This category contains sites of companies that specialize in -- or have a business focus on -- the production of stamped metal parts and components. It also includes firms that stamp nonmetal materials such as plastics and wood. Note: The majority of stamping shops include tool and die making among their facilities, but this is a supplementary (and, of course, necessary) aspect of their business. They rarely make dies for end users, which is more the province of the Tool & Die Shops that are indexed in a category of their own.

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A-W Engineering Co., Inc.
Provide metal stampings with presses range in sizes from 35 to 880 tons.
ACM Metal Forming
Manufacturers of small precision stampings and wire form products. Based in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.
Acorn Stamping
Fabricates metal stampings using single-station and in-house built progressive dies in stainless steel, bronze, brass, and copper.
Advanced Cold Forming
Provides engineering, consulting, and part development services to the cold forming and cold heading industries on all types of machines.
AK Stamping Company Inc.
Specializes in sheetmetal fabrication for telecommunications, computer, and electronics industries. Includes brackets, wireless shielding products, and computer chassis and structural components.
Alco Manufacturing, Inc.
Produces the stamped metal parts, flat springs and assemblies for all types of industrial and commercial uses.
All-New Stamping Co.
Manufactures precision metal stampings, 1 to 150 Tons capacities, SPC system, Mil-Spec; CAD/CAM design, assembly and fabricating services.
Ampex Metal Products
Specializes in metal components produced from slide forming equipment and high speed stamping presses.
Arizona Steel Rule Die & Stamping
Arizona's quality provider of steel rule die and stamping services.
Artisan Equipment
Provides quality engineered products and services to automotive and non-automotive markets.
Astron, Inc.
Manufactures custom metal stampings, wire EDM for precision parts, prototypes; design, tooling, drilling, tapping, milling, beveling, grinding, deburring, degreasing services.
Ataco Steel Products Corporation
Custom metal stampings and fabrications for OEM's. ATACO excels in the manufacturing of complicated parts, such as those with deep draws, unusual shapes and close tolerances.
Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc.
Manufactures metal stampings and springs for the electronics, medical, and hardware industries. ISO-9002 certified.
Bel-Bee Products Inc.
Produces broad range of metal stampings to customer requirements. Can handle both simple and complex parts and components. Capabilities include wire EDM and assembly services.
Blue Arc Designs
Provides services in sheetmetal fab using materials such as stainless, aluminum, and iron. Products range from industrial machinery, custom trailers to wrought iron home products.
Brainin Advance Industries
Manufacturer of precision metal stampings and electrical contacts.
BTD Manufacturing, Inc.
Metal stamping facility housing some of the most sophisticated state of the art metal working tools. 600 ton blow metal stamping press. Laser cutting machines. Robotic and spot welders. CNC Milling, Tool and Die
Clairon Metals Corporation
Full service metal stamping machine job shop. Works with CNC machining, tool and die, jig and fixture fabrication and other general machine work.
Clampco Products Inc.
Manufacturer of t-bolt band clamps, spring-loaded clamps, and v-band couplings used in truck, engine, bus, off-road, marine, filter, pump, and aircraft equipment.
Co-Planar, Inc.
Supplies precision metal and mylar/plastic stampings which are used in automatic insertion equipment, high speed assembly operations, and reel-to-reel molding.
Crenshaw Die & Manufacturing Corp
Manufactures metal stampings, mild steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, stampable materials, sub-assemblies, sheet metal fabrications; water jet cutting, machining service.
The Crosby Company
Metal stamping operation supplying custom made flat, formed, and deep drawn parts, robotic Mig welding, resistance welding and mechanical assemblies.
Cut Smart Manufacturing Inc
Offers manufacturing services that include die cutting, stamping, routering, converting, fabricating and outsource matching.
Dayton Rogers
Specializes in metal forming solutions including metal stamping, metal fabrication, and engineering support.
Defiance Metal Products
Fabricates metal parts and assemblies. Punched, pressed and laser cut metal parts.
Diana's Flags & Guidons
Manufactures unit coins, challenge coins, military coins. Also, lapel pins an unit crest. No set-up or die fee.
Dickerson Tool & Engineering
Designs and builds dies, gages, and special machines with CNC machining. Stock pushers and crowders made too.
