Advanced Casting, Inc.
Lost wax foundry specializing in nonferrous decorative metal casting actively pouring 9 alloys.
AlCuMet, Inc.
Production of investment castings using non-ferrous alloys; aluminum and copper metals. Founded in 1975 and ISO 9002 since 1995.
Alloymax Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
Specializes in investment castings for golf club heads, aviation and automobile products, accessory for petrochemical equipment, textile and agricultural. Based in Taiwan.
AMT Inc.
A foundry manufacturing small precision investment castings from a variety of metals using the lost wax process.
Aristo Cast
Provides investment castings and prototypes for automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and electronic industries in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Arrow Tehnocast (Guj) Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers of investment castings, includes details of processes and applications.
Avalon Precision Casting Company
ISO 9002 Certified precision investment castings in a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Value added services available to provide net shape parts.
Açotécnica S.A.
Plant, located in Brazil, specializing in investment and precision castings for a wide range of industries. An account of investment casting process and benefits.
Bealka Casting, Inc.
Supplier of precision investment castings in a wide variety of alloys.
C & S Metal Products Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of lost-wax castings. Based in Taiwan.
Chian Chu Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of marine and industrial investment castings. Includes rectangular portholes, sea strainers, antenna mounts, wheels, hinges, pump accessories, and rod holders.
Dameron Alloy Foundries
Produces broad range of investment castings, particularly to meet requirements of commercial glass industry. Can also supply dry sand and resin shell castings. Site provides details of capabilities and includes FAQ page.
Diversified Metalsmiths,Inc.
Precision investment and no-bake sand foundry that can provide prototypes and single parts to large runs in alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel base, cobalt base, copper base, aluminum, and titanium.
Engineering & Developments (Lymington) Ltd.
UK-based company casts non-ferrous materials and machines and assembles components for commercial, aerospace, defence.
European Investment Casters' Federation
Holds regular meetings (biennial)on investment casting technology.
Fonderie d'Art Bronze
Provides hands on training in lost wax casting process, with each class limited to five participants. Site provides details of instruction and arrangements for accommodation. Located in Provence, France.
Gujarat Alloys Cast Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers of precision investment castings through the lost wax process and sand castings. Based in India.
Investment & Precision Castings Ltd.
India. Produces ferrous and non ferrous investment castings up to 50kg. Profile of company, facilities and shareholdings.
JYI DAR Hardware Supplier Inc.
Canada. Specializes in production and supply of investment castings. Products include marine hardware, valves, fittings, impellers, and bicycle and machine parts. Explanation of process and discusses its benefits.
Northern Precision Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of precision investment castings.
Precision Castings, Inc.
An investment casting foundry producing quality aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze investment castings for commercial, military, and aerospace industries since 1981.
Protocast John List Corporation
Precision investment casting foundry for prototype and production castings using the "lost wax" process pouring aluminum, steel and copper based alloys.
Roscommon Precision Castings Ltd.
Precision investment castings. Meeting the needs of a demanding diversity of international markets.
Shree Matangi Investment Casting Pvt. Ltd.
Foundry located in India specializing in production of investment castings. Site explains process, describes its features and benefits, and lists the range of ferrous and nonferrous metals to which it can be applied.
Sicast SRL
Features photo-chemically machined and lost wax precision casting in brass, nickel silver, bronze, copper beryllium, aluminium and steel. Based in Italy.
Stainless Incast N.Z. Ltd
Specialists in short- to medium-production runs of stainless steel investment castings. World-wide delivery.
Thirumala Castings
Manufacturing parts for defense, medical equipment and surgical implants in corrosion resist stainless steels.
Tianhe Precision Casting Co. Ltd.
Chinese foundry producing finished investment castings. Site incorporates gallery of sample products, including golfclub heads, variety of hardware items, and parts for spinning, weaving, and knitting machines.
Valmate Industrial Corporation
Manufactures precision investment castings (lost wax process).

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