Many laboratory tests and procedures require specialised or manufactured components. These are called reagents.

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Offers technologies for the generation and use of human antibodies.
Artron BioResearch Inc.
Sells and develops rapid diagnostic test kits.
Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic products for laboratory medicine. Includes tests for B-type natriuretic peptide, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.
Biotec Laboratories, Inc.
Specialises in research, development, manufacturing and world-wide distribution of medical laboratory diagnostics and bacteriology products.
B├╝hlmann Laboratories
Producers of diagnostic kits for specialty areas of medical diagnostic and research.
Cypex Ltd
Cypex is involved in the manufacture and sale of reagents for the investigation of human drug metabolism in vitro.
Cancer diagnostics; providing reagents, instruments and software for cancer diagnosis and efficient laboratory workflow management.
DiaSys Diagnostics Systems GmbH
Manufactures and sells clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetric tests.
Dutch Diagnostics Human and Animal Care
Supplies, distributes and manufactures reagents, test kits and instruments for clinical laboratories.
EY Laboratories,Inc.
Manufacturer of biochemical reagents for biochemical research in glycobiology, immunology, and microbiology.
Fuller Laboratories
Provides reagents for investigators of human and veterinary infectious diseases.
Grace Laboratories
Providing in vitro diagnostic test kits for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic seizures.
Key Scientific Products Co.
Makes rapid tests for the identification of yeasts, enterics, Neisseria, anaerobes, and other fastidious and non-fastidious bacteria.
Mabtech AB
Biotechnology company that offers monoclonal antibodies suitable for cytokine detection in ELISpot, ELISA and intracellular staining.
New Scientific Company S.r.l.
Produces and sells diagnostic reagents.
Orasure Technologies, Inc.
Develops and markets diagnostic reagents, test kits and other healthcare products such as cryosurgical systems.
Pro-Lab Diagnostics Inc.
Manufactures and distributes in vitro diagnostic products.
Protrans medizinische diagnostische Produkte GmbH
A manufacturing company focusing its activities on transplantation immunology.
Rocky Mountain Diagnostics, Inc.
Distributes radio and enzyme immunoassays for biogenic amines, thyroid function, fertility and reproduction, growth factors, endocrinology, cancer and immunology markers.
Sera Laboratories International
Supplier of sera for tissue culture and other lab procedures.
Serologicals Corporation
Supplies products aiding pharmaceutical and diagnostic development of Serum, Defibrinated Plasma and Clinical Sample.
Trinity Biotech PLC
Develops and markets diagnostic reagents for detection of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, blood coagulation and autoimmune disorders. Manufacturing plants in Europe and the USA. (Nasdaq: TRIBY)
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