This category contains sites of companies involved in or primarily focused on the variety of ferrous and nonferrous casting processes. The emphasis is on manufacturing or custom supplying both rough cast and machined end products. Most particularly, this "lead-in" category indexes firms engaged in more than one process or, in a few cases, in casting of a relatively rare nature (e.g. continuous strip and bar casting) or type of end product (e.g. band instrument parts). Otherwise, where a site reflects a concentration on one process (e.g. sand casting) more than others -- or even just that one -- it is more logically allocated to its appropriately named subcategory. Note: The Supplies subcategory is used to gather together the sites of companies that serve the foundry industry with chemicals, consumables, molds, patterns, components, and similar requirements.

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A.K.P. Foundries Pvt. Ltd.
India. Produces variety of grey cast iron and ductile iron products for automotive industry. Examples include manifolds, pulleys, valves, connecting rods, and crankshafts. Available in machined condition.
Acme Castings, Inc.
Manufactures steel, iron and bronze impeller castings for the pump industry, and other ferrous and non-ferrous castings using investment, sand and permanent-mold processes.
Advanced Pattern & Mold
Produces patterns and tooling for aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron castings. Also produces aluminum castings for vacuum form tools, cast aluminum rotational molds for plastics, and cast aluminum concrete molds.
Aeromet International PLC
UK manufacturer of precision aluminium and magnesium castings, titanium products and aluminium stretch forming.
Allerup Teknik
Read about the capabilities of this Danish foundry.
Alpine Casting Company
Specializes in custom and trade jewelry casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass, bronze and pewter. Uses lost wax and spin casting processes. Site provides details of services and order processing.
Anchor Bronze & Metals Inc.
Produces wide range of bearing bronze items, continuous cast copper alloys, finished machine parts, sleeve bearings, wearplates, and centrifugal castings. Site provides product information.
Associated Steel Foundries
Supplies steel and ferrous castings for industrial and military applications. Including components for liquid transfer, abrasion and corrosion resistant parts and armoured steel. Israel.
Atlas Foundry Company, Inc.
A jobbing and production foundry for lightweight (1/2 to 50 lbs) gray iron castings (class 20 - 35), located in Marion Indiana.
Aurora Metals Division, L.L.C.
Castings in non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, utilizing permanent mold and sand casting methods.
Bradken Resources Pty Ltd
Combined foundry and heavy engineering group. Services include the supply of cast, machined and fabricated consumables for the ongoing production needs of industry. Located in Australia.
Buck Company Inc.
Foundry seeking to expand and producing ductile, gray, and malleable iron and aluminum, brass, and bronze castings. List of facilities and currently invites applications for jobs.
Produces finished machined parts and rough slugs and tubes in cobalt-based stellite superalloy materials. Main characteristic is resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and high temperatures.
Cambridge Brass
Canada. Specializes in sandcasting, machining, and assembly of products for municipal waterworks industry. Includes valves, fittings, and meter setters. Downloadable details of available items.
Canlin Castings
Foundry featuring cast iron, aluminum, bronze, ferrous and non ferrous metals. Offers engineering, architecture and ornamental services. UK Based.
Carr Lane Castings
Foundry specializing in aluminum, bronze, and zinc alloy castings. Capabilities include artwork and architectural fabrication as well as broad range of industrial components.
Cast & Alloys
India. Specializes in manufacture and export of pistons and piston assemblies for stationary diesel engines, compressors, and automobiles, especially per OEM requirements.
Cast Alloys
Copper alloy casting manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. Volute pump parts, submersible pump parts, machine tool parts, pipe fittings.
Castings Directory
A world-wide directory of over 1.000 foundries and companies which offers services related to the castings industry. Web page builder. Business forum.
Castings for Industry
Matches casting suppliers, ductile iron suppliers, tool steel suppliers to the foundry; for brass castings, bronze castings, or ductile iron castings.
Castings P.L.C.
Group of British foundries producing variety of raw and finished ductile, malleable, and grey iron castings, with some focus on the automotive market. Site provides details of capabilities and range of end products.
Centre Technique des Industries de la Fonderie
Provides information regarding the foundry industry in France. Includes company directories, industry standards, available training courses, and research and development reports.
CIF Metal Ltd
Foundry for aluminum and zinc alloy utilising mold and a machine shop for finished parts. Technical assistance, CAF and CAM.
Concast Metal Products Co.
Manufacture continuous cast bronze bars, tubes, shapes, and plates from copper alloys and other non-ferrous materials.
Crosbie Foundry Co. Inc.
