This category and its subcategories cover the wide range of services involved in giving metal and non metal surfaces, products, and components a protective, decorative, or, in some cases, specially required finish. It embraces a variety of plating, coating, polishing, and special purpose processes, the providers of which are indexed under whichever heading can be seen (or at least considered) to best reflect each company's business focus. Note: There are some fine distinctions among the variety of plating, coating, and finishing processes and end results, with companies offering all (or most) of them or limiting themselves to some -- or even a single one -- of them. To best sort out the differences, sites are allocated in one of two ways. On the one hand, a company's obvious emphasis on one type of process (e.g. Anodizing or Chrome or Galvanizing) will put it into an appropriately specific category. On the other hand, a company that runs the gamut of several processes (as, in fact, the greater number of firms do) will place it in either this main category (to reflect involvement in both Plating and Coating, for example) or the main Plating one (in recognition that the capabilities are wide rather than narrow ranging). Additional note: Coating sites more logically belong in the Surface_Treating category, as do, in many case, sites relating to Polishing. The rationale for such allocations rests on a judgement (however arbitrary it may be) that coating processes add a finish with little if any change in the physical properties of the underlying surfaces, whereas plating almost always changes them. In turn, polishing depends to a large degree on a machining (or sometimes a hand) operation and belongs under a Plating heading only if it takes some form of electromechanical or electrochemical deposition or alteration to the surface.

