishing. Since 1975 Williams has provided metal finishing services to large and small manufacturers nationwide.
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