This category lists manufacturers and distributors of polymer based films, and laminated composites for the hygiene disposables industry.

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Artecola Indústrias Químicas, Ltda
Brazil. Manufacturers of adhesives, laminates and specialties for a wide range of industrial applications. Thermofilms and linings for the nonwovens industry. List of representatives. English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Bischof + Klein GmbH
Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of packaging solutions for flexible plastic and paper applications. Material reels and pre-converted individual packaging for the hygiene disposables industry. English and German.
Exten SA
Switzerland. Co-extruded, melt-embossed, non-toxic films and laminates for the sanitary and hygiene markets. Explanation and flow charts of extrusion technology. Custom manufacturing services.
Fatra Group
Czech Republic. Manufacturers and processors of plastics for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Breathable polyethylene films for backsheets in the hygiene disposables industry. English and Czech.
Kae Wha Industrial Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Breathable and non-breathable back sheet film for hygiene disposables and gloves. Also, nonwoven laminated composites for protective apparel and adult incontinence products. Technical specifications.
Loparex Group
Multi-national manufacturers of release papers and films, and specialty papers and tapes. Part of the UPM-Kymmene Group.
Plasticos Hidrosolubles SL
Spain. Development and manufacture of proprietary water soluble and biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films for packaging, stabelizing backing for embroidery, agricultural, and hygiene disposables applications. Also, ready-made bags, and finished products. English, Spanish and French.
Plastik Spa
Italy. Mono extruded and three layer blown co-extruded polyethylene films for the packaging industry. Polyethylene and polypropylene blended barrier films, backsheets and micro-perforated coverstock for sanitary napkins. English and Italian.
Stellar Films Group
Australia. Cast embossed and printed polyethylene barrier films for personal care products. Short descriptions of manufacturing process and products.
Trioplast Landskrona AB
Sweden. Mono and co-extruded polyethylene and polypropylene films and laminates for the packaging and hygiene disposables industries. Also, co-extruded cast embossed films and blown extruded products. Custom converting services. English and Swedish.
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