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Applied Acoustics, Materials and Systems
Ultrasonic nondestructive testing, acoustical control and characterisation of media and materials vibrations analysis. France.
C D International Technology, Inc.
Consulting and training services for NDT and supplier of related equipment including ultrasonic transducers and pipeline inspection, ultrasonic and eddy current testing systems. Product data sheets and specifications.
Certified Testing Systems 2009 Inc.
Supplier of technical and professional services in non-destructive testing, predictive plant maintenance, industrial inspection and consulting.
Provide condition monitoring services and represent manufacturers of force, strain, pressure, vibration, displacement and ultrasonic leak detection sensors and instruments. Includes tech tips and theory. Australia .
Dunegan Engineering Consultants Inc.
Offer acoustic emission testing, training and inspection services, including nondestructive testing, leak, corrosion and crack detection, and model analysis and reporting.
East Coast Industries, Inc.
Offer a range of non destructive testing services including ultrasonic pipe and tank testing, infrared electrical inspection, vibration analysis, and advanced corrosion monitoring .
EDM International, Inc.
Offer inspection and assessment services for the electric utility, construction and forest products industries.
Enercheck Systems, Inc.
Ultrasonic inspection of steam traps, electrical and compressed air/gas systems, and distributor of ultrasonic testing instrumentation. Theory, tech tips and technical articles.
Instrumentation Innovation Ltd
Offers a range of services including advice on ultrasound systems and visualization of ultrasound . Photo and video clips of the visualization system and public-domain technical reports .
Kittiwake Holroyd Ltd
Condition monitoring by acoustic emission is a low cost way to tell the health of rotating machinery.
Lavender International
Provides and supplies ndt examination, training and consultancy services. Links to industry resources and an online facility for buying books and training courses.
NDE Professionals Inc.
Provide quality control consulting, and a range of ndt and training services including radiography, ultrasoncic, penetrant and magnetic particle.
NDT Services Inc.
Provides training and consulting services for quality control. Includes downloadable checklist and audit forms.
NDTech (USA)
Offer a range of nondestructive testing (NDT) consulting, training, products, and field services. a division of Electro-Mechanical Components, Inc. .
Ultrasound technology consultants providing expert advice covering both medical and industrial applications.
Quality Material Inspection Inc.
Provide industrial non destructive testing services, fabrication of equipment and products for ultrasonic and eddy current techniques.
Reinhart & Associates Inc.
Provides independent engineering and inspection services to the utility, petrochemical, papermill, aircraft, aerospace, and construction industries. Nondestructive evaluation (NDE), stress analysis, and fracture mechanics .
Research and Development Institute for Electrical Engineering (Romania)
A Laboratory specialized in Research and Development for Computerized Control, Monitoring and Non-Destructive Testing, including associated Hardware, Software, Electrical and Mechanical Design.
Rosen Group
Inspection services for complex and sensitive engineering structures, oil and gas pipeline systems, above-ground storage tanks and associated facilities. Photographic slide shows of products and services.
SCITEK Consultants
Engineering services for fluid mechanics, rig design, computer software, digital electronics and seeding generators for ldv and piv . The company also develop and manufacture liquid and solid particle seeding devices.
Zevenaar Elektronica & Sensoren (NL)
Development services for sensors, electronics, software, and measurement systems. Manufacturer of equipment for non-destructive testing. Ultrasonic amplifier.
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