This category contains sites of shops that concentrate on what is generally known as (Swiss) screw products, which are produced -- usually from bar stock -- on a single piece of equipment. In most cases, they are small rather than large and complex as opposed to simple. Moreover, their manufacture can be seen as a "one shot affair," rather than the result of using a succession of machine tools (e.g., lathe, drill, grinder, milling machine, etc.) to produce a part. There are only a few makes of screw machines, but they all incorporate a collection of spindles, each one of which can be set and used to perform a given operation in the path towards the finished product. Note: As an alternative to what are strictly termed screw machines, some lathes and machining centers have multi-axis capabilities and can either replicate screw machine production or handle parts that fall outside the diameter and/or length capacities of screw machines.

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Aaero Swiss, Inc.
Precision Machine Shop specializing in Swiss Screw Machining for the Medical, Dental and Aerospace industries. Information on machining capabilities, supported materials and example products. Located in Yorba Linda, CA.
Accurate Screw Machine
Offers Brown and Sharpe screw machine services to the aerospace, automotive, and commercial industries.
Agape Precision Manufacturing, LLC.
Manufacturer located in Pa with Swiss, turning, milling, stamping, fabricating, capabilities.
Alco Manufacturing Corporation
Offers screw machine services to ISO-9002 quality standards. Features an equipment list and employment opportunities.
American Swiss Products
Small, woman owned, company producing variety of high precision, tight tolerance, sub miniature Swiss screw machine components. Product photo gallery includes samples of toggle levers, spindles, bearings, and support pins.
Ashley F. Ward, Inc.
Manufacturer of screw machine products and cold drawn steel. Addresses quality, employment opportunities, and quotes.
Automatic Turning & Machining Inc.
Specializes in production of screw machine products in metal and plastic materials. Can handle smaller than average quantities and provide secondary operations, such as slotting, milling, cross drilling, and threading.
Avanti Engineering Inc.
Manufacturer of screw machine products & precision CNC turned parts. Comprehensive photo gallery along with machining capabilities, capacities and additional services. Located in Glendale Heights, IL - USA.
Bryken Turned Parts
Manufactures turned and machined parts. Information about materials, equipment, and a service overview.
BT Crellin Machine Company
Manufacturer of CNC and automatic screw machine products.
C.R. Machine
Provides variety of bar products, machining of stainless and high temperature alloys, and range of specialty screws, fasteners, and shafts. Also produces selection of blowpipes and punties for glassblowing trade.
Presents this Swiss screw machine shop and its capabilities. Provides mission and vision statements.
Cam-Tech Industries Inc.
Manufactures wide selection of commercial and military socket set screws, as well as jam, plated, and locking screws. List and details of related government specifications and blueprints.
Contour Tool & Machine Inc.
Specializes in screw machine tooling, tool design, tool grinding, and wire EDM machining. Online shopping facility for standard tool blanks.
Cox Manufacturing Company
Precision and high production Swiss machining and precision screw machine products.
Cutting Edge Enterprise LLC
Manufacturer of standard, custom or machining precision fasteners.
Datum Technologies
Manufacturer using CNC close tolerance, precision machining, swiss-turn processes, in Santa Rosa, CA. Provides information about industries served, manufacturing capabilities, materials supported and quality systems.
Decoleta, a.s.
Swiss screw machining up to 20 mm in diameter. Content available in Czech, German and English. A Czech manufacturer.
Erickson Automatics Inc.
Screw machine, CNC machine shop, self clinching fasteners and standoffs, custom components.
F C Phillips Incorporated
Manufacturer of screw machine products with specialty in CNC turning and screw machined products. Information on company history, capacities, facilities and equipment.
Forster Tool & Manufacturing
Manufacturer of small machined parts, specializing in Swiss screw machining, fasteners, screws. Information on quality process, equipment capabilities, supported materials, product examples with photographs.
GAY Maurice S.A.S.
Switzerland. Manufactures broad range of precision parts for hydraulic, medical, military, and sporting goods industries. Available subsidiary operations include marking, mounting, finishing, treating, and packaging.
Header Products, Inc.
Offers fasteners made using the cold heading process and screw machines to QS-9000 and ISO-9002 standards. Presents quality and mission statements.
Hi-Tech Swiss Machining
Production Swiss Screw Machine job can accommodate short to long run, full-scale production of high quality precision machine parts.
Horberg Industries
Manufacturer of CNC Swiss screw machine dowel pins and shafts. Precision centerless grinding.
Hyland Screw Machine Products
Contract manufacturer for the automotive, business machinery, and fitting. Features multiple spindle screw machines with a capacity to 2-5/8" as well as CNC equipment.
Jay Sons
Produces broad range of screw machine products for variety of customer requirements. Emphasis is on tight tolerances, high volume production, and on time deliveries.
Kaddis Manufacturing
Manufacturer of precision screw machined components. Information on CNC equipment available, engineering services and associated capabilities.
Liberty Tool & Die, Inc.
