Companies offering NDT products and services.
Advanced Quality Group, Inc.
Nondestructive testing for the north eastern Ohio area.
AGR Inspection, Inc.
Eddy Current Inspections for the Chiller Industry.
Albuquerque Industrial Precision Instruments
Distributor of non destructive testing quality control and measurement instruments, such as borescopes, ultrasonic, coating thickness gauges, estroboscopes, tachometers, durometers, high temperature cctv systems and wire pull terminal tester
Ashtead Technology Equipment Rental
Has a variety of NDT equipment to rent.
Baker Testing Services, Inc.
World wide services for applications requiring radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant testing, failure analysis, weld qualification and visual inspection.
Distributor of phased array systems and customized hardware and software solutions for non-destructive testing applications.
CANIN Corrosion
Thorough introduction to the CANIN corrosion analysis instrument, for nondestructive corrosion detection of rebar.
Based on NDT Digital Radiography technology, the systems provide on-stream corrosion and condition management, pipe line and pipe work weld inspection, radiograph digitisation and copy.
CoreStar International Corp
Supply eddy current products and services including probes, software, and field services.
Distributor of ultrasonic, bond testing and eddy current equipment.
Eddy Current Technology Incorporated
Designs, manufactures and markets multi-frequency eddy current equipment and accessories for heat exchanger inspection applications including both ferrous and non-ferrous heat exchanger tubing inspection.
Enduro Pipeline Services
Provider of high-resolution caliper and MFL pipeline inspection services and cleaning pigs.
Acoustic Emission and NDT services in Greece
Escon Engineering
Conventional and Advanced NDT services Provider in South East Asia, Middle East and India providing inspection for heat exchanger, air fin cooler, boiler and pipeline inspection.
Developer of extreme-brightness microfocus x-ray sources for a variety of uses including non-destructive testing.
ExSell Inc.
Manufacture vibration monitoring, blade tip clearance and crack detection equipment for gas turbine engines, steam turbines, turbochargers and flywheel systems, motors.
French vendor supplying optical NDT equipment.
FRT: Fries Research & Technology
Manufacturers of a comprehensive range of metrological surface measuring systems for the non-destructive investigation of topography, roughness, thickness, wear and many other properties of surfaces.
Geo Dynamics
Indian company providing high strain dynamic pile testing and low strain pile integrity testing. Provides details of the services offered, case studies and an FAQ.
Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.
Designs, manufactures and supports equipment that uses long range ultrasonics (guided waves) to inspect long lengths of metal pipework.
Hawkeye Borescopes
Manufacturer of visual and video nondestructive testing systems for fuel injectors, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, engine cylinders, miniature valve manifolds and precision rifle barrels.
ibg NDT Systems Corp.
Designs and manufactures eddy current systems and test instruments for testing of critical mass-produced components. These components typically are heat treated, machined and finished.
Industrial Control Machines
ICM designs and manufactures x-ray generating equipment for wide industrial application where high performances and reliability, within up to extreme weather environments and hard manipulations, are requested
Industrial X-ray Equipment
Industrial X-ray equipment and custom systems, Comet x-ray tubes, sales and service, digital filmless, amorphous silicon panels and CR digital technology, radiation safety enclosures, cabinets, real-time fluoroscopes.
Infrared Cameras Inc.
Manufacturer and retailer of thermal imaging and infrared camera systems. Training, rentals and leasing options are available.
Innovative Dynamics
IDI develops NDT equipment, and neural networks for turbine engine monitoring and structural diagnostics.
Integrated Material Control Engineering
IMCE specialises in measuring the vibrational behaviour of materials and products based on impulse excitation. Provides details of products, applications and case studies.
Kub Quality Services
Consultancy in non destructive testing and services, training consultancy in ndt and welding, third party inspection, visual testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, non destructive inspection, non destructive evaluation
LIXI, Inc.
X-ray systems designer and retailer. Wide variety of systems and inspection problems, in both NDE and in other fields.
Lotis Tech
Manufactures laser based quality control (QC) and NDT systems.
LTC develops laser-based measurement, inspection, and quality control products and systems, which are used to locate and quantify features such as corrosion, cracking, deformation and deflection.
Magna Chek
Offers NDT inspection services. They are a full service high production magnetic particle testing facility also offering radiography, ultrasonics, dye penetrant, eddy current, and hardness testing capabilities.
