Cable assemblies are a combination of cable and connectors or terminators.

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ABL Electronics Supply, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of wire and cable products.
Absolute Cable
Manufacturer of standard and custom cable assemblies, adapters and electromechanical wiring harnesses for computer, LAN, communications, automotive, motorcycle, industrial, military and medical equipment.
Absolute Quality Mfg. Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cable, harness, battery packs and DIN rail.
Affiliated Products Inc.
Wire harnesses, cable assemblies and control/dash panels to customer specifications.
Air Harness Manufacturing
Providing wiring harnesses and circuit board assemblies.
Manufactures cable and connectors, export computer and telecommunication equipment and accessories.
Amphenol Interconnect Products
Manufacturer of engineered interconnect assemblies.
ATI Fiber and Copper Cable Assembly Manufacturing
Manufacturer of custom voice, data, and integrated communication cable assemblies in copper and fiber optic materials. Quality system is registered to ISO 9002.
Automation Electronics
Job shop for custom cable assemblies,wire harness and other wire and cable processing needs.
BHC Cable Assemblies Inc.
Manufacturers of electronic custom cables and mechanical assemblies for the OEM and music industry.
Brockton Electronics Ltd.
Manufacturer of Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses, located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Produces a wide range of cables for virtually any application.
CabCo West Limited
V.35 data network, transit, traffic control, installation of LANs, radio, data and communications room solutions.
Cable Connections
Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Offer assemblies built to exact specifications, 100% Testing and Inspection.
Cable Maestro International Inc.
Manufacturer of a wide range of cable assemblies including USB cable, PC cable, medical grade and flat cable.
Cable Manufacturing and Assembly Co.
Designs and produces mechanical cable assemblies, controls and actuators.
Cable X-Perts, Inc.
Specializes in 50 ohm coax cables and RF connectors. Cable assembly department can install and test connectors to garner performance advantages from Andrew HELIAX, Times Microwave cables.
Cablek Industries
Based in Montreal, specializes in manufacturing copper and fiber-optic computer, networking and communication cable assemblies and custom electronic and electrical wire harnesses.
Cablelynx Limited
UK established cable assembly, design and production company with over 20 years experience with cable and connector products.
Cablepoint Ltd.
Supplies solutions, products, and services to a broad range of markets including data processing and EPOS systems, telecommunications, and electronics.
Carr Manufacturing
Custom and standard cable assemblies, printed circuit boards, and OEM solutions.
Cleveland Technologies
Sub-contractor for the manufacture of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, cabling looms, cut and prepared wires and sub-assemblies.
Cable assembly manufacturing for a wide variety of applications as well as communication cabling including premise design, installation and cable plant documentation.
Connect Group, Inc.
Manufactures cable and electro-mechanical assemblies plus wire harnesses.
Connect Systems
Belgium based company for many types of contract manufacturing services.
Connectronics Corp.
Cable Assemblies for Aerospace, Satellites, Aircraft, Military, High Voltage, High Current, Specialized Connectors for Extreme Environment and High Reliability.
Converters & Cables
Specializes in designing and manufacturing a complete line of data, voice and video custom cable assemblies.
Cooper & Optic Terminations Ltd
UK based company providing subcontract cable harness assembly services, ranging from fibre optic to multicore cables. Industries range from aerospace to military.
Covid Inc.
Makers of Fiber optic communications systems, videoconferencing products, coaxial and plenum cable and computer to video interfaces.
Czech manufacturing of cable assemblies
A Czech company specializing in custom cable and electrical harness manufacturing/assembly. A wide array of clients, from cable and electronic companies to car manufacturers, including racecars.
Darlington Electronics Ltd.
Wiring harnesses and control panels. UK based.
The Data Cable Co. Inc.
Specializing in the manufacture of Data Communications Cables, Special Assemblies and Cable Harnesses.
Data World Solutions inc.
Providing assemblies and wire harnesses, custom manufacture specialty cables and connectors, circuit board products, switches, patch panels and wall plates.
DC Electronics
Contract Manufacturing specializing is custom cable assembly, injection molding, electro-mechanical assembly. Design assistance and quick turn prototypes available.
DCS Dryad Ltd
New Zealand manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and harnesses.
Dicar Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and electrical harnesses.
E.D. Products Limited
Cable assembly services in St. Catharines Ontario Canada.
ElecSys Inc.
Manufacturer of standard, build-to-print and custom interconnection products including cable assemblies, conduits and connector components.
Elka Taiwan Ltd.
Cable assemblies for audio/video, communication, computer and connection devices.
Euro Solutions Ltd.
Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies including custom molded cables, printed circuit board assemblies and turn-key build of electromechanical assemblies. Langley, British Columbia.
Extending Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Taiwan manufacturer of cable assembly, custom cable, electrical wire, computer cable, coaxial cable.
Fibrepulse Limited
Designer and manufacturer of high performance fibre optic interconnect devices for the global telecommunications markets.
General Reliance Corporation
Manufacturer of custom molded cable assemblies for Military, industry and any harsh environment. Molding in Neoprene, Viton, Urethanes and epoxies.
