Aircraft Foundry Co., Inc.
Family owned and operated sand casting facility founded in 1938. Specializing in high grade commercial aluminum sand castings.
Akron Foundry Co.
Produces aluminum castings and provides machining and heat treating services.
Alcast Technologies Ltd.
Specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum sand castings, including related heat treatment, tooling and machining services.
American Precision Castings
Manufacturers of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings for rapid prototype and short-run production using green sand, plaster mould and air-set sand process. Online brochure and request for quotation.
Batavia Foundry and Machine Company
Specializes in production of no-bake, air-set bronze and aluminum sand castings. Site provides gallery of sample end products and includes details of process involved in producing one of them.
Bremer Manufacturing
US Manufacturer of aluminium sand castings. Includes details of facilities, capabilities, alloys and CNC machining.
Buddy Bar Aluminum Casting Foundry
An aluminum sand casting foundry in USA. Producing aluminum sand castings with machining services.
Catskill Castings
Manufactures aluminum, bronze, iron castings including historical markers, plaques, architectural cast iron, furnace grates (parts), machine castings. Small-jobbing foundry with a complete pattern shop.
Chamberlin & Hill
Produce castings in grey, malleable and ductile iron for the automotive and other sectors.
Clarksville Foundry
U.S. foundry specializes in gray, ductile and alloy iron castings. Services include short-run production, making patterns and prototype castings.
Clay & Bailey Mfg.
Grey iron foundry that supplies municipal castings and petroleum equipment accessories such as manhole covers, frames, grates, steps, meter covers, driveway boxes, valve covers, and curb inlets.
Columbia Steel Casting Co. Inc.
Manufactures steel and iron alloy impact and wear resistant wear parts in variety of alloys. Includes supply to aggregate, mining, power, brick manufacturing, and recycling industries. Site provides detailed capability information.
CR Bronzeworks
Bronze foundry specializes in bronze grave markers, headstones, cemetery markers, bronze plaques, bronze lettering.
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co
Provider of magnesium and aluminum sand castings with finishes available for aircraft, military and commercial industries. Features overview of products, success stories and contacts.
Dandong Ruiding Founding Co., Ltd
Producer of iron and steel castings, with product gallery, workshop details, and certificates. Liaoning, China.
Decatur Foundry
A gray and ductile iron foundry specializing in complex, highly-cored, short-run, and prototype castings.
Deniz Döküm
Turkish producer of castings in iron, aluminium and steel 0.5 kg to 1200 kg for ornamental and general engineering applications. Processes green sand and no bake. Product catalogue on site.
Durham Foundry (Sheffield) Ltd
Specialist iron founders, producing cast iron components for the engineering and architectural markets. History of the company, description of products and environmental policies. Contact details.
Dynamatic Technologies
Produces sophisticated castings for hydraulic, aerospace, automotive applications.
Eagle Foundry Company
U.S. Manufacturer of castings for abrasion, impact wear and heat resistant applications in aggregate, recycling, asphalt, cement, mixing wood products industries. On site listing of dealer contacts U.S. and Canada
Ekstrametal Dokum ve Izabe Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
Specializes in automotive parts, formwork and scaffolding accessories for building and construction industry. Metallographic laboratory, spectro analysis, sand testing facilities.
Fonderie Saguenay
Gray and ductile iron foundry with 150 to 15,000 pound range and in-house design capability. Based in Canada.
Francis Manufacturing Company
Manufacturer of aluminum castings from fractions of an ounce to several hundred pounds. Details company history, alloys used, and pattern information. Location Ohio USA.
Furniss and White Foundries Ltd
Steel foundry manufacturing steel, stainless steel and nickel base castings, from 1 kg to 1300 kgs. Also machining, overlay, fabrication and pressure test.
G & S Foundry & Manufacturing Company
Produces variety of gray and ductile iron, aluminum, brass, and bronze castings. Services include machining, finishing, reverse engineering, and prototype development.
Gamma Foundries Company
Features a non-ferrous, bronze, brass and aluminum sand cast foundry and machine shop. Based in Canada.
Great Lakes Castings LLC
A gray iron foundry in USA. Site provides information of casting processes, photo gallery of products, and related articles.
H.I.Quality Steel Castings Ltd
Steel casting manufacturer in UK, suppling phenolic bonded sand castings with ISO9000, DNV, ABS, Lloyds Certificates.
Hankook Steel
Manufactures large size steel casting products for various industries.
Hargreaves Iron Foundry
Manufacturers of engineering castings and standard and bespoke products for rainwater and soil drainage and street furniture
Hayley Industries
U.S. Manufacturer of precision aluminum and magnesium alloy sand castings ranging from 5 lbs. to 1200 lbs for aerospace and commercial markets.