Main emphasis is on production of small sized brass, bronze, and aluminum castings. Examples include band instrument parts, latch hardware, metering valves, decorative brass products, and railroad key blanks.
The Ductile Iron Society
Society to promote the production and application of ductile iron castings.
Engineered Specialties Corporation
Represents manufacturers of sand castings, investment castings, stamping and washers throughout New England and the Northeast.
Falon Nameplates Limited
Manufacturer of cast bronze and aluminium nameplates as well as plaques including memorials, engineering, and general nameplates. UK based.
Foundry and Fabrication (Totnes) Limited
UK. Family business producing raw, machined, and finished non-ferrous castings. Uses gravity die, synthetic airset, and green sand methods. Materials include aluminum, gun metal, zinc alloys, and phosphor/aluminum-bronze.
Franklin Bronze & Alloy Company
Produces a range of both sand and investment castings in brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel based alloys. Details of equipment and capabilities.
General Foundry Service
Produces aluminum and zinc products, using precision sand and investment casting as well as rubber plaster molding processes. End products include computer, lighting, medical, semiconductor, and telecommunication components.
Glen Castings Limited
British foundry producing aluminium pressure and gravity die castings, as well as ductile and grey iron castings. End products include manhole covers, drainage grids, and a variety of engineering parts and components.
Global Casting Resources Inc.
U.S. based company importing castings produced by foundries in Asia and able to provide related heat treatment, machining, finishing, and assembly services. An account of underlying business rationale.
Hodge Foundry
Offers gray and ductile iron castings ranging from 1,000 to 150,000 pounds. Also provides heat treat, painting, and machining services.
Howell Foundry L.L.C.
Specializes in cast stainless steel, nickel, and cobalt alloys.
Huron Casting, Inc.
Producer of shell molded steel castings.
James W Shenton Ltd
Iron foundry, engineering and pattern making. Supplies low-medium volume iron castings to the engineering, water, architectural and other industries. CNC machining on-site.
Jams Castings Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacture and marketing of special alloy castings and fabricated equipment for heat, wear and corrosion resistant applications in India.
Johnson Metall AB
Manufactures plain bearings, bars, tubes and castings in bronze. A wholly owned subsidiary of Hexagon AB.
King Hardware Trading Co.,
Casting parts and material technology for manufacture of drying cylinders and various rolled steel products.
KPF Steel Foundry
Aims to meet all defined requirements of quality and delivery, and to aid customers in rapid prototyping of new steel foundry products.
L. A. Boiler Works Inc.
Provide manholes, handholes, tank heads, weld caps, and hinged closures.
Laforo Fondrie Industrielle
Specializes in casting gray and ductile iron components, especially for the automotive sector. Examples include disc brakes, hubs, manifolds, valves, brackets, and sprockets. Located in Quebec, Canada.
LEW Castings Group
Manufacturers of diecastings, sandcastings and investment castings in a wide variety of metals, including steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium, bronze and gunmetal.
Luitpoldhütte AG
Supplies castings for agricultural machinery, the truck and off-highway industry, and refrigeration equipment. Based in Germany.
M. Juergensen GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of cylinder liners for diesel engines and compressors. English and German.
M.M. Castings (P) Ltd.
India. Produces broad range of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and heat treated castings, as well as stone crusher parts. Photo portfolio of sample end products.
Mahoney Foundries, Inc.
Manufacturer of aluminium, brass and bronze castings from two foundry sites. Processes include sand casting and gravity die casting. Includes details of foundries and machining facilities.
Mars Metal Company
Offers specialty lead casting including counterweights, weights, nuclear and medical radiation shielding, lead bricks, lead sheet, lead shot, anodes, ballast, keels, downrigger weights and ballast.
Marshall Castings Limited
Manufactures graded carbon and iron castings. Based in India.
Mayura Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Jobbing foundry, with induction melting and machining capabilities, located in India. Produces high alloy castings for mining and railroad industries, as well as cement and petrochemical plants.
MBP Australia Pty. Ltd.
Supplies non-ferrous castings to industry. Specializing in brass, gunmetal, copper, aluminum and zinc. Based in Australia.
McCoy Foundry Company
Family owned and operated company in Canada specializing in grey iron municipal castings. Can also produce custom and ornamental cast items. Examples of end products.
Meed's Machine Shop and Foundry Ltd.
UK manufacturer casting aluminium or bronze. Services include machining, welding, brazing, and fabricating. Includes product show case.
MetalTek International
Offers centrifugal, investment, sand, and continuous casting for high-performance industrial applications. Non-ferrous, stainless steel, and specialty alloys.