Subcategories 27

A-Luster Metal Finishing
Provides anodizing, chromating, aluminium conversion coating, zinc plating, passivating, stainless steel electropolishing, electroplating, and black oxidizing services.
Active Metal Finishing Co. Ltd.
Canadian company offering wide range of plating services. Includes tin, nickel, zinc, chrome, silver, and cadmium processes. Experience includes service to aerospace, military, and electrical contact industries.
Adept Precision Sheetmetal Ltd.
Suppliers of high quality precision sheetmetal including metal plating, polishing, powder coating, stove enamelling, silkscreen and engraving. UK Based.
Advanced Coating SA
Design, development and application of arc, cold, plasma and supersonic spraying of metals, alloys, ceramics and carbides. Also, flat and cylindrical surface grinding services and super finishing of parts. English and French.
Akron Plating Company Inc.
Provides wide range of plating and finishing services. Includes chrome, copper, zinc, nickel, passivation, electropolishing, and buffing/grinding/polishing. Site provides brief description and benefits of each process.
Provides precision electroplating, rhodium, gold, silver, palladium-nikel, tin, tin-lead, electroless-nikel. From malaysia.
Arlington Plating Company
Provides range of plating, polishing, buffing, and finishing services. Chrome, brass, nickel, copper, and silver coatings available. Can include mirror, satin, antique, and decorative finishes.
Artisan Plating
Specializes in refinishing and custom electroplating of fine metal objects for clients in the jewelry, watch, goldsmithing, restoration, crafts, and hobby trades. Service and application information.
Auric Metal Finishers Limited
Metal platers of high volume continuous plated electronic and semi conductor components.
Brierley Coil Tinning Ltd.
British company specializing in hot dip tinning service. Thickness of coating can vary to suit customer requirement.
Bronson Plating Company
Bright and satin nickel, chrome, and zinc finishes on rack plated steel and stainless steel. Also provides automatic and manual polishing, buffing, and electropolishing.
Cherokee Equipment Inc.
Specializes in sandblasting and painting, including in-field service. Includes ability to handle large steel and concrete items.
A Class Metal Finishing Pty Ltd
Metal finishing and plating services on base materials including plastics. Polishing, copper nickel chrome, gold and silver. Located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Cooper Plating Inc.
A specification electroplater specializing in plating gold, silver, nickel, tin, tin/lead, electroless nickel, and copper. Processes include reel to reel plating, barrel plating, and rack plating.
Custom Industrial Processing
Provides mechanical plating, galvanizing, impregnating, sealing services to manufacturers and users of metal components.
Dav - Tech Plating Inc.
Provides broad range of services including chromate conversion and electroless nickel plating, as well as aluminum anodizing and hard coating. Site explains differences in benefits and applications of each process.
Electro Prime Inc.
Offers production plating and machining, welding, fabricating, and assembly capabilities,
Specializes in variety of coating and finishing services. Includes electroless nickel, hardcoat anodizing, composite coatings, and electropolishing. Plant located in India.
General Magnaplate
Provides synergistic surface enhancement coatings for metal parts. Our coatings impart dry-lubricity, chemical/corrosion resistance, and superior mold release. Many coatings are FDA, USDA and Agri- Canada compliant.
General Metal Finishing
Electroplating, vibratory systems, barrel plating, rack plate, barrel plating, commercial electronics, telecommunications, medical, automotive.
H & M Plating Company Inc.
Provides reconditioning chrome and sulfamate nickel plating services for the oil, petrochemical, marine, and manufacturing industries. Complementary services include inhouse grinding, honing, and sandblasting of parts.
Hycrome (Europe) Ltd
Hycrome are specialists in the surface treatment and finishing of metallic and non-metallic products, with the know how and expertise built up over 50 years, to help you any time, with your surface treatment requirements.
Hydro-Platers Inc.
Provides hard chrome and electroless nickel plating services and grinding repair. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Offer a range of services for the non-stick and protective coating of machinery and machine parts.
Jamarco Industries
Features electropolish, vibratory, blasting and metal finishing for manufacturers of valves, castings, fittings and couplings in the screw machine, die castings, CNC turnings, and stamping.
Kaehr Corporation
Job shop specializing in anodizing, plating, painting, and powder coating. Site provides detailed account of each process and its applications. Mainly serves automotive, electronic, and aerospace industries.
British company offering and licensing electrolytic oxidation surface hardening treatment of light metals, alloys, and inter-metalloids. Site incorporates detailed explanation of process and applications.
Lawrence Mold Finishing In.
Offers diamond finishing and hard chrome plating of plastic injection and compression molded parts. Applications include machine tooling, mold inserts, and end products for cosmetic, medical, electronic, and automotive industries.
Luke Engineering
Custom producers of wear and corrosion resistant coatings including anodizing, protective films, impregnated hardcoating and solid film lubrication.
Macrodevelopments (Portsmouth) Ltd.
UK. Specializes in plating and metal finishing, particularly for aluminum, copper, and steel alloys. Includes hard anodizing and wide range of plating capabilities. Site provides details of each service.
Mag Group
Two companies located in India offering sheet metal fabrication and finishing services and undertaking industrial electrification contracts.
Masuda Industrial Co., Ltd.
Offers metal finishing services including plating, chemical conversion coating, and painting. Based in Japan.
METFAB Technologies, Inc
Design and fabrication of continuous, high speed wet processing systems for coating, electroplating, electropolishing, electrochemical deburring, and etching and anodizing metallic substrates in electrical, electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive and the superconductor industries.
Millcreek Metal Finishing
Provides full spectrum of plating and finishing services. Includes anodizing, passivating, phosphating, pickling, and cadmium, copper, gold, silver, tin, and zirconium plating.
Milwaukee Plating Company
Provides industrial electroplating services include silver, tin, zinc, copper, nickel and chrome, along with degreasing, polishing and buffing processes.
MPP Metal Finishing
Experience in electroplating and anodizing since 1937.
New Brunswick Plating
Metal finishing specialists since 1932 mastering the art and science of electroplating complex and tight tolerance parts.
New England Chrome Plating
Provides full range of plating and finishing services. Includes chrome, brass, copper, gold, nickel, silver, zinc, and powder coating. Market is mainly home and auto products.
Northwest Industrial Coatings
Provide powder coating colors and industrial coatings such as ceramics, heat dissipation, and friction modifiers. From Organ, US.
Plastic Coating Corp.
Specializes in application of coatings to castings, stampings, and wire goods. Range includes electrostatic epoxy, polyester, and urethane powders, liquid and powdered vinyl, and nylon powders.
Plating Systems and Technologies, Inc.
Processes for mechanical plating and mechanical galvanizing ("peen plating") provide corrosion protection without hydrogen embrittlement.
PMD Group
UK. Offers variety of plating and powder coating services. Focus is on sub-contract work in broad range of finishes, but also offers related chemicals, equipment, and plant engineering. Site provides links to details of capabilities.
Poeton Industries Limited
Offers a range of surface engineering solutions including metal coatings and thermal spraying.
PPS Limited
Provides metal preparation and finishing services to automotive, aircraft and general industrial marketplace.
Precision Plating Company Inc.
Specializes in a variety of functional and nonfunctional electrodeposited finishes, including use of gold, palladium, silver, and other precious metals. Site incorporates list of related information resources.
Red Sky Plating
Provides metal finishes including gold, rhodium, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, tin, tin-lead and black oxide. Also sandblasting, antique, matte and special order finishes. From New Mexico, US.
Rimex Metals (UK) Limited
Produce surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals. Examples of projects and product applications.
SGA Technologies
Specialists in hermetics and plating. Producers of high quality components for the electronics and telecommunications industry worldwide.
Silvex Surface Technology
Full service plating company offering silver plating, gold plating, platinum plating, electrolyses nickel plating, and anodizing services.
Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd
Plating division provides metal parts manufacturing and electroplating service.
Southwest United Industries
Group of companies providing anodizing, coating, plating, and metal finishing services to aerospace, energy, transportation, and heavy equipment industries. Site provides details of capabilities and contact information.
Steeltech Electropainting Inc.
Specializes in on-site electrostatic chemical coating of metal surfaces and products. Extensive applications possible, including furniture, railings, and architectural structures. Site incorporates detailed account of process.
Topocrom GmbH
Manufacturers of structured hard chromium coated roll covering for a range of industrial applications through the use of patented electroplating technology. Technical information and library of articles. Links to related sites. English, German and Spanish.

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