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Astro Met
Manufactures products and components, and provides services utilizes skills in sintering (baking or firing materials at a very high temperature) ceramic or metal powders into either dense or porous shapes.
Boedeker Plastics, Inc
In-house plastics-only machine shop has full CNC capabilities to make parts from Vespel, Torlon, Ultem, or other engineering and high performance plastic materials. Shiner, TX.
Currie & Warner
Manufactures custom machined precision turned parts in brass and copper-based alloys according to customer drawings and designs.
Engineered Plastic Products
Plastics machining solution for precision custom plastic parts out of sheet, rod and tube.
Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc.
Specializes in machining of ceramics, ferrites, quartz, and other hard materials. Capabilities include grinding, drilling, milling, and slicing of products with complex geometries.
Fultz Manufacturing Inc.
Specializes in production of parts and products die cut from hardboard, plywood, plastic, foam, masonite, flake board, and similar non-ferrous materials. List of sample end products.
Insaco Inc.
Specializes in machining of ultra-hard materials such as sapphire, ceramics, quartz, and glass for optics, substrate, microwave, and instrumentation industries. Site provides detailed information regarding experience and capabilities.
Laser Job Shop
Scribe, drill, mark, and cut thin metals and ceramics; plus pattern ITO, trim resistors, and process plastics, silicon, diamond, and graphite.
Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company
Manufactures industrial and technical ceramics. Composition include steatite and corderite formed by extruding, pressing and machining.
Nagy Precision Manufacturing
CNC machining and precision manufacturing at a machine shop in Northern California.
P-Ker Engineering
Machining of technical ceramics, with details of services and processes. Waterport, New York.
Techfore Turned Parts
Specializing in high precision turned parts for Automotive, Medical, Defence and most other industries using non-ferrous, ferrous and other exotic materials utilising the latest CNC machinery.
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