Metrocast Italiana spa
Italian foundry producing investment castings and metal injection molded products. Site describes and compares two processes and explains differences in range and composition of end products.
Mid City Foundry Company
Produces core oriented gray and ductile iron castings. Offering a wide variety of alloys and complex castings of many shapes and sizes for customers that include Fortune 500 companies.
New Point Products, Inc.
Specialize in zinc-aluminum die castings slush, permanent, and centrifical. Provides models, molds, patterns, and prototypes.
NingBo ZheDong Precision Co. Ltd.
Foundry in China producing carbon, alloy, and stainless steel parts, primarily for the construction excavator equipment industry.
Nu Metalocraft Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures variety of cast and machined non-ferrous components used in railway electrification. Also offers contract manufacture of non-ferrous castings against drawings. Factory located in India.
OSCO Industries
Features this gray iron foundry producing castings for tools and machines.
P.I. Castings Ltd
UK. Specializes in production of precision metal parts through investing casting and metal injection moulding processes. Also offers material testing services. Site provides links to detailed information pages.
Perma Brass, Inc.
Manufactures castings (brass and bronze) and foundry cores produced to specifications.
Pressure Technology Inc.
Hot isostatic pressing service. Densification of metal castings, ceramics, carbides, other advanced alloys through simultaneous application of heat and inert gas pressure.
Punjab Hammers Pvt. Ltd.
Produces wide range of forged, rolled, and cast shapes and sections. Includes rounds, squares, joists, channels, crank shafts, T and I sections, rings, and flanges. Located in India.
Quality Electric Steel Castings
Supplier for makers of machinery, pumps, pipelines, construction equipment, and valves from 10 to 17,000 Lbs. 1000 tons per month capacity.
Rautomead International
Manufactures continuous casting machines for non-ferrous metals.
Rowe Foundry, Inc
US Manufacturer of industrial counterweights for forklifts and backhoes. Gray iron castings from 100 to 5000lbs.
Ryder Heil Bronze
Bronze bushings, bearings, wear plates and thrust washers manufactured since 1910.
Sage Metals Limited
Indian manufacturer and exporter of casting components, sand cast components, casting metals, machined cast components, die casting components.
Shenyang Henyi Enterprise Company Ltd.
China. Manufacturing group producing variety of valves, pipe fittings, pump housings, and fasteners. Processes include lost wax and foam, resin and green sand, and die casting, as well as hot, coldheaded, and die forging.
Sioux City Foundry Company
Features ferrous castings, gray iron, ductile, and green sand.
Offers a process that goes directly from CAD to a ceramic mold in which the part can be cast. Specializes in very fast turn around of automotive cylinder heads, manifolds and high grade aerospace castings.
Stainless Foundry & Engineering Inc.
Produces wide range of rough cast and/or machined sand and investment castings for diversified customer base. Site incorporates detailed account of product range, plant equipment, and available metallurgical advice.
Sun Everlasting Foundry Inc.
Taiwan. Produces gray and ductile iron and wear and heat resistant steel castings. Products include hand and man hole covers and variety of machine parts.
Thompson Casting Company
U.S. Manufacturer of magnesium and aluminium castings by mechanized precision green sand, dry sand and permanent mold processes.
Thompson Foundry
Provides custom castings in NiHard, HiChrome, Ductile Iron, Corrosion resistant, and heat resistant alloys. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Vardhaman Dies and Mould Tools
Manufactures and exports tools, die-castings, moulds and other allied products in India.
Vaspia S.A.I.C.
Argentina. Manufactures broad range of brass products. Includes forged and machined brass bars, profiles, valves, and faucets.
Vulkan d.d.
Producer of grey iron and non-ferrous metal castings including manhole covers and grates. Location Zagreb, Croatia. Includes technology, products and price list.
William Cook Cast Products
Network of foundries in the north of England producing sand-moulded, investment, and diecast castings, primarily in steel, for range of markets. Details of capabilities and range of applications.
Wynn Danzur Group
Sales and marketing arm of selected manufacturers. Ferrous and non-ferrous castings of most alloys. Sand casting, permanent molding, powdered metal process, multi-level production molding, die casting, shell core molding, and investment casting.
Xenia Foundry
A custom gray and ductile iron casting company producing components for specialized equipment manufacturers. Located in Xenia, Ohio.
Zelezarny Stepanov s.r.o.
Manufacturer of castings in grey iron and aluminium alloys. Pattern making (wood, epoxi, metal). Site provides details of capabilities and examples of end products.

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