Dynamic Stampings, Inc.
Short run stampings and assemblies in quantities from 50 to 50,000 pieces using low cost life-time tooling.
E.L. Simeth
Manufactures metal stamping components including die springs, spring plungers, toggle and hydraulic clamps, wearstrips, machine slides, leveling pads, and servo feeds.
Eckmann Pressed Metal Co.
Produces broad range of stampings, including deep drawn metal and stainless steel parts. Also manufactures spun metal pulleys to customer requirements. Site provides account of capabilities and available equipment.
Eclipse Manufacturing Company
Metal stampings, stamped metal assemblies, and molded thermoset composite parts with advanced engineering, tool and die, and powder coating capabilities. Sheboygan WI, Pikeville TN.
Engineered Products
Manufacturers agents for plastics and plastic components, metal stampings, die castings, investment castings, spring and wire forms, powdered metals, fastners, and screw machine parts. A division of Duffey Enterprises, Inc. Elm Grove, Wisconsin.
Florida Metal Stampings, Inc.
Offering a wide variety of metal stamping, fabrication and silk screening using metal presses and laser cutting technology.
Formco Metal Products, Inc.
Four-slide and multi-slide manufacturer of precision metal stampings located just minutes from O' Hare.
Fralo Industries Metal Fabricators
Fabricates metal parts in small to medium runs for OEM and other customers utilizing laser cutting, traditional fabrication, and powder coatings.
G&G Engineering
Precision pressed components for the medical, automotive and consumer electronics industries. Design and manufacture of presstools. Manufacture of prototype pressed metal parts.
Gambit Corporation
Custom fourslide and multislide metal formings including wire-forms, metal stampings, flat springs, battery contacts, and clips for the electronics, computer, semiconductor, medical industries.
Gem Manufacturing
American company makes high quality deep drawn eyelets, ferrules, cans, metal stampings.
General A&E Inc.
A fabricator of precision sheet metal prototypes and production quantity parts.
Goshen Stamping Co. Inc.
Supplier of metal stampings to the ladder, educational map, and recreational vehicle industries.
Great Lakes Metal Stamping
Contractor supplies stampings, assemblies, weldments to the agricultural, appliance, automotive, office furniture, recreational vehicle markets. Low to high volume applications.
H & M Four Slide
Specialist precision metal stampings and wire forms utilize recent four slide and punch press technology.
Hamond Industries Ltd.
Outsource manufacturer of medium to high volume precision small custom stamped, formed and/or tapped metal parts
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.
Produces wide range of simple and complex metal stampings and fabrications for variety of industries. Site provides detailed information regarding capabilities and includes examples of end products.
Helfrich Tool & Die Corp.
Stamping of metal parts, stamping dies, metal plating finishes, welding and assembly with long, regular runs to prototypes.
HP Products Co.
Precision metal stampings, fabrication, manufacturing, automotive, welding, assemblies, prototypes, packaging clips, and progressive stampings.
HT Presswork
Precision metal stamping including dies designing and fabrication for consumer electronics, telecommunication and automotive industries.
Hylie Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of high precision metal stampings, including eyelets, stampings, battery caps and cans, terminals, made from most alloys.
I.M.C. Corporation
Offers broad range of sheetmetal cutting, stamping, fabrication, welding, and assembly services. Site provides details of experience and capabilities.
Industrial Tool & Die Co. Inc.
Specializes in production of metal stampings. Additional capabilities include tool and die work, turning, drilling, grinding, milling, wire EDM, and waterjet cutting.
Interplex Nascal Inc.
Suppliers of precision stampings for the connector, electronic, and telecommunications industries.
JB Medas Manufacturing Company
A metal stamping, laser cutting, production welding, machining, and prototype development company.
Jentech Global Manufacturing
Specialized in precision metal stampings, injection molding, and assembly for the semiconductor, automotive, and medical industries. Manufacturing locations in China, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
K-O Products Company
A metal stamping and assembly services including sub-assembly, welding, tapping and drilling.
Kapco, Inc.
Sets the standard for innovation, efficiency and quality in the metal stamping industry.
Ken-Tron Mfg. Inc.
Manufactures drawn wire and precision metal stampings in various materials for variety of industries. Products include wire, EDM wire, wire forms, and deep drawn and stamped parts. Capabilities are detailed.
