Businesses engaged in the manufacture or distribution of nutritional products.

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4Life Research
Manufacturer of wellness supplements for fibromyalgia, weight loss, general health, and skin care.
AST Sports Science, Inc.
Corporate website for AST brand product. Product information, research, articles, online bodybuilding tools, store locator and online shopping cart.
Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc.
Raw material supplier of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane),a nutrient composed of sulfer and methyl. Includes company and news information.
CHS International Resesarch
Manufacturer of nutrition and life science products. Manufactures biotech products, such as aging research products, and RNA products.
Colorado Biolabs
Produces easy absorption iron supplements. Lists production information and safety studies.
European manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.
Davinci Laboratories
Makers pf gluconic DMG, Perna Pplus, and other natural dietary supplements.
Deerland Enzymes, Inc
USA. Custom formulator and contract manufacturer of enzyme and probiotic based dietary supplements.
Dehly Ltd
Swiss contract-manufacturer of pharmaceutical confectioneries, specializing in pastilles based on Arabic gum with essential oils or plant extracts.
The Digestive Health Specialists
Produces a synergistic family of natural products to support the health of the digestive system.
Doctor's Best
Retail line of herbs and herbal formulas.
Efficient Laboratories
Manufacturer of proprietary brands of vitamins and mineral supplements. Also produces over-the-counter medications.
Emerson Ecologics
Distributor of natural and herbal health care products to health care professional.
Energyent, Inc.
Offers recipe analysis, consulting, cooking workshops, products, and nutrition education for the food and nutrition consumer.
Fiber Choice
Fiber based nutrition supplement for weight management and health.
FoodScience of Vermont
Manufacturer of all natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutritional supplements.
Fu-E Lifesciences Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of health products, including soy isofalvone, grape seed, bilberry, vita-c/ calcium tab.
Green Pasture Products, Inc.
Information and sales of butter oil and cod liver oil products, the so-called "x-factor" oil providing a number of health benefits.
GTC Nutrition
Information about products including Xylitol, Natureal oat bran concentrate, CalciLife prebiotic mineral, Aquamin natural calcified mineral source and NutraFlora prebiotic fiber.
HealthForce Nutritionals
Manufacturer of bio-compatible whole food nutritional supplements.
Manufacturer and exporter of nutritional solutions and soft drink concentrates from India.
Distributes nutrients that revitalise and improve skin's inner condition. Manufactured by Farrosan, a Danish pharmaceutical company.
Biotechnology company specializing in scientifically formulated dietary supplements and skin care products.
Innotech Nutrition Solutions
Website for Innotech brand of nutrition products that includes web based seminars, online retailer locator (Canada), and product information.
Innovative Nutritionals
Manufacturers vitamins, herbs, minerals, supplements, custom formulations, encapsulation, tableting, liquid and powder filling.
Irwin Naturals
Retail brand of liquid gel vitamins and herbal formulas.
Laboratoires Le Stum
Products for natural healthcare practitioners based in Lorient, France.
Labrada Nutrition
Manufacturer of sports and fitness nutrition line.
LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals
Marketer of colloidal minerals; offers product information, distributor network, and contact information.
Liquid Health
Manufacturer of liquid and capsule form vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.
Lumina Health Products
North America's exclusive wholesale distributor of Cellfood products to health professionals, health food stores, and special retail marketers.
Metagenics, Inc.
Line of nutritional supplements designed for the health professional.
MTC Industries, Inc.
A manufacturer and distributor of botanical extract nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.
Natrol, Inc.
Manufactures and markets branded, high quality dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulations, weight control products and hormones. (Nasdaq: NTOL).
Nature's Plus
Natural nutritional and dietary products; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, therapeutic nutrients, diet aids, sports drinks and beauty aids.
Nature's Secret
Retail brand of cleansing focused herbal products.
Nature's Way
Manufacturer of complete vitamin, mineral, herbal products line. Product information, contact, where to buy.
NBTY, Inc.
