This category covers the wide range of plating services designed to provide protection against corrosion, an increase in physical properties (such as hardness), and some kind of decorative finish to metal and nonmetal products. Both a variety of processes and end results are involved, and many companies concentrate on a limited number of them -- or even just one in particular -- while others offer a quite diversified list of capabilities. As far as possible, these differences are reflected in the allocation of sites to either this main category or those that recognize a predominant -- or even total -- focus on one given process rather than the others. Note: Many plating companies also offer (wet) painting and (dry) powder coating services and, provided neither process is the major part of the business, can be justifiably included in this main category or one of its subcategories. Where, however, either painting or coating is the overriding service, a site will -- and should -- be more appropriately listed in the Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Surface_Treating category. Additional note: Metal polishing is a further service that can be among a plating company's capabilities, but if this feature is the dominant one, the site more properly belongs in either the Polishing subcategory or the Bus/Ind/Mfg/CstMldgMchng/Surface_Treatment one -- with, once again, the recognizable business emphasis determining the particular allocation.
Accent Metal Finishing, Inc
Offers variety of finishes for steel and aluminum parts and components. Includes black oxiding, zinc phosphating, vibratory deburring, anodizing, hard coating, and irriditing. Site provides details of each process.
Electronic Precision Specialties Inc.
Offers broad range of rack, barrel, and reel-to-reel electroplating, especially for sheet metal, stampings, and machined parts. Finishes include gold, silver, tin, tin/lead, and electroless, sulfamate, and palladium nickel.
Empire Hard Chrome
Offers variety of proprietary treatments designed to extend the wear life and prevent corrosion attack on broad range of parts and surfaces. Site incorporates detailed explanation of options, processes, and applications.
New England Chrome Plating
Offers broad range of plating and finishing services. Includes chrome, brass, copper, electroless nickel, gold, silver, and zinc, as well as powder coating, buffing, and polishing. Serves both automobile and industrial markets.
Perfection Plating Incorporated
Provides broad range of reel-to-reel, barrel, and rack plating services. Finishes include copper, gold, silver, nickel, palladium, palladium-nickel, tin, and tin/lead.
The Software Artist Limited
Offers series of custom designed software programs for plating companies. Objectives include analysis and control of order processing, quality, inventory, and shipping. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Surtronics Inc.
Offers variety of plating services. Includes copper, gold, nickel, silver, tin, and zinc, as well as anodizing and passivation. Handles short runs and high volume orders.
T.K.F. Metal Kaplama
Production plating company including polishing chrome-nickel materials using electro polishing technique. From Turkey.
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