Magnetic Analysis Corp
Manufacturer of eddy current, ultrasonic, magnetic analysis and flux leakage equipment for nondestructive testing of bar, tube and wire parts.
Medit Inc.
Suppliers of videoscopes, fiberscopes and other inspection devices for aircraft maintenance, turbines, blades and pipe inspection.
NDT Consulting Group
Provides details of services and training, with company background and technology information.
NDT Inspection and Testing Ltd
Providing non destructive testing and inspection services to industries in the UK and worldwide. Also offers aerospace inspection technology.
NDT Solutions
They specialize in thinking outside the "Box," with innovative solutions to difficult inspection problems.
NDT Supply
Inspection instruments, supplies and accessories. Our online database contains hundreds of items.
NDT Technologies Inc.
Custom designed integrated automated non-destructive testing systems using ultrasonic and eddy current testing and laser measurement. Industrial applications include: steel plate, pipe, tube, rails, wheels, axles, cylinder liners or sleeves, aerospace components, automotive parts, composites.
Online sales of NDT inspection plugs designed to monitor the structural integrity of piping and equipment. Also supplier of thickness measurement location labels.
New Tech Systems
Pipe inspection equipment manufacturer based in Texas. Provides a company profile and product catalogue.
North Star Imaging, Inc.
Provides 3D computed tomography and 2D digital radiography x-ray systems and software and in-house inspection services. Also provides other NDT equipment, service and training.
P.T. Pratita Prama Nugraha
Indonesian distributor of NDT products and utilities including industrial X-ray film and equipment, X-ray, gamma ray and ultrasonic flaw detectors.
Pan American Industries, Inc.
Ultrasonic IRIS tube inspection systems that identify corrosion in air fin cooler, heat exchanger and boiler tubes. IRISPig ultrasonic pipeline pigging services to measure wall loss from corrosion in unpiggable pipelines and plant piping
Pensacola Testing Labs
Pensacola's site detailing their extensive experience in NDT and their wide range of services.
Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd.
Supplies automated ultrasonic and eddy current systems, based in the UK.
Agency engaged in the placement of nondestructive testing and quality personnel.
QSA Global
Digital, computed, portable, inspection, industrial, and real time x-ray equipment.
Radiant Quality Services
Provider of non-destructive testing services for the petrochemical, power plant, steel, foundries and sugar industry in India.
Red Wave Technologies
Nondestructive testing services utilizing infrared thermography.
Resonic Technology
California company that sells EMAT-based tools for quality/process control in wire fabrication and fastener testing.
Supplies non destructive testing consumables and provides equipment calibration.
Russell NDE Systems Inc.
Canadian company offering NDE services and research and development in radiography, remote field eddy current and other techniques.
Sciemetric Instruments
Provider of defect detection, analysis and traceability solutions for manufacturers.
A consulting company whose mission is to improve the reliability of NDE.
Silverwing Middle East
SilverwingME: providing specialist inspection services for above ground storage tanks and associated pipe work.
Silverwing UK Ltd
Equipment manufacturer and supplier for above ground storage tank and pipeline inspection.
TAI Services
NDT nondestructive inspection of tubes, eddy current testing on chiller tubes, flux Leakage testing on boiler tubes.
With 18 agencies, and over 40 product categories and hundreds of product items, they are providers for NDT and QC product needs in Indonesia.
TesTex, Inc.
Non-destructive testing company specializing in plant equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pipelines and storage tanks.
Thermal Vision
Offering infrared thermography services. Includes applications for electrical installations, furnaces, reactors, buildings, pipelines and bearings, and profile of company in Dunboyne, Ireland..
Trikon Technologies Inc.
Distributor of industrial nondestructive testing supplies (NDT).
VM Products, Inc.
Designs and manufactures application-specific eddy current probes and reference standards for aerospace, automotive, component testing, and marine industries. Also sells ultrasonic transducers.
Watford Control Pte Ltd
Sell infrared cameras for detecting poor electrical connections in power panels and cables.
Western Instruments Inc.
Manufacturers of portable magnetic particle inspection equipment, pit gauges, and ultrasonic testing systems for welded tube and pipe.
X-Ray Associates LLC
Sales and service of non destructive test systems, security systems and real time inspection systems.
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