Klassen Manufacturing Limited
Producer of metal stamping products including: Washers, Brackets, Window and Furniture hardware.
Kumar Precision Stampings Ltd.
Die casted parts and metal stampings for fan parts, fans, lamination, motor, pumps parts and pumps. From India.
L.V. Engineering Co.
Manufactures variety of circlips and stamped metal parts, with emphasis on snap, grip, crescent, and retaining rings for shafts and housing bores. Site provides detailed list of available items. Factory located in India.
LaCroix Industries, Inc.
Metal stamping, high-quality machines and workmanship, very satisfied customers, excellent service.
Lambert Industries
Metal stamping (10 to 125 ton) is one of the many contract manufacturing services offered.
Luitink Manufacturing Co.
Production of medium to high volume progressive stampings, assemblies and light gage stainless steel watertight containers.
M W Industries
Features custom manufacturing of washers, fasteners and stampings.
M&W Manufacturing Co.
Specializes in production of stampings, precision parts, fabricated tubes, and assemblies. Services include arrangements for file transfer and storage of drawings.
MA Metal, Inc.
Supplier of precision automotive stampings, components, and assemblies, and serves customers in the appliance, communication, aircraft, and electrical sector.
Mansfield Industries Inc.
Contract metal stamping, fabrication, finishing, and assembly of mechanical components for the appliance industry.
Mercury Products Corporation
Manufactures metal stampings for automotive, truck, and construction and agricultural vehicle markets. Includes brackets, clamps, core hole plugs, dipstick assemblies, and raincaps. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Metallon Inc.
Provides metal stampings for broad range of customers. Site identifies facilities and additional capabilities.
Micro Forms Inc.
Manufacturer of precision metal stampings for the electronics, telecommunications, and consumer products industries. Specializes in Beryllium Copper.
Milark Industries
Metal stampings, tube bending, welded parts and subassemblies. In-house equipment for deburring, tapping, sanding and buffing.
Milton Keynes Pressings
A supplier of metal stampings and associated assemblies to the manufacturing industries worldwide. UK Based.
National Manufacturing Company Inc.
Specializes in production of deep drawn enclosures. Customer base includes battery, medical, electronic/industrial, and aerospace/satellite companies.
New England Precision, Inc.
Manufacturing and tooling facility offering the most experienced teams of professional.
Neway Stamping
Almost any material.
Calibration, specialty, protocol, medical, environmental, industrial, pure, and analytical gases. They also carry regulators, tubing, and cylinder carrying cases and bags.
ODM Tool & Manufacturing
Specializes in production of metal stampings, with emphasis on availability of large presses with big beds, transfer machines, and robotic welding of assemblies. Mainly serves automotive, electronic, and appliance markets.
Omega Precision Corp
Offers metal stampings specializing in connectors, switches, terminals, heat sinks, rfi/emi shielding, lead frames, battery contacts and spring contacts.
P&D Machining & Hydraulic Ltd.
Manufacturing, stamping, punching, mechanical design, slotted tubing, slotted slim standard channels, cnc machining, mechanical repair, production, engineering.
Pacific Metal Stampings
Components for aerospace, automotive, electronic, military, industrial customers. Produces simple or complex shapes from dies that are designed and developed in-house.
Pacific Silk Electronics Inc.
Features a source for offshore injection molding, plastic tooling, small metal stamping, LCD's, zebra strips, and AC wall adaptors.
Parker Industries Inc.
Produces metal stampings for wide variety of industrial and commercial markets. Site incorporates details of company background, range of products, list of equipment, and extent of capabilities and services.
Partech Corporation
Specializes in supply of fineblanked metal parts for wide range of industries. Site explains process, discusses advantages and cost savings compared with traditional stamping method, and provides list of sample end products.
Peridot Corporation
Custom component manufacturer specializes in EMI/RFI shielding, battery contacts, wireforms, surgical components, washers, metal stampings.
Peterson Manufacturing Co.
Manufactures heavy gauge metal fabrications, 3/16" To 1". Presses to 1500 Ton; bending, rolling, stamping, forming, sawing, shearing, CNC burning, machining, assembly, welding services.
Precise Engineering Inc.
