Access Closure
A medical device company developing access site management products designed to address the complex challenge of vascular closure during interventional and diagnostic procedures.
A medical device company dedicated to the development of devices, including the Balloon Sinuplasty system, to further meet the needs of ENT patients.
Production and repair of surgical instruments.
Manufacturers and exporters of medical surgical supplies, equipment, diagnostic, and orthopedic instruments.
AVID Medical
Specializes in custom procedure trays for hospitals and surgery centers.
Manufacturer of surgical instrument products and special products formed on the request of the surgeons.
Blue Endo
Products and services for minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and urology.
C-Med Surgical
Offers surgical instrumentation, equipment and lighting.
Candra International
Manufacturer & exporter of surgical, dental, veterinary & manicure instruments.
Caterham Surgical Supplies
Surgical instruments from Lawton, Bowa, Riley, Cuda including cleaning brushes, ENT and surgical instruments.
CDS Surgical
Supplier of surgical instruments, hospital supplies, hospital equipment, and home health care needs.
Cincinnati Surgical
Offers a wide line of medical, industrial and utility products.
CorTek Endoscopy, Inc.
Service and research firm focused on the healthcare industry. Specializing in rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes.
Cushy Surgical Co.
Manufacturer of health care instruments - surgical, dental, electrosurgical, orthopedic.
Davis-Lobdell Instruments
Supplier of surgical and diagnostic instruments. Specializes in hard to find instruments.
Davol Inc.
Surgical products in areas of irrigation, hernia repair, autotransfusion and hemostasis.
Denzel Medicine Technology
Manufacturer of micro surgical instruments in the areas of ophthalmology & general micro surgery.
DTR Medical Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of single use medical instruments and devices for surgical procedures.
Tweezers for microsurgery, biology, high precision, and cosmetics.
EBE Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Supplier of disposable surgical products and ophthalmic instruments.
Elana manufactures and sells products for non-occlusive bypass surgery.
Emblation Medical
Designer and manufacturer of microwave based medical solutions.
Ethicon Inc.
Manufactures instruments used for laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery.
GermedUSA Inc.
Manufacturer of surgical instruments for cardiovascular, opthamology, dental, obstetrics, orthopedic, MIS, and surgery sets.
HNM Medical
Wholesaler and retailer of surgical instruments, stools, medical supplies and medical equipment.
Manufacturer of surgical blades, custom needles, probes, and tips.
Instratek Incorporated
Manufacturer of surgical products for carpal tunnel, plantar fasciotomy, decompression of Morton’s neuroma, and gastrocnemius recession.
Manufacturer of the Lotus Ultrasound Scalpel used for soft tissue dissection.
Manufacturers of surgical instrument power tools used in cardiac, neuro and orthopaedic surgeries.
Medetz Surgical Instruments
Supplier of surgical instruments and disposables to hospital and surgery centers nationwide.
Manufacturers and exporters of surgical instruments for dental, veterinary and medical use.
Medworks Instruments
Discount surgical instruments and diagnostic instruments for medical, veterinary, and nursing professionals.
Mesaad & Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of dental and surgical instruments including, angular and bone holding forceps, scalpel handles, needle holders, diagnostic set and bone shears.
Millennium Surgical Corp.
Supplier of German and US made specialty surgical instruments for eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, micro surgery ENT surgery and instrument sterilization trays.
Mind Works (Private) Limited
Manufacturer of surgical, dental, manicure and pedicure instruments, hand tools, and tool kits.
Minimal Access Solutions
Medical equipment supplier specializing in laparoscopic instruments and sterilization containers.
ML International
Manufacturers and exporters of ophthalmic, surgical, dental, and specialized in micro surgery instruments.
Nidhi Meditech Systems
Manufacturer and exporter of urology products such as lithotripter, uroflowmetry, urology disposables, and endoscopic accessories.
On Call Surgical
Offers laser rental services and purchasing to hospitals in the United States.
Manufacturer of spinal systems for contouring corrections - used by neurosurgeons, orthopedists and spine surgeons.
Focuses on the latest technology in bone cement delivery devices, including the Osseoflex, a steerable and curvable delivery system allowing navigation within the vertebral body.
PEAK Surgical
Manufacturer of surgical instruments and medical devices. Products include the PlasmaBlade and the PULSAR Generator.
Qlicksmart Pty Ltd
The patented scalpel blade removal system allows single-handed safe scalpel blade removal.
REMA Medizintechnik GmbH
Develops, manufactures, and distributes instruments and equipment for endoscopy.
Ribbel International Ltd.
Offering several surgical products including scalpels, blades and related products.
Shippert Medical Technologies Corp.
Manufactures and distributes medical disposable supplies, products and instruments.
Single Use Instruments
Supplier of single use and disposable surgical instruments, including dental, podiatry, gynae and obstetrics instruments.
Sklar Surgical Instruments
Specializes in surgical instruments.
Sontec Instruments
Suppliers of stainless steel and titanium instruments for all medical fields, including microsurgery, cardiovascular, orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology, and obstetrics.
SOS Surgical Company
Manufactures and exports dental, eye, manicure and life-saving surgical instruments.
Surgical Instruments
Manufacturer of precision surgical instruments and tools for use in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.
Thomas Medical
Manufacturer of OBGYN surgical instruments, medical supplies, HSG catheters, HS catheters, uterine dilators, and uterine manipulators.
Trimedyne, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets fiber-optic laser catheters, endoscopes, lasers for scientific, medical and related purposes. (Nasdaq: TMED)
Tulip Medical, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of endoscopy lines and syringe systems.
Vactech Surgical Equipment
Manufacturer and exporter of surgical equipment, including anesthesia and suction apparatuses, operation theater lights, autoclaves, operation tables.
Visionary Surgical Solutions
Products for ophthalmic surgery to UK surgeons and their patients. Suppliers for Acri.Tec AG and manufacturer of Intra Ocular Lenses and related products.
Western Trading Company
Importer and distributor of laparoscopic and general surgical products.
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