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Accucare Canada
Provides medical compression therapy service including garments and aids. Features information on products service and careers.
Suppliers of materials and components to the podiatry, orthopaedic, physiotherapy, chiropody and shoe making industries.
Amputee Treatment Center
Sells inflatable socket system to improve fit of prostheses. Batavia, New York.
Knee, osteotomy tibiale system that allows a solid opening reglable, osteosynthese, plate with cortical support that eliminates the disadvantages associated with traditional open wedge medial knee osteotomies.
Becker Orthopedic
Orthotics componentry and central fabrication services.
Best-Made Shoes
Custom-made shoes, sandals and orthotics. Diabetic and arthritic Footwear. Board-certified pedorthist.
Biomet, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets products used primarily by orthopedic medical specialists in surgical and non-surgical therapy. Contains separate links for providing information to health care professionals and patients.
Manufacturers of orthopedic implants and instruments.
Bird and Cronin, Inc.
Orthopedic softgoods, patient footwear and specialty patient care products manufacturer.
Specializes in the development, manufacture, and marketing of medical technology for radiosurgery / radiotherapy, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and ENT.
Chaneco Footwear
Orthopaedic and diabetic footwear styled and manufactured in the UK. Includes size charts and FAQ.
Cizeta s.r.l.
Manufacturer of health care products, support hosiery, anticellulite pants, angora warmers, diabetic socks, soft knit, and lycra tights.
ComfortFit Orthotic Labs, Inc.
Custom orthotics made from the highest quality materials.
Dr. Zen
Large manufacturer of shoes and orthotics, looking for suppliers. Provides company and product information.
Drew Shoe
Manufacturer of men's and women's orthopedic, medical and diabetic shoes in dress, casual and athletic styles along with sandals, boots and fashionable Barefoot Freedom.
Energy Center
Offering advice and equipment for inversion therapy -Back pain relief and overall health and fitness.
FLA Orthopedics, Inc.
A manufacturer of quality orthopedic, sports medicine, home health, and occupational safety products and programs.
Foot Levelers
Provides a line of custom-made, flexible orthotics based on chiropractic research and innovative technology.
Foot Store
Manufacturers of orthotic and arch supports designed for relief from heel pain.
Global Orthopaedic Technology
Features Australian designed joint replacement products for orthopedic surgeons.
HTI Technologies
Bioceramics and biocoating for orthopaedics implants, zirconia femoral heads HAP or Titanium or Alumina coating on orthopaedic implants with plasma acetabular reamers. (English and French)
Human Factors Engineering
Prefabricated outriggers simplify fabrication of custom fit dynamic hand splints.
IEM Medical Technologies
Medical supplier of sorbothane and orthopedic supports for insoles, lumbar and sacroilliac supports.
Innovative Medical Products
Manufacturer of orthopedic positioners and accessories. Also provide some surgical tools/accessories, and foam products.
Interpod Pty Ltd
Manufacturers and distributors of prefabricated foot orthoses, with product details and applications. Based in Victoria, Australia.
A hands-free crutch designed to meet the mobility needs of people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries.
JMS Plastics, Inc.
Orthotic plastic materials, supplies and equipment for fabricating or adjusting custom orthoses.
Joslin Orthpedic Gear
Arm slings made of soft,stretch cotton spandex. Ergonomically designed to hold injured or disabled arms as gently as possible.
Juzo Compression Therapy Products
Juzo manufacturers high quality compression stockings, support stockings, arm sleeves, knee braces and ankle braces.
Innovative and clinacally proven support surfaces to help you care for your patients.
Leader International Corporation
B2B web site offering a variety of products from retail fixtures, institutional furnishings to health care and orthopedic products.
McKelor Technologies
Manufacturer and distributor of continuous passive motion devices for joint rehabilitation. Manufactured in US and available for distribution worldwide.
Medi support & surgical stockings
Full line of medi support stockings, various sizes available including 'wiz size' for a perfect fit.
Medical Surgical Tools
Sales of orthopedic surgery products, including titanium screws, pings, and blades. Contact information and links.