Highland Foundry Ltd
Manufactures steel and stainless steel castings for applications ranging from offshore oil platforms to nuclear reactors. ISO 9000 certified.
Hoi Po Industrial Co., Ltd.
Aluminium extrusion manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Products include computer heatsinks, display card chipsets heatsinks, small chipsets heatsinks, natural anodized heatsinks.
Indoshell Mould Ltd.
India. Produces variety of shell moulded grey and ductile iron castings, with some focus on motorcycle market. Products include cylinder blocks, exhaust manifolds, clutch discs, brake drums, and water pump bodies and impellers.
Lemfco, Inc.
Producer of gray iron castings. Specializing in small to medium runs of up to 70 pounds. Location Galena, IL. Site has details of facilities and company history
Mesa Castings Inc.
Foundry located in Mexico, with sales office in California, producing broad range of grey iron and iron alloy castings. Examples of end products and details of markets served.
METAZ a.s.
Czech Republic. Produces variety of steel and aluminum castings, primarily for domestic and foreign car and motorcycle markets. Description of plant and capabilities.
Micron Alloy Castings Ltd.
UK. Specializes in air-set sand molded castings in ductile iron and variety of steel alloys. Products include press tools, gravity die blocks and inserts, marine and railway castings, and furnace parts. Machining also available.
Mystic River Foundry
Make sand castings in these non-ferrous metals; bronze, aluminum, bronze.
National Aluminum Brass Foundry
Specializing in sand cast non-ferrous materials. Offering turn-key solutions with pattern development, casting, machining, and special finishing services available.
Northern Stainless Corporation
A privately owned foundry in USA, specializing in pressure containing castings of bronze, iron, steel, and stainless steel.
Northwest Castings Inc.
Manufacturer of Alloy, Stainless and Manganese Steel Castings. Located in Seattle of USA. Founded in 1985.
A small specialty foundry for copper, aluminum and cast iron. From UK.
O.K. Foundry Company, Inc.
Family owned and operated iron foundry in USA. Specializing in grey and ductile iron castings by green sand and resin sand molds.
Perucchini Foundry
Foundry producing castings in nodular, vermicular, alloyed cast irons utilizing shell-moulding technology.
Plasmoulds Limited
Manufacturing process for non-ferrous sand castings, particularly in the field of high precision light alloy sand castings with a "Superfine" finish.
Plymouth Foundry Inc.
Gray and ductile iron castings and machining, including CNC turning, milling, tapping and grinding.
Progressive Foundry
Provides grey iron castings created to exact specifications. Located in Perry, Iowa.
Promtractor-Promlit Ltd - Cheboksary Foundry
Russian manufacturer of steel, gray iron and ductile iron castings with weight from 5 to 6000 kg and size from 50 to 2000 mm. Includes product gallery, details on processes used.
Reliance Foundry Co., Ltd.
Cast steel, manganese steel, cast iron. Castings for the mining, aggregate, wood processing, forestry, oil and gas, and marine industries.
Robar Industries Ltd.
Providing steel and ductile iron castings for over 40 years. Canadian waterworks pipe coupling, service saddles, repair clamps, and tapping sleeve manufacturer. Come visit the Foundry.
Saguenay Foundry Ltd
A foundry located in Canada, specialised in gray iron, CGI and ductile iron castings. Certified by ISO 9001 and Lloyd's Register.
Shankar Iron Engineering Works
Indian manufacturers of grey and ductile iron castings for sanitary, ornamental, and industrial applications. Includes detailed listing of products.
Slévárna Vysoké Mýto s.r.o.
Czech Republic. Produces variety of castings, especially for engineering and food industry requirements. Examples include pipe fittings and couplings, centrifugal pumps, valves, and thermostat bodies.
Specialty Castings, Inc.
Ductile and gray iron engineered castings in small to medium volumes, ISO-9002 certified. Online job quote form plus details on products and services offered.
Starcast Alloys Ltd
A family run foundry in Devon. Providing services of pattern making and prototype castings. Materials include aluminum, bronze and zinc.
T F Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Produces aluminium castings using sand and gravity die methods. CADCAM facilities. Photo gallery of products. Located in Malaysia.
Tirosh David Quality Castings Ltd.
Israel. Manufactures broad range of aluminum and magnesium alloy sand castings. Activities includes pattern manufacturing, prototype development, serial casting, and finished machining.
Tri-State Cast Technologies
Producers of aluminum, brass and bronze castings with in-house pattern making and machining capabilities
UK Racing Castings
Offers sand castings in magnesium and aluminum alloys for motorsport and industrial applications. Also provides pattern making, CNC machining services, and CAD-CAM.
Universal Electric Foundry
Provides stainless steel, special alloy, non-ferrous and other alloy castings to a variety of industries.

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