This category covers sites of shops that are primarily concerned with the design, production, and supply of dies, fixtures, jigs, and other forms of tooling for a variety of end users. As such, while they may also offer machining services -- as a number of them do -- they are focused on the tooling needs of their customers rather than simply on what they require themselves for subcontract orders. Note: There is an obvious similarity with companies that make patterns, molds, and dies for the casting and plastic industries, as opposed to producing tooling for machining and fabrication customers. However, sites of this nature are concentrated in -- and should be directed to -- the Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Polymers/Machinery_and_Tools/Molding/Mold_Making/ category. If, of course, a Tool and Die Shop serves both kinds of markets (as a few of them do), its site can -- and should -- be indexed in whichever category better reflects its focus.

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Antech Tool, Inc.
Machining facility, capable of doing everything in house. They make tools new, and can also repair them here. Canton, Michigan.
Apple Steel Rule Die Company
Produces wide range of steel rule dies and provides die and laser cutting as well as general tool and die services. Examples of end-products and their applications.
Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
Tool and die shop specializing in manufacture of precision jigs, fixtures, gauges, dies, molds, and production parts. Can also make arrangements for subsequent coating and heat treatment.
Arkansas Tool & Die Inc.
Specializes in production of metal stamping dies, aluminum die cast and plastic injection molds, and special purpose machinery. List of available equipment.
Atlas Tool, Inc.
Manufactures automotive, stamping dies. Prototype sheet metal parts, process development, contract tool build,engineering services, aerospace machining.
Baril Corporation
Specializes in rotary and laser die cutting, die making, tool building and repair, production of prototypes, and supply of steel rule dies for variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and components.
Beaver Valley Manufacturing Inc.
Capabilities include machining, modeling, complex prototypes, tooling, jigs, and fixtures, all, if necessary, utilizing a variety of metal and non metal materials. Examples of end products.
Boyle, Inc.
Features this tool and die shop, specializing in steel and carbide parts. Also provides metal stamping and wire EDM.
Bronson and Bratton
Manufacturers tungsten carbide and ceramic tools dies and wear parts. Specialize in seals, powder metal tooling, draw dies, can tooling, rolls, and automation.
Cameron Tool Corporation
Presents tool and die services to ISO-9001 standards. Features CAD and CAM programming as well as CNC machining.
Complex Machine Tool Inc.
Canada. Offers variety of tooling services. Includes programming of CNC equipment, design and manufacture of hydraulic workholding fixtures and gages, and repair of broken machine components.
Contour Tool
Features custom dovetail and carbide shave tools made for the screw machine industry.
D & M Tool Inc.
A tool and die company specializing in the design and build of automated dies and machinery, modular mold components, spares parts and fixtures for the electromagnetic industry.
Day Tool & Die Inc.
Produces variety of tooling, stamping dies, inspection fixtures, special purpose machines, and machined parts for customers in biotech, medical, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronic and semi-conductor industries.
DeFeo Manufacturing
Manufactures aftermarket, new and rebuilt replacement bus parts and other transit parts. Latest machinery in market place. Prototype design.
Dekalb Tool & Die
Specializing in design and construction of single hit tooling; progressive, transfer and draw dies.
Die Cast Die & Mold Inc.
Designs and builds tooling, diecasting dies, and plastic injection molds for variety of customers. Services include engineering changes, tooling reconditioning, and subcontract machining.
Diemo Machine Works Inc.
Canada. Offers tool and die making as well as precision machining and fabrication services. Details of available equipment.
Diemould Tooling Services Pty Ltd
Provides design, manufacture and co-ordination of small to large and complex tooling projects.
Duffin Engine Service, Inc.
A full service tool and die shop located in San Antonio, Texas.
E G Whiter Ltd.
Specializes in building wide variety of plastic dies and injection moulds. Primarily serves the Australian market. Located in Auckland, New Zealand.
Eldorado Tool & Manufacturing Company
High technology machinists serve the world from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Elite Extrusion Die Company Ltd
British manufacturer of dies and support tooling, primarily for the aluminium extrusion industry. Includes itemized account of company's approach and capabilities.
Extrusion Dies Inc.
Manufactures single and multimanifold dies, coextrusion feedblocks, and related equipment for plastic processors and web converters. Includes flat die systems for cast film, sheet, coating, and strand pelletizing requirements.
F & G Tool and Die
Multi-slide production, metal stampings, automotive stampings and CNC machining. Also, wire EDM and progressive dies.
Fischer Tool & Die
Specializes in design, production, and repair of diecasting dies and molds. Site provides details of facilities, equipment, and capabilities.
