This category indexes sites of companies producing diecast parts and components for a wide variety of customers. The process is one of several different foundry operations and involves injecting molten metal, usually under pressure and often with water cooling, into a hardened steel die that conforms with the required shape. Subsequently, the die is opened and the casting rejected. Machining and finishing the raw casting may then follow, depending on the customer's requirement. On the whole, diecasting is confined to products made in aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and brass metals or alloys. Note: Where a company produces more than one type of casting, it more logically belongs in -- and should be directed to -- either the main Foundries category (which indexes firms with multiple capabilities) or the one that best matches the major portion of the company's output.
Acme Alliance LLC
Group of companies specializing in design and supply of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc diecastings. Ancillary services include machining, extrusions, finishing, and mechanical assembly.
Allcast Inc.
Describes this aluminum die casting company in Allenton, Wisconsin. Features capabilities and services and offers quote request and feedback forms.
Apex Aluminum Die Casting Co. Inc.
Produces aluminum, zinc, and multiple alloy die castings. Services include tooling, high and low volume requirements, sizes from one ounce to twenty pounds, warehousing for quick delivery.
Ashley Engineering (Lancashire) Ltd.
UK. Produces high pressure zinc and aluminium and gravity die casting components for automotive, construction, electric, lighting, and general manufacturing industries.
Auto-Cast, Inc.
Specializes in zinc and aluminum die cast products. Provides design and engineering assistance, prototyping, secondary operations, and final assembly services.
Brillcast Inc.
Precision die casting design to engineering in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A subsidiary of DCI.
Callen Manufacturing
Manufacturer of aluminum, zinc, and miniature zinc die castings.
Canada Metal (Pacific) Limited
Offers a wide scope of products and services, including traditional alloying, lead products, and gravity casting, high capacity custom zinc and aluminum diecasting, and CNC precision machining. Based in Canada.
Carlton Die Castings Ltd
UK. Manufactures fully machined gravity and high pressure die castings for variety of industries. Includes floodlights, electrical switch gear, forklift truck parts, and window sash weights. Site incorporates animated presentation of capabilities.
Cascade Die Casting Group Inc.
Specializes in production of aluminum and zinc components, assemblies, and other non-ferrous products. Mainly serves automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and power tool markets.
Catcher Technology Co., Ltd.
Provides aluminum and magnesium housings for notebooks, PDAs, handphones, digital video cameras, and LCD projectors.
Chen Yu Foundry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum die castings for automobile parts and accessories. Based in Taiwan.
Chris Hoskins Diecasting Consultancy
Services for vacuum diecasting techniques, CAD solid modelling facilities and machining light alloy expertise.
Cox Die Casting
Produces die castings for all industries.
Deco Products
Specializes in production of zinc die castings. Also offers machining, powder coating, and assembly services.
Die-Tech Casting
North American based manufacturer of zinc die cast parts. Features hot chamber machines producing parts ranging from trucking and automotive, to sporting goods and electronics.
Dynacast International Limited
Specializes in conventional and multi-slide diecasting of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc components. Detailed explanation of diecasting processes.
Fisep S.r.l.
Italian aluminium pressure die-casters and brass hot pressers.
FisherCast Global: precision die casting
Canadian die caster specializing in flash-free precision zinc and magnesium die cast components as well as injected metal assembly machines.
Fonderia in Conchiglia
Specialises in the casting of aluminium alloys using diecasting technology.
General Die Casters, Inc
Manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die castings with full process monitoring, vacuum, CNC machining, and finishing.
Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co. Ltd
Manufacturer of aluminum die castings located in Taiwan. Site has capabilities and finishing services offered.
GW Smith & Sons Inc.
Full service manufacturer of die casting lubricants. Site explains availability and use of die, plunger, and hydro slicks. Services include technical analysis of customer and job needs.
Hadleigh Castings
Offers aluminium castings using facilities including CAD/CAM, as well as sand and gravity die casting equipment. UK based.
IBEX Engineering
Producers of die cast metal products and other related products. Based in India.
Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
Aluminum and zinc die cast parts, machining, assembly, prototype, castings, diecastings, manufacturing.
Kurkute Brothers Private Limited
Manufacturers of non-ferrous gravity die castings and machined components. Located in India.
Lai Yue Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufactures magnesium and zinc alloy die castings. End products include automobile and motorcycle spare parts, hydraulic valves, pneumatic tools, and home hardware items. Located in Taiwan.
Lesueur Incorporated
Manufacturing of aluminum die casting, sand casting, permanent molds, and thermoplastic injection molded parts.
Madison Precision Products Inc.
Produces broad range of aluminum diecast parts and components, with some focus on automotive industry requirements. Can also finish and machine products to suit customer needs.
Magic Precision Inc.
Produces aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting for high-end, low-volume short-run orders. Also provides sheet metal, stamping, and plastic injections. Based in Asia.
McClintic and Associates
Consulting services to suppliers and users of aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings. Includes technical articles on die casting process and design.
Modern Metal & Refining Ltd.
OEM aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting parts as well as lighting products. Product and tooling design, tooling fabrication, die-casting, polishing, secondary machining (CNC machining), surface finishing (wet painting and electro-static powder painting) and sub-assembly.
Mok Luk KeeMetal Work Foundry Limited
China. Manufactures selection of cast brass and aluminum alloy lamp bases and candlestick parts. Available in choice of finishes. Photo gallery of available products.
Omen High Pressure Die Casting
Offers information about this firm which works in brass and aluminum. Based in Israel
PMS Diecasting
Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK, and specialises in high pressure zinc diecasting as well as epoxy powder painting.
Premier Tool & Die Cast Corporation
Aluminum and zinc die casting. Operates 12 aluminum and 1 zinc die cast machines, automated with casting extractors to auto cast and trim.
Reliance Foundry
Provides aluminum, ferrous and non ferrous gravity die and sand castings with heat treatment, and industrial coatings. Located in Southeast London, UK.
San Jose Die Casting
Primary casting source for companies in Silicon Valley. Vacuum assist aluminum or zinc die castings in any production stage required.
Shanghai Skyrock Industry Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures pressure casting, diecasting in zinc, aluminum and magnesium.
Skaigh Engineering Ltd.
UK. Family run business producing gravity die castings in aluminum and zinc aluminum. Capabilities include own dies, heat treatment, machining, painting, and assembly. Site incorporates account of aluminum properties and advantages.
SKS Die Casting and Machining, Inc.
Provides aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. In operation since 1946.
Sotek Technology Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Manufacturer of lost wax castings, die casting parts and sand casting parts for wholesalers.
Texas Die Casting, Inc.
Aluminum die casting company located Texas USA. With CNC, vibratory deburring, shot blasting and machining services.
Tru Die Cast Corporation
Read about the capabilities of this Sawyer, Michigan die caster.
Turner Aluminium Castings Ltd.
British company producing low pressure and gravity castings using aluminium and magnesium alloys. Facilities include CAD/CAM die manufacture, CNC machining, powdercoating, and surface finishing.
Yojana Udyog Private Limited
Offers contract aluminium and zinc die casting. Based in India.

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