Michigan Orthopedic Specialists
Care of orthopedic conditions, trauma and sports-related injury focussed on restoration of health and prevention of future problems.
Nada-Chair Direct
Lower back pain relief and prevention by making any chair an ergonomic chair with a Nada-Chair. Relieves sciatica and other forms of lower back pain.
Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, LLC
Design and manufacture of implants for the orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular markets, specializes in near-net forging of exotic materials.
Ortho-Dynamics Orthotic Laboratory
Manufacturer of foot care products including custom (prescription)and pre-molded (non-prescription) orthotics.
OrthoCanada Medical Products
Offers a full line of physiotherapy and rehabilitation products for institutions, clinics, and personal use.
Contains information on spine, reconstruction and trauma related products used in various orthopedic procedures.
Orthopaedic Center of Illinois
Located in Springfield and Jacksonville IL, provides complete musculoskeletal care providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for bone and joint disorders.
Orthopedic Supports
Orthopedic Supports and Braces. Products include a variety of orthopedic supports commonly sold in physicians offices to patients for the relief of pain related to the neck, back, knee, wrist or ankle.
Extracorporeal (outside-the-body) shockwave system approved by US FDA in treatment of chronic heel pain caused by plantar fascitis.
Pocket PT
A pocket-sized guide to orthopaedic physical therapy for physical therapists and students.
Portable gait lab
Gait analysis including the speed of locomotion, related power and energy expenditure of daily physical activities.
ProMed, Inc.
Selling orthopedic softgoods such as splints, braces, slings and wraps.
PROSERIES Sports Medicine
Manufactures cold therapy products. Ice wraps are used by orthopedic rehabilitation clinics and professional athletes.
Relief Orthotics.
Manufacturer of a wide range of orthoses and wheelchair posture improvement devices.
Sof Sole
Protective replacement insoles and overlays designed to provide shock absorption, enhance shoe comfort, and reduce lower body fatigue.
Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics
Suppliers of high quality prosthetic and orthotic devices incorporating the latest technology and components from around the world.
Spinal implants and instruments.
Development, production and distribution of spinal implants and instruments world wide.
Spinal Products Ltd.
Manufacturers of orthopedic products, including back and neck support products, mattresses, Harley pillows and other comfort aids.
Stromgren Supports
Sports medicine products and supports for the ankle, knee, elbow, back, and hot cold therapy.
Skeltal fixation company involved in designing, manufacturing and distributing implants and instruments used in internal and external fixation of human skelton and soft tissues.
Thuasne Group
France. Manufacturers of elastic compression bandages, medical belts, adhesive and cohesive bandages, orthopaedic supports, and medical compression stockings and tights. Multi-lingual site.
Thumb Splints
Utilizes the concepts of balancing muscle pull and strengthening weaker muscles through everyday use, which are emergent concepts in the field of neurorehab.
Townsend Design
Products include prescription medical devices available to the general public from qualified health care professionals.
Tracer Designs, Inc.
Producer of the Tracer Bone Mill machine used to produce allograft material for hip revision procedure, spinal fusions, grafting. (Santa Paula, CA)
UCO International
State-of-the-art foot orthoses, unique silicones, advanced materials, and lab equipment designed for orthotic and prosthetic use in a managed care environment
Offers interactive patient education resource that can be utilized by orthopedic surgeons to educate their patients about different surgeries.
Unimed-Hellas & Mandis Bros
Manufacturer of orthotic products and various orthopedic supports.
US Orthotics, Inc.
Manufacturers of orthopedic soft-goods and spinal braces. Located in Tampa, Florida.
Variteks Orthopedic
Orthopedic products, neoprene, varicose stockings, various splints, braces, cervicals, arm sling, variteks, and corsets. Turkey orthopedic products manufacturer.
Visual Odyssey, Inc.
Patient Education Tools.
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.
Orthopaedic medical device company headquartered in Arlington, specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics. Information about the company and its products.
Zimmer, Inc.
Manufacturer of orthopedic products and instruments. Includes detailed company profile, product and service specifications for medical professionals, patients and care givers and information on careers and grants.

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