Global Interconnect
Custom molded cable assemblies primarily for medical, industrial and computer OEM's. We combine local engineering support with offshore manufacturing.
Gwent Cables
UK manufacturer of cable assemblies, looms, and wiring harnesses. Also provide a product assembly and box build service, built to customer specification and ISO 9002 quality.
Software for electrical wiring harness design. Marketed through Tyco Electronics.
High-Tech Technical Components
South African Manufacturer of Wiring Harnesses, in automotive, and White goods. ISO9002 and VDA6 quality approvals.
iFiber Optix
Fiber optics cables, mode conditioning cables, fiber connectors, attenuators, singlemode, multimode, panels.
Integrated Cable Solutions
Copper, coax and fiber assemblies and are all manufactured in the U.S.A. Standard, specialized, or custom cable assemblies.
Kabel A.S.
A cable harness and assembly producer in Turkey. Largest in nation. ISO 9002 certification.
Laserage Technology Corporation
Design and manufacture of high quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies. ISO 9002 Certified.
LHi Technology, Inc.
A registered ISO 9002 and TUV46002 manufacturer of leads, harnesses, and interconnect cable products. Design and manufacturing of power, medical, fiber, consumer electronics.
Liberty Electronics, Inc.
ISO 9001 manufacturer of molded and shielded cable assemblies and electro-mechanical panel sub-assemblies.
Micro Design RD
Canadian manufacturer of custom cable and wire assemblies, and cable processing supplies. Also, a wide selection of computer cables.
Manufacturer of custom cabling and sub-assembly solutions for the high tech industry.
MyStar Sound
Manufactured professional audio and video cables along with wire and cable manufacturing and wholesale distribution.
New England Interconnect Systems
Manufacturer of coiled cords, and interconnect products for automotive assembly, medical and surgical devices, and telecommunications.
Nu-Tek Assemblies Inc.
Designs and manufactures standard and custom cable assemblies for the telecommunications and computer network markets.
Quality assurance controls for wire harness manufacturing.
Omega Leads, Inc.
Value-added manufacturer of commercial wire harness and cable assemblies to customer’s specifications.
Optimum Systems International
Manufacturer specializing in custom and special application cable assemblies, wire harnesses, panel assemblies, and electro-mechanical assemblies.
Osca - Arcosa
Manufacturer of electrical wire assemblies and harnesses for the consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial electronics industries.
Plastics One
Custom design, molding and assembly of medical and communications connectors and assemblies.
Precision Cable Assemblies
PCA is a manufacturer of battery cables, lead wire assemblies, heavy gauge wire assemblies, ground straps for original equipment manufacturers and cable and wire harnesses. ISO 9002 certified.
Precision Interconnect
Complete cable interconnect systems for electronic OEMs.
Pro-Data International Corp.
Manufacturer of cable assembly for telephone, computer, audio, radio. Taiwan
ProSource Ind
ISO 9002 compliant and an ACE Participent. Manufacturer of wire and harness assemblies specializing in the production of custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies and electromechanical.
Offers standard electronic and assembly hardware products.
Sentral Assemblies
Manufactures wire and cable assemblies with fast turn around.
Manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and electromechanical assemblies.
Sheyenne Dakota, Inc.
Contracts wiring harnesses, vacuum form fabrication. Submit specifications or autocad drawings for a free quotation.
Silcotec Europe Home
Contract manufacturer of cable and wire harness. Manufacturing Facilities in Ireland and Slovakia.
Southern Interconnection Industries Limited
Cable Assembly manufacturer. Includes SCSI Cables, High Power Cables, Medical Cables and OEM Cables. Electrical Connectors, Injection Molding,Tool Making.
Supreme Cable Technology
Wire harness manufacturing, assembly services, custom cable assembly, wiring harnesses, and fiber optics.
United Universal Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of UL/CSA power cords, cordsets and wired interconnection assemblies such as - cable assemblies, wire harnesses, connector overmolding, special molded connectors, and molded strain reliefs.
Unlimited Services
Manufacturer of Custom Electrical Wire Harnesses, Custom Molded Cable Assemblies and Panel Assemblies for Truck, Off Road Equipment Communications and Specialty Electronic industries
Producers of electrical and electronic cable assemblies.
W.T. Storey Inc.
Manufactures cables, connectors, assemblies and sub assemblies.
Warehouse Cables
Supplier of network cabling and equipment including copper, fiber optic, coaxial, patchcords, hardware and accessories.
Wellshow Technology
Manufacturer of antennas, RF connectors and cables.
Wen Te Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronics, wire and cable assemblies.
WH Kemp
Build assemblies and sub assemblies by purchasing all electrical, electronic components and assembling them onto base plates or enclosures.
Home cabling and networking, components, sales and service. Based in London, serving the UK.
WTS Connects
Full service contract manufacturer of custom and standard copper/fiber optic wire harnesses and cable assemblies to OEMs in the transportation, industrial, commercial appliance, medical and telecommunication industries.
Yeonhab Precision Co, Ltd.
Manufacturer of cable assembly, wires and cables, connectors and enameled wires

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