This category will list business that produce glass products (NAICS #3272 through 327215) and the companies that support these businesses. The web sites for glass artisans should be submitted to the Arts/Crafts/Glass category. Companies that produce the raw material should be submitted to the Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Materials/Crystal_and_Glass category.

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Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
Designs, engineers, manufactures window systems for commercial and security buildings. Also manufactures auto glass, optical thin film coatings, glass and matboard for art and framing industries.
Basken Class Company
Offers architectural, auto, and industrial glass both laminated and tempered, with or without print and resistance. Based in Turkey.
CiDRA Precision Services
Provides machining and fabrication of glass, quartz, ceramics, sapphires and hard metals..
Corning, Inc
Design and manufacture specialty glass and ceramic components for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications, and life sciences.
Cristem S.A.
Argentina. Manufactures safety, laminated, tempered, and armoured glass products for architectural, automotive, home appliance, and furniture industries. Site provides examples in each main product category.
Cumberland Stained Glass
Specializing in stained and leaded glass.
Custom Glass Corporation
Manufacturer of glass products including bent glass, safety glass, bullet proof glass, and other specialty glass fabrications.
Elmont Glass
Supplies hard-to-find glass. Installs intricate and advanced glasses and glazing; architectural metals.
Emhart Glass
Learn about this firms expertise in glass forming, conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold inspection, refractory parts and quality assurance.
FAST Corp.
Manufactures fiberglass animal statues, water slides, rainmakers, trademarks, mascots.
Fox Fire
Michigan-based manufacturers of unusual and creative glass solutions for the automotive, art, and architectural industries, founded by artist Laurel Fyfe.
The Glass House
Family owned and operated business specializing in custom stained glass, repairs and restoration, lessons, and hobbyist supplies.
Manufactures glass bending and tempering equipment for the automotive and architectural markets.
Hindustan Glass Beads
India. Manufactures glass beads in standard and specially ordered sizes. Primary application is for shotblasting surfaces in various industries. Site provides details of product and range of uses.
Hindusthan National Glass and Industries Ltd.
Making all kinds of glass containers. It caters to multifarious industries like liquor, beverages, soft drinks, processed foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Jockimo, Inc.
Specialize in advanced architectural products for designers and architects.
Jon Moncrieff Ltd.
British manufacturers producing wide range of industrial, commercial, lighting, decorative, and art glass products. Includes blown and pressed items. Site provides detailed descriptions and examples of available choices.
Kopp Glass, Inc.
Specializes in custom made, hand-molded glass designed to meet customer specifications for light transmission, color, shock resistance, and expansion coefficients for industrial and commercial use.
LG Optical
UK. Business focus is on production of optical system components, such as lenses and filters. Serves variety of specialized market requirements. Also makes and sells spectacles.
Mansol Preforms Ltd.
Manufactures and supplies glass preforms for the electronic and electrical industries.
Mark Optics Inc.
Specializes in development and prototype work as well as production runs. Supplies quartz and optical components.
Merkad Makina Kalýp Limited
Glass moulds and glassware.
Moores Glassworks Ltd
Manufactures specialist glass components including vacuum viewports, hollow cathode lamp bodies, photomultiplier envelopes, multi pin bases, glass to metal seals, cathode ray tube envelopes.
Nan Hai Risheng Glass Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Chinese manufacturers of tempered glass lids for pans, pots, and kettles for domestic and commercial markets. Also produces glass cutting boards.
Nantong Power Plastic and Rubber Co., Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic gratings.
Nor'Easter Yachts Inc.
Manufactures parts by spray-up and hand lay-up. Open-faced moldings. FRP with polyester resin. Short runs and continuous production.
Piper Glass Ltd.
Manufactures small-dimensional toughened (tempered) glass elements.
Prestige Glass International Inc.
Canada. Produces selection of artistic, gift, and functional glass products. Includes church furniture, corporate awards and incentives, and specially commissioned work. Site provides access to online catalog.
Specialized glass manufactured in Belgium by subsidiary of Saint Gobain Glass Company. Used for partitions, doors, windows, and screens, especially in offices. Enables switch between clear and translucent glass appearance.
Rayotek Scientific Inc.
Engineering research and development, contract engineering and fabrication for glass, ceramics, sapphire, semiconductors.
SGS Glass Co.Inc.
Specializes in glazing for exterior and interior applications on both new construction and tenant improvements. Experience includes concrete tilt-ups, strip malls, shopping malls, restaurants, and offices.
Siam Plate Glass and Siam Pattern Glass
Thai manufacturer and exporter of sheet, pattern, wired and mosaic glass. Company background, product specifications, photos and contact information.
Strausberger Associates Sales & Marketing Inc.
Represents diversified group of glass fabricators. Products include optical glasses, mirrors, ferrules, and a wide range of items for commercial and industrial use and installation.
Sunrez Corporation
Light cure resins, prepregs and putties for the composite industry. VARTM systems for pollution reduction.
Topix: Glass
News about glass, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
Tudor Glass
Australia. Specializes in manufacture of curved, convex, and other kiln formed glass products. Site incorporates details of various uses in furniture, mirrors, doorways, aquariums, and store display cabinets.
Tufwell Tempered Glass Ltd
UK. Specialist sub-contractor in the provision of processed glass, blinds and associated services for commercial and public environments. Includes factory tour, information on products, blind fabric sample gallery, operation and maintenance documents, and fire glass rating specification and certification documents.
Verrerie de Saint-Just
French manufacturers of antique, hand-blown stained glass for architecture, fusing, restoration, leaded windows and projects. Glass includes flashed and multi-colored (bariolé).
Vidrimolde Lda.
Manufactures moulds for the glass industry. IS machines, press, spinning machines, semi-automatic moulds. Located in Marinha Grande, Portugal.
Wissmach Glass
Manufacturers of sheet glass for lighting and architectural applications. Glass includes wispy, opalescent, cathedral, seeded and other textures.
Yama Glass Color Your Life
Exporter and manufacturer of hand-blown high-heat-resistant glass ware for kitchen use.
Yancheng Xinyuan Glass Product Ltd.
Manufacturer of glass products such as Christmas gifts, picture circles, candleholder, candlechecks, and ashtrays. From China.

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