Frank Franklin Sons (Rainford) Ltd
Manufacturing specialising in press tools, jig fixtures, milling, turning, spark erosion, and other engineering tasks.
Fwu Jih Die Casting Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum alloy die casting parts, automobile parts and components.
Green's Metal Cut-off, Inc.
Metal cutting of pins, shafts, screw machines, machine shops.
Header Die & Tool Inc.
A manufacturer of carbide and steel heading dies, wire and conventional EDM, Torx, Strux, and Taptite tooling for the fastener, rivet, bearing, aerospace, and nut and bolt industries.
Hi-Tech Tool & Die Inc.
Builds and designs precision dies and tooling. Provides CNC machining, precision stamping, deburring, and grinding.
Hoosier Tool and Die
Provides general machine shop services as well as tool and die development.
HV Industries
Provides tool and die manufacturing and precision machining services to variety of customers. Includes packaging, pharmaceutical, and food processing companies, as well as commercial and industrial firms.
J.P. Bowman Ltd.
Offers complete in-house design, build and toolproving of tools and dies from 50 to 1000ton. Specializes in progressive and transfer tooling for automotive, appliance and agricultural manufacturers.
JC Sparks Industrial Enterprises
Designs and builds variety of specialized jigs and fixtures, with some emphasis on secondary equipment for the plastic injection industry. Site shows examples of end products.
Jena Tool Corporation
Specializes in precision machining and designing and building tools and dies for aerospace, automotive, electronic, appliance, and related industries.
Kaplun Tool and Die, Inc.
Features precision parts and component manufacturing via CNC machining. Also offers tooling design.
Kelbros Inc.
Offers CNC turning for molds and die cast dies; including cores, cavities, electrodes, optics, and gate inserts.
Kentex Industries, Inc.
Flatbed steel rule die cutting and die making flatbed plotter cutting.
Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
Machined parts die castings machined and shipped to customer specifications.
King Machine and Tool Company
Job shop specializes in tool specialties, prototype machining, short production runs, new product development and machinery building.
Kiraly Tool and Die, Inc
Custom fabrication tooling primarily for the aluminum extrusion industry. The company serves aluminum extruders and manufacturers that utilize aluminum extrusions in their products.
Kuhn Tool & Die Co.
Manufactures dies, jigs, fixtures, and gages, especially for manufacture of turbine blades and vanes. Also produces special dressing tool and handles low volume machining orders. Site incorporates photo gallery of sample products.
Layke Tool & Mfg Co.
Specializes in custom design and manufacture of dies, gages, fixtures for variety of customers. Examples of supplied products.
Little Lakes Machine and Tool
Offers EDM, tool and die specialist, and powdered metal tooling services.
M&R Precision Machining, Inc.
50-person precision machine shop has over 25 years of experience providing CNC machining, assembly, engineering. Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
Manitowoc Tool And Machining, LLC
Manufacturer of tools, dies, fixtures and production machining.
Marion Mold And Tool
Specializes in twin screw extruder components and precision machining. Quotes your more difficult work, complex geometry, precision parts.
Marlan Tool Inc.
Provides broad range of services for die and mold industries. Capabilities include designing, building, repairing, refurbishing, and production of spares and parts. Also offers EDM machining to customer requirements.
Mathias Die Company
Specializes in custom manufacture of laser cut steel rule dies, counterplates, stripping fixtures, and embossing dies. Also offers subcontracting services. Technical bulletins containing detailed related information.
Michigan Tool & Gauge, Inc.
Offers the capability to engineer and manufacture prototypes, gages, tooling, and complete machined products.
Micro-Tool and Manufacturing, Inc.
Tooling, precision machined components, and mold making.
Milko Tool & Die Inc.
Job shop with diversified capabilities. Range includes tool and die fabrication, precision machining of parts in small quantities, a variety of urethane services and products, and the availability of auto CAD design facilities.
Miller Tool & Die
Full service design and fabrication shop serving a wide range of industries, including medical and aerospace companies. End products include tools, dies, fixtures, gages, prototypes, and parts machined to +/- .0001".
Mohr Stamping, Inc.
Specializes in designing and building large deep drawn and complex progressive dies for the stamping and tool and die industries. Site describes capabilities and includes gallery of sample end products.
Cyprus. Designs and manufactures molds, dies, and tooling for wide range of requirements. Includes injection, blow, and expanded polystyrene moulds, as well as extrusion, gravity casting, and rotary metal cutting dies.
New-Form Tools Ltd.
Canada. Tool and die shop. Products include tube mill cut-off blades, customized carbide tooling, and trim dies.
Northridge Design
Provides design and implementation service for tooling, progressive dies, gauges, sheet metal products, and prototypes. Photos of sample projects.
