This category covers sites related to anodizing, an electrochemical process primarily applied to provide aluminum surfaces and products with a variety of protective finishes and properties. Note: The category indexes both suppliers and users of anodizing chemicals and processing components provided they are the predominant business, manufacturing, or service feature. If anodizing is accompanied by involvement in other plating, coating, or finishing processes, the company's site will be found in whichever category best represents the overriding -- or diversified -- focus.
AaCron Inc.
Provides anodized finishes for aluminum extrusions, sheet, plate, formed metal shapes and fabricated parts. Architectural quality anodizing in bronze, burgundy, gold, red and blue in either satin or bright (gloss).
Alpha Metal Finishing Co.
Hardcoat, clear, and color anodizing. teflon and chromate conversion coatings (alodine, iridite), light assembly, and packaging. Rush service available. ISO 9002 certified. Dexter, Michigan.
Analoze Corporation
Specializing in color anodizing, splash and multi-color anodizing, laser engraving and laser marking, titanium anodizing, mirror polishing, electropolishing, and passivation.
B and M Finishers Inc.
Provide anodizing and prismatic stainless steel coatings including colored and embossed stainless steel .
C.I.L., Inc.
Chromic, sulfuric and hard coat anodizing, electro plating, powder coating, clear and dichromatic sealing, Teflon impregnated hard coat.
Colour Anodising Ltd
Specialists in the aluminium finishing industry providing finishes in many colours and dealing in batch quantities from single items to a million. BSI registered and ISO9002 approved
Erie Protective Coatings, Inc.
Plating and metal finishing shop specializing in clear, color, and hardcoat anodizing. Can include masking and selective anodizing of components and surfaces.
Industrial Anodizing Co., Inc.
Anodizing, chemical brightening, chemical conversion film or passivation of aluminum or stainless details for automotive, aerospace, medical, foodservice and general use.
Kastner Metals / Embury
Canadian fabricators specializing in coil anodizing and supply of architectural composite and aluminum building panels. Site incorporates detailed process, product, and application information.
Lorin Industries
Aluminum coil anodizer with full capabilities for tolling and packaged products in industries such as electronics, lighting, architectural panels, appliances, hardware, automotive, and aerospace .
Metal Finishers, Inc
Specializes in black and clear (type II) anodizing. Additional services available include sanded finish, vibratory deburring and custom laser engraving.
Overland S.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in surface treatment of aluminium and plastic products. Includes anodizing, coating, and cutting of aluminum coils and molding, chromium plating, and silk screening of plastic components.
Poly-Metal Finishing
Specializing in anodizing, hard anodizing, irridite, alodine, aluminum, metal finishing, chromate conversion, poly-lube, polylube, Taber Abrasion, bonding preparation, and hardcoat.
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.
Services include aluminum anodizing, painting, powder coating and custom fabrication.
United Plating Inc. (UPI)
Softcoat and hardcoat anodizing, copper, nickel, silver, tin, gold, and zinc plating, solid film lubricant, passivation, chromate conversion (Alodine), painting and silkscreening. ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certification. Huntsville, Alabama
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