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Advanced Material Solutions Inc.
Design and implement automated inspection stations for nondestructive testing. Ultrasonic system and services for the manufacturing industries.
Airmar Technology Corporation
Manufacture marine and industrial sensors using ultrasonic transducer technology. Airducer ultrasonic sensor catalog in pdf format.
American Medical Design
Designs and manufactures ultrasound probes, transducers and piezocomposites for medical, industrial and marine applications.
Andec MFG. LTD.
Supply nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment, instrumentation and accessory components. Products include ultrasonic and eddy current systems , c-scan systems, automotive part testing and aircraft wheel inspection systems . Canada .
Automated Inspection Systems Inc.
Offer nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment and applications development. Automated ultrasonic testing systems. Photo gallery of project inspections.
Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc
Manufacture a range of torque wrenches, tensioners and ultrasonic boltgages. Includes performance specifications.
Curtis Industries Inc.
Manufactures a range of ASNT standard and custom ultrasonic calibration blocks .
Dakota Ultrasonics
Manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment servicing the petrochemical, aerospace, racing, and other generally related industries. Velocity chart and online catalog.
Diagnostic Sonar Ltd.
Medical ultrasound scanners, couplants and test objects. Non-destructive testing products especially real-time array systems which can be used for rapid manual inspection of large areas. United Kingdom.
Dr.Opara Kg
Manufacture industrial airborne sound sensors, measuring tools and systems for contact free distance and thickness measurements .
Designer and manufacturer of fiber-optic test, measurement, monitoring and automation solutions for the global telecommunications industry.
FlawTech, Inc.
Manufacturer of flawed specimens for training and qualification in the NDE industry. Features product listings with drawings and some pricing.
FORCE Instituttet
Independent non-profit institution approved by the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry. Offers services and products for testing and inspection, mechatronics and sensor technology.
Gill Instruments Limited
Design and manufacture automotive electronics, ultrasonic anemometers and gas flow measurement systems . Product data sheets in pdf format and software downloads. United Kingdom .
Supply a range of ultrasonic transceivers, sensors, ultrasonic signal conditioners, positioning and guidance devices. Includes information on the principles of position and Doppler.
Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH
Germany. Manufactures ultrasonic processors for wide range of laboratory and industrial requirements. Applications include dispersal, cleaning, cutting, sieving, and welding. Provides detailed product and usage information.
Design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic transducers and solutions for industrial applications, NDT measurement, medical diagnosis and monitoring applications and medical therapy applications . France .
Ing. Büro Dr. Hillger (Germany)
Develops and builds ultrasonic imaging systems for high-tech materials like composites, ceramics and materials with high sound damping as concrete components.
International Transducer Corporation
Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, medical devices and industrial proximity sensing.
Iris Inspection Services, Inc
Supplier of rotary ultrasonic wall thickness measurement instruments for heat exchangers and ultrasonic tube inspection services. Trade shows, distributor listing and NDT links and training.
Karl Deutsch
Manufacture instruments and systems for non-destructive testing of materials. Books, information leaflets and technical papers. Germany .
Lecoeur Electronique Company
Manufacture ultrasonic instruments and systems for nondestructive testing.Pc based, visual and multichannel systems. France .
Materials Systems Inc. (USA)
A technology developer and manufacturer of piezoelectric materials, piezoceramics, piezocomposites and piezoelectric transducers for sonar and ultrasonic applications.
Nihon Demoa Kogyo Co. Ltd.
Manufacture quartz crystal electronic components, and ultrasonic transducers. Japan .
Nortek AS
Supply acoustic instruments for measuring water motion and software for real-time operation in the lab or field, analysis, visualization, presentation and reports. Norway.
Ohmic Instruments
Supply a range of power meters and test instrumentation to health care facilities, and environmental monitoring sensors, transmitters and controllers.
Olson Instruments, Inc.
Supply a PC-based platform for testing coarse grained construction and manufacturing materials. Analysis of surface waves and ultrasonic pulse velocity. Exhibits, seminars and conference details.
Optel sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Research and development in biometric and acoustics. Fingerprint recognition with ultrasonic holographic camera. Ultrasonic technology: transducer, electronics, ut-pc cards, pulser and receivers (for emat's too), amplifier, scanner for laboratory use, plastic pipe measurement.
Physical Acoustic Corporation
Designs and manufactures a range of acoustic emission (AE) sensors and instruments and nondestructive testing ultrasonic , eddy current and resistivity products.
Precision Acoustics Ltd.
Manufacture PVDF hydrophones and 2D hydrophone arrays for high frequency ultrasound measurement and ultrasound transducers for research and non destructive testing. United Kingdom .
Prowave Electronics Corp.
Develop and manufacture sensors, transducers and sensing materials for security, automation, medical diagnostics and automobiles. Taiwan .
Resource Engineering Inc.
Supply high accuracy coordinate measuring machines, ultrasonic scanners and laser digitizing systems.
Rhosonics (Netherlands)
Manufacture ultrasonic inline analyzers, sensors and probes for analysis of the concentration, density or composition of liquids, emulsions and slurries.
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd (India)
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning devices and plants, welding machines, concrete tester, NDT equipment, cont.welding machines and flaw detectors.
SeBo Technologies Ltd.
Develop data acquisition systems for ultrasonic applications and provides broad-based services in electronic hardware design. Israel .
SensoTech GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer of ultrasonic concentration measuring devices with application in polymerisation, crystallization and process control.
SNT Sensortechnik AG
Research, develop and manufacture ultrasonic, fibreoptic and optical sensors, for level control and distance . Includes technical drawings of product range. Switzerland .
Sonix Inc
Supply scanning acoustic microscopes, high speed A/D boards and ultrasonic immersion test systems.
Design and manufacture ultrasonic tracking systems for marine animals . Selected photographs, suggested reading and help with choosing the correct product .
Technology Design (UK)
Ultrasonic data acquisition and analysis systems.
UE Systems Inc
Manufacture portable and continuous ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Links to industry resources .
Ultran Group
Manufacture ultrasound instrumentation and systems for nondestructive analysis . Products include non contact transducers . Catalog available in pdf format .
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