Ort Tool
A large, single-source supplier for precision machining, custom machines,
Outils Concept Inc.
Canada. Specializes in manufacturing tools and progressive dies. Examples of end products.
Overton Industries International
Designs and builds carbide tooling for powder metal applications, stamping dies, tube form tooling and plastic injection molds. Also, builds fixtures and gages. Mooresville, Indiana and Shawnee, Oklahoma.
Pasco Tool & Die Inc.
Designs, builds, and operates plastic injection molds, precision manufacturing, spare tooling.
Philadelphia Carbide Company
Specializing in tungsten carbide, ceramics and silicon carbide serving electronics, automotive, metal forming, computer, plastics and pump industries.
Makers of indexable carbide lathe and milling tools. Site incorporates detailed discussion of products and applications. Experience includes service to education and instruction markets.
Precision Industries Inc.
Specializes in design and production of plastic and structural foam injection molds for broad range of industries. Also offers subcontracted production of plastic parts, with secondary machining and assembly capabilities.
Quality Control Corp
A contract manufacturer of precision-machined components, seals and assemblies for diesel fuel systems, air tools, fluid power equipment, and aerospace systems. CNC machining, assembly, heat treating and plating services.
Riteway Brake Dies Incorporated
Press brake dies made of the highest quality steel with the latest equipment to highest standards.
RKS Tool & Die, Inc.
Custom tooling for the hollow metal industry.
Roberts Tool and Die Company
Features tools, dies, fixtures, gages, and prototypes as well as CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and CMM services.
Ryoki Tool. Inc.
Manufactures automotive, stamping dies, prototype sheet metal parts, engineering services. Makes aerospace parts in Japan.
Santa Barbara Tool and Die
A precision machining and tooling resource for prototyping, development, and production of die making.
Service Machine & Tool Co. Inc.
A full-service machine job shop in the Southern Tier of New York .
China. Read about the capabilities of this union of mold makers learn about their capabilities.
Skyline Manufacturing
Family business specializing in design and production of precision tools to customer specifications. Description of facilities and capabilities.
Stafford Special Tools
A contract manufacturer, offering general CNC and manual machining, engineering, and vacuum heat treating. Also manufacturer of knurling tool holders, and distributor of Form Roll knurling tools.
Stanek Tool Corporation
Designs and builds broad range of standard and custom plastic dies, workholding devices, and multi-faced hydraulic fixtures. Photo gallery of sample items.
Sunrise Tool & Die Inc.
Company focussing on design, manufacture, and repair of molds and dies for the plastic industry.
Superior Tool & Manufacturing Company
Capabilities include precision machining; design and manufacture of tools, jigs, and fixtures; reverse engineering of parts; and building of special purpose machinery.
Swift-Tec Engineering
Australia. Specializes in design and supply of precision tools, jigs, and fixtures. Also undertakes die repairs and reconditioning and offers general engineering services.
Thread-Craft Inc.
Specializes in production of machining components per reverse engineering or customer specification. End products include ballscrew assemblies, drilling and tapping spindles, drawbars, and quick change tooling connections.
Tool and Die Designs
Helping to improve your business, specializst in tooling design and pre-production prototyping. Kirk Foy is the owner and operator of Tool and Die Designs as well as Valet Tool Die and Manufacturing.
Tooling Development Inc.
Canada. Specializes in tooling design and manufacture to customer requirements. Includes creation of prototypes and clamping fixtures, as well as CNC machining of complex 3D surfaces.
Tri-Star Engineering Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of customized precision cutting tools. Includes drills, reamers, counterbores, trepan tools, and hollow mills. Available in solid carbide and high speed steel or carbide tipped versions.
Tupelo Tool and Die
Builds precision dies and tooling.
Unified Tool Die & Mfg. Co. Inc.
Manufactures dies, molds, and related components, with focus on medical, dental, and electronic requirements. Includes catheter tipping dies, impact extrusion and powdered metal tooling, and special purpose screw caps.
United Tool and Engineering
Manufacturer of tools, dies, fixtures, gages, and special machines. Also performs engineering, design, die tryout, and complex machining operations.
Vishion Tool and Machine Company
Specializes in design, manufacture, and rebuilding of tooling systems and equipment to customer requirements. List of capabilities and provides examples of recent projects.
Walkerton Tool & Die, Inc.
Castings for power take-off parts, air cylinder components, hydraulic connectors, pneumatic hose connectors.
Whip City Tool & Die
Designs and builds progressive tooling for fourslide equipment. Production of parts can be done by inhouse contract or on customer owned and operated machines.

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