Manufacturer of high precision, tight tolerance, Swiss screw machine components, and provides CNC milling and turning services. Includes gallery of sample bushings, pins, and government contract work. Located in Orlando, FL.
Link Metal Corporation
Specializes in production of screw machine products to customer requirements. Site provides details of available equipment, product range, and list of industries served.
Lion Industries
Manufacturer of custom precision CNC Turned metal components. Information on parts specialties and photos of samples. Inventory of facilities equipment.
Machine Technology Inc
Manufacturer located in Fenton, Missouri specializing in precision machining: CNC Swiss, CNC Turning. Information includes process tutorial, machining services offered, facilities equipment, materials supported, and quality program.
Machining Design Associated Ltd.
Manufacturer of custom CNC and Screw Machined products. Information on alternative materials, photos of sample products, inventory of facilities equipment.
Mahnke Machine, Inc.
Provides contact information and machining information for a small, family owned and operated, screw machine business located in Cadillac, MI.
Maple Screw Products
Manufacturer of custom machined parts located in Toronto, Ontario. Information about specific industries served. Photos of facilities and products.
Mar-Mach Machine Inc
Produces broad range of screw machine products. Details of facilities, capabilities, and sample end products. Can handle variety of metals and plastics, with focus on stainless steel.
Merced Screw Products
Offers automatic screw machine services via multi-spindle and single spindle screw machines. Also provides CNC operations.
Micro Precision Components
A machining company offering precision CNC machining and Swiss screw machining for precision components. Includes information about machining capabilities, materials supported, industries served and quality assurance process.
Micro-Matics LLC
Manufacturer of precision screw machine products including contacts & pins, ground shafts, hardened bushings, rivets, screws, spacers and other custom parts for the medical, dental, aerospace, commercial, defense, computer, telecommunications and automotive industries.
Necedah Screw Machine Products
Specializing in precision components at any volume. Capabilities include full range of CNC and Cam equipment. Assembly also provided. Located in Necedah, WI - USA.
New Hampshire Machine Products, Inc.
Specializing in automatic screw machine services making products like hydraulic components, valves, fittings, couplings, and threaded insets. Offers a facilities overview and contact from.
North Easton Machine Company Incorporated
Specializes in supply of screw machine products. Customer base includes electronics, medical, microwave, semiconductor, and telecommunications industries.
Northern Precision Products
Manufacturer of Screw Machined Products, Industrial Brass Machined Components, Plumbing Parts. Information on machining capabilities, customer inquiry process and quality systems.
Norwood Screw Machine Parts
Manufacturer of single, multi-spindle and CNC machined parts including custom parts to blueprint. Includes information on range of product types and sample photos. Located in Mineola, NY.
Omni Components Corporation
Provides variety of multi-axis machining services to companies requiring precise components. Mainly serves medical, electronic, commercial hi-tech, optical, and military industries.
Manufacturer of precision screw machine products up to 4" in diameter. They also produces carbide wear parts and diesel fuel priming pumps.
Precision Turning Corp.
Precision screw machine products component parts for the Medical, Dental, Aircraft, fiber optics and related industries.
Princeton Industrial Products
Provider of screw machining, CNC Swiss machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, and other services related to precision machining, located in Hoffman Estates, IL. Information on markets served, materials supported and manufacturing capabilities, and photos of sample products.
QSS Precision Components
A manufacturer of precision turned parts for second tier, automotive builders.
Quality Automatics, Inc.
Features Davenport screw machine services to print and specification. Also provides turning, milling, cross drilling, knurling, slotting, drilling, and tapping in aluminum, brass, and steel.
R & D Screw Products Inc.
Family owned business serving diversified customer base. Produces variety of shafts, fittings, pins, bushings, threaded and tapped parts, and small assemblies. Site provides details of available equipment and product range.
Radax Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of screw machine products, including set screws, dowel pins, and custom products.
SA Bossonnet
Features screw machining of small connectors components on swiss lathes. Based in France.
Stand Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of CNC machined parts, custom fasteners, screw machined parts. Located in Taiwan ROC.
SwissTurn USA
Learn about this CNC Swiss screw machine job shop specializing in diameters under 1/2" and quantities from 1,000 plus.
T and L Automatics
Manufacturer of precision machined parts. Information on associated services and size capabilities. Inventory of equipment available, including photos.
Turnco Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of screw machine products such as fasteners, shafts, fittings. Common materials used include brass, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and plastics.
Tuttle Manufacturing
Manufactures threaded rods, studs, and bent bolts, utilizing cam and CNC machines. Site provides product listings, machining capabilities, and finishes.
Ugarteburu, S.A.
Maker of bar machined parts in steel, brass and aluminium.
Venture Machining International
Manufacturer of CNC-Swiss type products. Information on size and material capabilities.
Waterbury Swiss Automatics
Manufacturer of precision Swiss screw machine products. Site includes details on partners for one-stop services. Located in Waterbury, CT.
Wilco Manufacturing Limited
Manufacturer of Precision Turned Parts. Information on machining capabilities and associated services offered. Inventory of facilities equipment.

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