Produces broad range of metal stampings, especially for automotive, electronics, electrical, and medical industries. Site provides details of capabilities for prototype and low to mid volume runs.
Precision Drawn Metals, Inc.
Features this ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of deep drawn metals stampings.
Prestige Stamping, Inc.
Manufactures and services domestic product at a 95,000-square-foot plant.
Punch Press Products Inc.
Metal stamping, tooling, welding, and assembly services for variety of markets. Presses to 800 tons and coil handling to 60" width and .312" thickness. Aqueous part cleanliness and residue free system capabilities also available.
RAO Manufacturing Company
Features custom deep drawn metal stamping such as ASME and DOT tank heads.
Redall Industries
A medium- to high-volume producer of roll formed components with stamping and assembly operations. Supplies the automotive, appliance, telecommunications industries.
Brazilian producer of stampings, including deep drawn parts.
Spanish company producing range of in diestamped, molded, and machined lighting parts. Facilities include conventional and reverse drawings.
S & B Machine
Specializes in metal stamping from bar and coil stock of various materials. Available secondary operations include welding, powdercoating, and assembly. Site incorporates detailed account of facilities and capabilities.
Samtan Engineering Corp
With shearing, punching, forming, machining, welding, and assembly capabilities.
Metal stamping of hard disk covers; plating for telecommunications, consumer electronics, audiovisual products.
Shookus Special Tools, Inc.
Provides short and long run stampings (9 to 100 Ton) along with full spectrum EDM and a complete tool and die department.
Sintel, Inc.
Full service design, engineering and metal fabrication company specializing in fabricated metal parts and stamping.
smALL Quantities NJ Inc.
Specializes in custom design and production of metal stamped parts for variety of customers. Details of facilities and capabilities.
SMC Powder Metallurgy
Manufacturer of powder metal products for diverse end-use industries worldwide.
Solo Manufacturing, Inc.
Metal stampings, dies, fixtures, gauges, assemblies, design, engineering.
Sons Tool Inc.
Specializes in short and medium runs of stampings in various metals. Products include panels and subassemblies. Familiar with military specifications.
Staudestahl GmbH
Supplies a wide variety of steel strip to customers worldwide.
Steeltech I Alingsas AB
Manufactures stainless steel production. In English, German and Swedish.
Stimpson Company, Inc
Manufacturers of eyelets, grommets, washers, hole plugs, snap fasteners, associated machines and attaching tools. Site provides details of available product brochures.
Sun Ah Electric Factory Limited
Metal part manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes aluminium heat sink, metal case, cashier machine, insulation plate.
Taurus Stampings Inc.
A metal stampings company specializing in deep draw. From London, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Engineering
Micro-miniature, miniature and medium size metal stampings manufacturers and engineerings.
Tooling Dynamics
Precision metal stamping for the electronic and connector industries.
Universal Metal Products, Inc.
Features this appliance and automotive supplier specializing in custom metal stampings including fourslide, multislide and punch press products. Also provides assembly, heat treatment, and phosphating.
Vaasa Mechanics Oy
Finland. Specializes in design and production of sheet metal components to customer requirements. Main operations are punching and bending. Example of street parking sign.
Venture Products cc
South Africa. Manufactures variety of stamped and pressed metal hinges, clamps, handles, and similar parts for luggage, trailer, piano, and clothing accessory industries. Details of available sample products.
Wauconda Tool & Engineering
Full service manufacturers of intricate metal stampings, especially in high volumes, for the automotive, electronic, communication, electrical-mechanical, and medical markets.
Western Grinding Service
Precision machining for space, electronics, medical instrumentation.
Wingard & Co.
Specializes in regular and laminated electric motor stampings and assemblies. Available in variety of materials. Site explains process of stamping flat blanks and subsequent forming, finishing, and assembly.
Wrico Stamping
Features short and medium run metal stamping with plant location throughout the US. Also offers robotic welding, forming, bending, laser cutting, and assembly.
Yuet Chung Metalware Manufactory Ltd.
Manufactures, and exports from Hong Kong, a product range that includes washers, eyelets, rivets, rubber feet, spring pins, speaker clips, and tooth nuts.
Manufacturer of metal stamping for automotive and electrical industry use. Also offers heat treatments and tool and die design and fabrication. Based in Malaysia.

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