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Achilles Medical
Specialist in sports medicine and fracture bracing.
Allsport Dynamics Inc.
Information and sales of ankle braces which provide both hot and cold therapy.
Alpha Medical Products, Inc.
Orthopedic supports and braces for knee back ankle elbow posture wrist and thumb. Numerous related medical products.
Bauerfeind USA OnLine
Braces for ankle, back, leg, elbow, and knee. Product information, including product research and comparative tools. Features a Glossary of body parts and injuries.
Bledsoe Brace Systems
manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic knee braces, ankle braces, ankle supports, knee immobilizers, arm braces, sport braces, boots, and walkers.
The Brace Center
Based in Texas. They have two locations and Online Shop specializing in knee products. They have patella stabilizers, hinged knee braces, functional braces, patella tendon straps, immobilizers, plus a variety of other knee related products.
A completely unique undersleeve product for use with knee and wrist bracing systems, as well as for athletic use.
Dynasplint Systems, Inc.
A cost-effective splinting system that provides a method for permanent elongation of connective tissue and can resolve joint stiffness and diminished range of motion. Features product information, case studies, FAQs, and interactive product images.
Knee Brace Shop
Manufacturer of orthopedic braces and supports.
Lowry Medical
Provides ankle braces, knee braces, and orthopedic supports.
LP Support
Orthopedic bracing, supports, and medical products.
McCarty's, Inc.
Providing sales of the Sacro-Ease Posture Correction Seat Insert to eliminate low back pain while driving or otherwise sitting for extended periods of time.
Specializing in the area of orthopedic braces and supports. Search by injury, brace, or body part. Two Orthotists on staff.
Orthomerica Products Inc.
Prefabricated, semi-custom and custom orthopaedic braces for trauma and disease repair; cost effective, modular plastic orthotic products and modular systems for immediate fit or overnight delivery.
Pro Orthopedic Devices, Inc.
Magnetic therapy and equine sports medicine products also available.
Smith-Nephew Bracing & Support Systems
Knee Bracing, Upper Extremities and Back Bracing, Foot and Ankle Braces and Team Sports catalogs online.
Supports and Braces, Inc.
Orthopedic braces and supports for sports medicine injuries.
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