Manufactures, sells and distributes vitamins and food supplements. (NYSE: NTY) Ronkonkoma, New York.
Nestle Clinical Nutrition
High-calorie supplements, meal replacement drinks, tube-feeding formulas, and enriched drinks and soups.
New Chapter
Makers of wild omega fish oil and whole food health products, organic supplements, multi-vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, tonic mushrooms and live probiotics, with a sustainable Non-GMO focus.
Nickers International, Ltd.
Vegetarian nutritional supplements for horses, pets and people with a special focus on biotin and antioxidants.
Nordic Naturals
Specialized in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids and other toxin defense products.
Nufar Natural Products
Manufactures and markets natural products for treatment of diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, and prostate, plus natural sweeteners, diets, natural cosmetics and dead sea products.
Nutra/Balance Products
Manufacturer of nutritional food products including supplements for a variety of medical needs and diets - thickeners, fortified juices and cookies.
Nutraceutical Corporation
Manufactures and markets branded nutritional supplements and bulk formulations for sale to health food stores and other nutritional industries. Range headquartered in Park City, Utah. (Nasdaq: NUTR)
Nutraceutix, Inc.
Provides nutraceuticals, probiotics, and other beneficial nutritional supplements, products, and services.
Manufacturer of sports, weight loss, herbal, and vitamin nutritional supplements.
NutriMedika Corp.
Provides medical professionals and their patients with nutraceuticals in dosage forms that afford absorption and utilization.
Nutritional Supplements
Offering Cyber Edge, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.
Manufacturers private label supplements plus wholesale of proprietary line.
Online Future, Inc.
Manufacturer, distributor, and private labeler of nutritional and herbal supplements.
Manufacturer of supplements; develops and sells proprietary trademarks and develops new products for others.
Preventive Nutrient
A research based drug development company focusing on products for diabetes treatment and management.
Pride Nutrition
Provides nutrition products and dietary supplements including metabolism enhancers, appetite suppressants, joint support, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, EFA complex, protein, and cell volumizing workout fuels.
Propolis Wax Green Export
Produces and exports bee products from Brazil.
Manufacturer of probiotic supplements for human health care, animals and horses, veterinary market as well as special probiotics for water treatment.
ProThera Inc.
Manufacturer of a line of nutraceutical products for exclusive distribution by healthcare professionals.
Reliance Vitamin
Private label manufacturer offering a full range of vitamins, minerals, EFA, amino acids, herbals, antioxidants, and health specific formulations.
Renew Life
Retail brand of digestive care and cleansing dietary supplements.
Sabre Sciences
Products specifically designed to support the entire hormone system to enhance energy, adrenals, skin care, and libido.
SHS North America
Manufacturers and markets specialized clinical nutrition to health care practitioners and patients.
Sidroga Inc.
Manufacturer of medicinal and herbal teas. Company and product information, and contacts.
Maker of several meal replacement options to aid weight loss. Information and guidance on health and nutrition topics.
Source Naturals
Manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, and bio-aligned supplements. Highlighting quality assurance, symptom recommendations, and newsletter.
Manufacturer of supplements including bovine colostrum, herbal remedies, and performance enhancers.
Terry Laboratories
Producer of aloe vera products including gels, concentrates, and extracts.
Tower Laboratories
Makes heart health and anti-aging products.
Trace Minerals Research
Retail brand of dietary supplements that focus on delivery of trace minerals and full spectrum mineral complexes.
Vita Logic
Manufacturer of vitamin supplements. Company, product, and purchase location information provided.
Vita Sport
Manufacturer of sports nutrition products.
Vitalabs, Inc.
Manufacturer offering wholesale, custom, or private label dietary supplements.
Maker of supplements formulated especially for women. Company and contact information, and retail locator.
Weider Nutrition International Inc.
Manufacture, market, distribute and sell vitamins, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products. features a nutritions library, corporate overview, and job opportunities. (NYSE: WNI)
Brand website for Wobenzym enzyme products that includes product information, FAQs, contact information and store locator.

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