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Alexy Associates, Inc.
Sells and repairs used, rebuilt and custom ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing equipment, as well as caviation meters. Includes information about the company and a partial list of completed projects for customers.
Alphasonics (UK)
Manufacturers of high quality ultrasonic cleaning systems for ceramic anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and general parts.
Applied Process Equipment Company (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaning meter: test the level of ultrasonics and scrub force during cleaning.
Aqueous Technologies (USA)
Manufactures aqueous cleaning and de-fluxing systems, stencil cleaning systems, misprint cleaners, cleanliness testers (ionic contamination testers), and water recyclers.
Bandelin Electronic (Germany)
The family company employs a staff of 100, and is specialized in development and manufacture of ultrasound equipment for applications in industry, trade, laboratory and medicine. The latest products developed are employed in sonochemistry and process acceleration.
Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics (USA)
Supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment used for industrial and precision cleaning.
Blue Wave Ultrasonics (USA)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment (Magnetostrictive Transducers)
Borer Chemie AG
Swiss producers of disinfectants and industrial cleaning products for aqueous and ultrasonic cleaning. Information on products and processes for each usage, company location, news releases, and FAQ included.
Chao Tung Ultrasonic Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Manufacturer and exporter/agent of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic generator and single sump type cleanern.
CleanoSonic (W. A. Brown Industrial Sales, Inc. - USA)
A wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and supplies is offered. The site is e-commerce enabled. The "Ask Captain Cleano" section answers many technical questions about ultrasonic cleaners and their use in jewelry cleaning and microelectronics.
Coltène Whaledent Gruppe
BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems.
Crest Ultrasonic Corp. (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaning systems and chemistries.
Elma Schmidbauer GmbH
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for special cleaning tasks.
Enertech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Range of ultrasonic cleaning and welding machines. Also manufacture hilife metal stress relieving machines and cold light sources. Provide turnkey consultancy in power electronics.
Goldstar ultrasonic
Ultrasonic cleaning
Greco Brothers, Inc. (USA)
Manufacturers of manual and automated ultrasonic cleaning systems for use with aqueous-based solutions or solvents.
JNJ Industries,
production supplies for electronic PCB assembly, cleaning, screen printing and Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning.
L and R Manufacturing
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, solutions and accessories for industrial, medical, dental, jewelry, firearm and various other industries. FAQs, a company profile, and warranty information.
M. P. Interconsulting
Specialists in sonochemistry and high power ultrasonics, provide consultancy, equipment supply and custom systems development. The site also includes technical information on piezo-electric transducers and cleaning in liquid carbon dioxide.
Mirae Ultrasonic tech. co. (Korea)
Generator(multi/single power series), transducer(multi/single series), ultrasonic cleaner - 300W, 600W, and 1200W.
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and blind cleaning training
ppb, Inc.
Cavitation energy meters for ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning tanks
S. Morantz Inc.
Offering home business opportunity in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, mini blind cleaning equipment, screenprinting machine, drapery equipment.
SE Corp. (Japan)
Spacer spray machines and ultrasonic cleaning tools for the production of flat panels.
Smart Sonic Corp. (USA)
Stencil cleaning process that safely cleans any solder paste (RMA, No-clean or Water Soluble) from any fine pitch stencil.
Soltec (Italy)
Technological solutions: ultrasonic cleaners and dental products.
Soniclean (Australia)
Ultrasonic cleaners.
SONIX IV Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners and solutions. View our catalog and specifications of table-top, recessed, and heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Telsonic AG (Switzerland)
Cleaning, welding, high power ultrasonic.
TM Associates (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaners, supplies and accessories.
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners for Electronic, Medical and Jewelry Industry
Ultrasonics International Corp.
Supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and components.
Ultrawave Ltd
British manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning baths for use in the medical, surgical, optical, dental, veterinary, laboratory and electronic fields. Distribution world-wide.
Zenith Ultrasonics, Inc.
New Jersey manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

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